Khaled Al-Saai: a tale of a Syrian calligrapher

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He walked lightly.  He spoke softly.

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 I told him that I had always wanted to go to Damascus, his home.  That I admired the Syrian light fixtures, the intricate inlaid furniture.  He listened.  He was a good listener.

Later. The next day, or perhaps the day after that, he told me that his work was inspired by literature, by music, by nature.  He listed the Persian poets on his fingers, one by one.  He spoke of Sufism, of spirit, of what moved him.  I listened.  I wanted to listen more.

Blog 9His pieces had been shown and collected all over the world. 

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His eyes shined. His work shined.

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Blog 6 Beauty begets beauty.


R Ferrell
0 #3 So TrueR Ferrell 2012-04-07 12:27
He is a wonderful man, I know the character to be of him as you have written. I met him almost ten years ago in Michigan, USA, and it was such an honor to work with him for the short time he was there.
 Arab Artist  Nazir nasrallah
0 #2 nasrallah Arab Artist Nazir nasrallah 2011-06-22 01:44
Chere Monsieur Madame
J espere d avoir l adresse de L artiste Khaled El-Sai
J ai tres besoin de le Contacter
Mercei beaucoups de Votre gentillesse
Arab Artist Nazir nasrallah
Damas le 21-06-2011

Dear Mr. Mrs. J hopes to have the address of the artist Khaled El-Sai J ai tres need to contact you for your kindness Mercei Arab Artist Nazir Nasrallah Damascus on 21-06-2011
Helena at ROOM & SERVE
0 #1 http://roomandserve.blogg.seHelena at ROOM & SERVE 2009-09-04 08:16
Just wonderful, wrote about his art on my blog!

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