Moroccan American Events

Showdown in Washington w/ President of the Human Rights Advisory Council

Moroccan Pop Singer Senhaji turns a sour performance in Washington

Moroccan American Community Picnic

Saida Fikri Concert In Washington

Outspoken Minister Skalli at American University

Morocco Business & Community outreach in California

Moroccan Americans @ Morocco National Holiday Festivities

The 2nd Annual Moroccan American Conference

Atlas Cup US Champions 2007

Moroccan Americans with Presidential Hopeful Sen. Hilary Clinton
Gov. Bill Richardson Fundraiser & 2007Kahlil Jibran Awards Ceremony
Moroccan Siner Daoudi Concert in Washington
Popular Moroccan Singer in Washington Concert
Sen Hagel Morocco
US. Senator Chuck Hagel Fundraiser

Popular Moroccan bennani in Washington Concert
chicago moroccan Community event
Chicago Moroccan Community Event - Francophonie festival
Hosting The Mayor of Washington, DC

Morocco Foundation San Fransisco Fundraising Event
M-Tribe A Journey into mystical chanters and tribal sounds
of Morocco, Miami, Florida

Raising a Moroccan-American child: Panel on approaches to nurturing
successful multicultural Moroccan-American children

The Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs with Moroccan American Community
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Moroccan Music at The Kennedy Center , Washington, DC       

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Morocco National Holiday- Gala, Orlando

Morocco National Holiday- tournament, Orlando

ammagui farewell
Royal Auir Maroc's Mohammed S. Ammagui Farewell party. Washington

Moroccan Americans United for a Better Future Conference Washington. June 
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Video of Conference

usa morocco
Morocco Vs. USA Soccer Friendly match in Nashville, Tennessee

book signing
Book Signing For "Tangier, The Novel" Author. Organized by Washington Moroccan Community

Philadelphia Story: How We Got to Meet a Talented Moroccan Artist In the City of Love

Protest in Washington to free the 400 Moroccan POWs in Polisario Prisons in Tindouf
Moroccan American Community Turnout at the U.S. Congress Hearing on
Moroccan Sahara

Morocco Equity and Reconciliation Commission 's Chairman Benzekri Conference with the Community.

Moroccan Washington Soccer team: Theryll Cup Champions.
Moroccan Students Contingent At State Department Plus Program Reception.
Moroccan Students Contingent At State Department Plus Program Reception.
Community Organized Moroccan National Holiday Festivities , Washington 2005
Community Organized Moroccan National Holiday Festivities , Washington
National Moroccan American Soccer Tournament   -Trone Cup-
National Moroccan American Soccer Tournament -Trone Cup-
Community Ramadan  Iftar    2005
Community Ramadan Iftar 
Washington - Orlando Moroccan-American Communities Get Together
Washington - Orlando Moroccan-American Communities Get Together
Washington  Moroccan Festival
Washington Moroccan Festival
Welcome and Reception for Moroccan Former Prisoners of  War
Welcome and Reception for Moroccan Former Prisoners of War
MAP's  Azzam  Farewell  party
Mr. Azzam Farewell party after 22 years as MAP Bureau chief in Washington
Reception Following Hearing at US Congress
Reception Following Hearing at US Congress for Moroccan Former War Prisoners
Moroccan Master Musician Haj Younes
Moroccan Master Musician Hajj Younes Celebrated at The Smithsonian Institution
National Moroccan Holiday Reception. Washington. 2004
National Moroccan Holiday Reception. Washington.
National Moroccan Holiday Reception. Washington, 2003
National Moroccan Holiday Reception. Washington, 
Famous Jewish Moroccan Singer Pinhas Concert in Washington
Famous Jewish Moroccan Singer Pinhas Concert in Washington


Moroccan Vocalist, American Musicians and Cultural Exchange Moroccan Vocalist Karima Skalli  who performs both Classical Arabic titles such and Moroccan Andalusian music has been performing in the US  with the Multicultural Mesto Orchestra...


Moroccan American Community celebrates Social Activist Aicha Chenna

Following Aicha Chenna's win of the Opus Prize this year. The Washington Moroccan Community has organized a community event that hosted, thanked and celebrated Ms Ech Chenna's lifetime work and her recent recognition by the Opus Prize jury. Ms. Chenna, the founder of the Moroccan Feminine Solidarity Association,  encouraged the community to organize and become more active in support of the needy in Morocco. She said " why would not we add another "million dollar" contribution from the community to help various social actions".


Changing Women’s Realities in Morocco: Aicha Ech-Channa

On November 9, Georgetown University celebrates the remarkable accomplishments of Aicha Ech-Channa, a Muslim Moroccan woman who has earned wide respect for her advocacy of human and civil rights for single mothers and their children. She is a finalist for the Opus Prize, a one-million dollar faith-based humanitarian award, the winner to be announced November 4.


Moroccan Diva Karima Skalli performs in concert in Detroit, Michigan
Internationally renowned Moroccan Diva Karima Skalli and the 50 piece Mesto orchetra performed at the Detroit Max Fisher Music center for the Arab American National Museum 6th annual Gala.
Ms. Skali, a native of fes, Morocco gave a stellar performance of mostly classical Arabic music titles from artists such as smahan, farid al attrach, oum khaltoum, fairouz and others.


4th Annual Moroccan-American Coalition Covention in Washington

Souad Adlani annual convention of the Moroccan American Coalition (MAC), held over last weekend under the theme "Connect, Inspire, Grow", wrapped up late Sunday in Washington, in an optimistic tone, coupled with a clear will to unite the voice of the Moroccan-American community. Aware that unity is strength, the organizers of the two-day meeting, as well as participants from different regions of the U.S., underscored the importance of endeavoring to better know one another and to make efforts in a context of alliance.Aziz El Madi, co-director of the Boston-based "Volunteer Morocco" association, thinks the 4th MAC Convention is an "important" initiative, and believes the coalition should include other Moroccan associations.


