Marrakech, Morocco: a tale of embroidery and the too busy girl

morocco,  Marrakesh I'm too busy.
I'm too busy to blog.
I'm too busy to answer emails.
I'm too busy to sleep.

I have so many balls in the air that -- although I dart from side to side to try to catch them all -- one falls.  And then another..

I long for the ability to do things well, to do things properly, to do things as they should be done. 
But I settle for less.  I settle for mediocre. Because I am too busy to do otherwise. 

In my next life, I'll have time. 
There will be hours on end ....
to pay attention to details.  To making things perfect.
To embroidering.  Fine little stitches, one after another. 

Embroidering fabric. 
Or perhaps...
embroidering my life.

My Marrakesh 1


Embroidery from Palestine.

Crewelwork from Kashmir, India


MyMarrakeshblog 5 
  Embroidery from Uzbekistan.

My Marrakeshblog4
 Embroidery from Egypt.


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0 #1 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Marrakech, Morocco: a tale of embroidery and the too busy girlObserving 2009-12-10 19:02
why not weaving? subtler and more docile not to mention the fact that it blends oh so well with its surrounding. Embroidery with its needles and sticking-out motifs is so rash so indiscreet, no?

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