Morocco: Nobel Prize awarded for the slipper

Whitemorocanslipperspage_1What's not to like about a country which raises the slipper to a higher art form?  Seriously, I think that these Moroccans are onto something.  I mean, it's nothing short of genius to develop slippers for walking outside as well as those for wearing inside.  Hooray for Morocco!  Morocco for president!  Okay, I might be getting a little carried away but surely you understand my enthusiasm.

Take a look at these white slippers on the right.  Aren't they lovely?  Two years ago, I bought ten pairs in the Marrakech souk and gave them for Christmas presents.  I wrapped them in cellophane, tied them with raffia and made special tags with images of Morocco.  I swear, I was the most popular girl that year...Now if you can't save your pennies to come out to Morocco, you can purchase them at Vanilla Design Ltd.  Many thanks to Nordic Bedouin for putting me onto this shop.  And if white or silver are not your thing, no worries; Moroccan slippers come in every shape, color and size.  But be forewarned:  they are like chocolates;  you can't stop at just one.  Others gamble -- I Moroccan slipper (it's a verb in my case).  Will you join me in my little addiction?


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0 #1 really?rajae 2009-11-07 08:37
did it receive the noble prize really? how can't we be proud!!! viva maruecos!!!
0 #2 What's the Nobel Prize got to do with itAndy 2009-11-10 20:20
What kind of stupid title is that?
What's the Nobel Prize got to do with it
0 #3 Hummm i guess you have nothing to do MeryamMorocco 2009-12-01 23:56
the time you spent writting this articles could be used for more serious stuff like Making Harira or Couscous

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