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Another day here in Marrakesh.  Another secret to tell.  I think some of you might have guessed already.  My secret is this:  I’ve had plastic surgery.  (This is the part where Geraldo Rivera moves the microphone closer…) Yes, it’s not right for everyone but it was right for me.  I suppose I could have chosen to live looking the way that I did.  But really, why?  Why try?

I didn’t rush into this blindly.  I did my research. I knew there were risks; I had heard about the botch jobs.  But I looked at countless “after pictures” before I picked my surgeon, Jenifer Altman. And I felt comfortable with my choice. 

I could tell, she wasn’t in it for the money -- she asked some tough questions during our first consultation.  Our conversation went something like this:

Her:  Why do you want to do this?
Me:  I just don’t feel very good about the way that I am – about the way that I look.
Her:  Do you believe that if you are more attractive that you will be more loved?
Me:  I am not sure what you mean.  I mean, it’s not really about that for me.
Her:  Have you told your husband?
Me:  Yes.
Her:  What did he say?
Me:  He said:  “Honey, if you really want to do it, I will support you.  I think you look fine, personally.  But it’s your choice to make and I will back you whatever you decide to do.”  (Okay, he didn’t say that exactly but that was the gist.)

Look, I’m not going to get into all the nitty-gritty about what happened.  The surgeon asked me about the look that I wanted.  I had brought in some pictures to give her an idea. (And no, as lovely as they are, none of them included Angelina Jolie’s lips or Elle Macpherson’s breasts.)  So after a series of consultations, we scheduled the surgery.  It went pretty smoothly.  Honestly, there was very little recovery time.  And I have to say, I just love my new look.  My husband thinks it looks gorgeous.  And I just feel prettier. 

But let me ask you for your opinion about it: don’t you think my blog looks better now?  I just disliked that old Typepad template -- that blog banner was highly mediocre and the fonts just weren’t very me. 

You know, if you’re a blogger, maybe it’s time that you asked yourself whether you couldn’t use a little nip and tuck, too.  You could walk out of the operating room looking like a whole new blog….And I promise, it won’t break the bank.

So if you’re in need of a face lift, contact blog surgeon Jenifer at Fieryeyed Studio right here.  And drop me a line if you do – that way I can bring you some flowers after surgery.  I pride myself in being thoughtful that way:-)

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0 #1 reAlyceSchneider 2010-07-28 21:21
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