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Morocco: Anonymous Mosaic Masterpieces

Geometric patterns made by Moroccan zillij, mosaic masterpieces, capture attention and mesmerize. For me, the fascination with zillij is so overwhelming that it makes me love Moroccan artistic traditions. 



Morocco Boasts the Second Most Expensive Luxury Hotel in the World

Kathy Kehrli

Still considered a developing nation, Morocco isn’t a country with which one typically associates luxury travel. Surprisingly then, the Royal Mansour in Marrakech, one of Morocco’s major cities, is home to the second most expensive hotel in the world, according to a recent survey from Luxury-Hotels-com.



Tsunami in Morocco Video


Marrakech: magic-filled tale of Tahir Shah

Oh, I was in a good mood when the night started but I had a no idea of the evening that lay before me. Because near a secret garden in Riad El Fenn, a happening was, well, happening.The Caliph’s House, was speaking. You see Tahir Shah, the illustrious writer of The Caliph’s House, was speaking.  His introduction was made with great fanfare.


Morocco: and a tale of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains

 Oh please don't mistake me for one of those girls who always has her bed made, or her make up on, or her schedule set.
Yes, please don't mistake me for one of those girls who always has her act together.
Because I'm not one of those girls.
In fact, lately, my mind has been a cluttered place.  Jumbled, if you know what I mean.  And when it gets that way, I know that I have to get out...
And the Moroccan Atlas Mountains are just the ticket to peace of mind.


A Virginia Teen Sponsors Moroccan Learning Room

The Learning Room Project is a program that provides school-aged children in small, rural villages in the countryside of Morocco access to computers, internet and learning materials.

Sponsorship of a Learning Room provides 4 computers, internet access, tables, chairs, a small refrigerator, projector, and books.  The Learning Room will also provide space for training seminars and meetings.  


Marrakech: A Party To Remember

Maryam at PartyMarrakech  / Morocco Board News Service -      I had met them accidentally.  French, charming, stylish...the  kind of people you want to know. That was months ago and there had been meet ups since then, including a dinner in the embroidered tent at Peacock Pavilions, Geraldine's Moroccan pique-nique chic  and a soiree at designer Corinne Bensimon's house.


Moroccan Americans & Ramadan

Moroccan American Producer / Director  Mohamed El Hajjam of AV Actions Recently released a documentary about how Moroccan Expats experience the Month of Ramadan in the US. The documentary was shot in  New York, Philadelphia and Washington. .... 


Why Must We Not Cross the Line?

The donkey politician who called my God a monkey has crossed the Line! / For the last 500 years, monsters like him controlled our lives’ destiny and design,
A lot of abuses since the Inquisition to keep us and the Have-Nots behind; / The Donkey, Jones, Graham, Gingrich, Palin, Keller are a real bad sign. / They deny that Church, Synagogue, Temple and Mosque are all divine. /  Why must We not cross the line?


A Time of Mistakes

Alfred Hackensberger
Mohamed Choukri's books rank among the classics of modern world literature. The Moroccan author would have been 75 this month, but there is little to celebrate: all over the world, almost all his books are out of print. Morocco has failed to preserve the legacy of one of its best-known literary figures.


The Art of Football

Morocco board news /

    in a decomunentary by John Cleese, It is always a good idea to define something from A to Z. It is even a better idea to define Football (the one that is actually played with both a foot and a ball) from A to Z. It is obviously a fantastic idea to have Thierry Henry, Michael Ballack, Mia Hamm, Káká, Pelé, Arséne Wenger, Pierluigi Collina and Brigit Prinz explaining the beautiful game they play better than everyone (except Ronaldinho).


Régis Dèlene-Bartholdi: the nomadic artist

Colin Kilkelly
Régis Dèlene-Bartholdi: the  nomadic artist   Washington / Morocco Board News Service -   He was born in 1956 at Roche -sur-Yon in the Vendée which is the home of many famous artists and his roots in the Vendéé have always been important to him. He studied sculpture and applied arts and as well as photography and audiovisual art at l’Ecole de Beaux Arts at Nantes.
He left for New York in 1985 ( his great grand uncle Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi was the sculptor of the Statue of Liberty) .


Colin Watson a Painter who captures "the otherness" of Morocco

Colin Kilkelly
Marrakesh / Morocco Board News Service-- Colin Watson a Painter who captures "the otherness" of Morocco. He graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Ulster and has exhibited at the Pyms Gallery London, Jorgensen Fine Arts and the Royal Academy Dublin, One Oxford Street Belfast and other Belfast galleries, the Lawrence Arnott Gallery in 2007 and again on the 8th June -3rd July 2010.


Julio Iglesias: Morocco's Music Reflects its Cultural Richness

Kawtar Krifi

Rabat - "Moroccan music has its own and special rhythms and tones, which reflects the cultural richness of Morocco and the exuberance of its songs with high emotional load," Spanish pop star Julio Iglesias said.

In an exclusive interview with MAP, Julio Iglesias who will give a concert on May 23 as part of the Festival "Mawazine Rhythms of the World" (May 21-29), said he would like to make a song inspired by Moroccan music.


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