Kahlil Gibran “Spirit of Humanity” Awards gala

More than 700 guests attended the 11th annual Kahlil Gibran “Spirit of Humanity” Awards gala on April 23rd. it was hosted by the Arab American Institute Foundation (AAIF).  The event was sponsored in part by the Moroccan American Center.
The black tie affair began with opening remarks from Assistant to the President Valerie Jarrett who transmitted greetings from president Obama and a promise to treat this community and all communities on an equal footing.

Queen Noor of Jordan was on hand to present the Halaby Award for public service to Algerian American Dr. Zerhouni.
The awardees were The Marshall Legacy Institute, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, and Michael Kaiser, president of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. and Dr. Elias A. Zerhouni , former NIH Director.
The participation of US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, whose family has Lebanese roots, and Jarrett, who was born in Iran, represents a warmer and more open attitude toward Arab-Americans by the  Obama administration.


Moroccan American Kids Seek the White House

It is afternoon and I am at the Mclean Community Center in VA to attend an event.  As soon as I set a foot in the room, I am already exchanging hugs with faces I had not seen for months if not years, and hellos with individuals I meet for the first time.  In the middle of the room, there are tables lined up with about 32 kids, age ranging from 2 to 14 years old, who are drawing with crayons.  Some of them are demanding that their parents check on their work for approval while others are adamant that their parents do not even peek at their crafts.  MBTV was busy interviewing kids and capturing these moments.  On the far left corner of the room, there is a table with juices, water, and various types of cookies.


Hamid Kachmar's "Intricacies"

Hamid Kachmar, a Moroccan born painter is now featured in an exhibition entitled "Intricacies"  at the Parish gallery in Washington, DC Mr. Kachmar is a multifaceted, internationally trained artist of indigenous Moroccan Amazigh ancestry.  His materials and techniques evoke metaphors, moods, and expressions from where he grew up and what he experienced during his studies and travels.


B'net Houariyat at Kennedy Ctr
Part of the Arabesque Festival at the Kennedy Center, B'net Houariyat, who are five women from the region of Marrakech in Morocco, who sing and dance, performing traditional music of Houara, of the Hammada, together with Berber dances and styles like the Aita  and the Chaabi, performed recently at The millennium Stage to a raving audience.


Moroccan Arts at The Arabesque Festival in The Kennedy Center


After three years of preparation and a ten million dollars budge, the Kennedy center for the performing Arts, kick-started its Arabesque Festival; Arts of the Arab World. The opening was a grandiose and a colorful affair. Many members of the  Moroccan American Community were present at the opening Gala....     


The Andalusian Music Festival 2009

MENA Music, which is an effort to enhance mutual understanding between the USA and the North Africa and Middle East through music has produced the Andalusian Music Festival 2009 at Merkin Concert Hall in New York City ,  Jordan Hall in Boston, Music Center at Strathmore in Washington, DC and Rialto Center for the Arts in Atlanta.  The Featured artists, this year , include Orchestra of Tangier (led by the legendary master Ahmed Zaitouni), Ahmed Merbouh (the most promising emerging vocalist of Morocco) and Lotfi Bouchnak (the leading Andalusian musician of Tunisia).


Moroccan Female Teen Soccer Players : Soccer Playing and Life Skills


Ten Moroccan girls and their two female coaches  participated in a Sports Visitors program for the office of SportUnited, a program organized by US Dept of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.  The group spent twelve days in the U.S. improving their soccer skills, learning to be leaders, and meeting with their American contemporaries. 


Journey of a 1000 Miles - Walking From Laayoun to Tangier

A fundraising at Morocco's ambassador's  residence for Mr. salman Belayachi who is preparing for a walk of a thousand miles, starting from Laayoun and ending his walk in Tangier. Mr. Belayachi said that the purpose of the walk is to engage directly with the citizens along his path and stressing the values of citizenship, active participation in public life,  discarding negative feelings, regaining hope and taking responsibility for one's faith.


Andalusian Music and Poetry


In a music and poetry function at the opening of Global Media Center in Virginia , Andalusian music virtuoso A. El Youssoufi gave a performance that enchanted the audience made it the highlight of the evening, among the number of poems read by various poets, the most notable was Mr. Mohamed Said El Ouafi 's poem titled - Leaders of "the Tarazani" Kind !- which enticed a strong reaction from the audience.
" music, literature and poetry are important to safeguard our culture. This was a special evening and we wish the new Center much success "said Mr. Sobhi Ghandour,  Al-Hiwar Center director and co-host of the evening. 


Celebrating Obama's Inauguration

Part of wave of celebration for Pres. Barack Obama's inauguration, the Arab American Institute (AAI) organized a dinner/ show/ ball that was partly sponsored by the Moroccan American Center and drew a capacity crowd from around the country. Various celebrities attended, including a brief appearance by Queen Noor of Jordan who told the audience that Obama's inauguration brought "a new hope and possibility


Le Petit Marocain: 90 Days, 1000 Miles: Support the Journey

90 Days, 1000 Miles: Support the Journey











Los Angeles Amazigh Film Festival 2009

Helene E. Hagan, Director, L.A.A.F.F.
The Los Angeles Amazigh Film Festival is a project
of Tazzla Institute for Cultural Diversity, Burbank,Ca


"Spotlight on Morocco" in Dallas, Texas

The association of Moroccan Americans in Northern Texas & its president Mr. Ahmed Yanouri, organized a series of events;  "Spotlight on Morocco"...


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