Traveling To Israel with Moroccan Passeport

Washington / Morocco News  Board --Given the ambiguous nature of the relations between Morocco and Israel, given that about half a million Moroccan Israeli jews live and in Israel and that a fair percentage of them are still attached to their Moroccan origins and an active flow of Israeli citizens visiting Morocco for religious or tourism every year, add to to this,  

the official stance of the Moroccan government relating to the palestinian conflict and you have a fogey stew that keep private citizens of both countries unsure of what to do in matters practical matters concerning travel, residence, currencies and other issues.Lost in this whole situation are practical issues concerning private citizens from both countries relating to practical matters concerning travel, residence, currencies and other issues.

The example bellow listed at yahoo answers, by a Moroccan lady ,Shaimae, reflects the luck of precise official informations.

I'm planning to visit Israel sometime on July, i'm a female who is 18 y.o Moroccan but who lives in Switzerland. I have few questions

1. Given the fact that I have a Moroccan passport would it be difficult for me to get a visa ? And is it true what they say about the inceptions of arab muslim passport holders ? (like holding you for hours for questions)
2. Would it be a problem if I enter Morocco with an Israeli stamp on my passport ?
3. Compared to Switzerland, how expensive is Israel ? (I'm not really that rich so if you could give me an idea about how much the trip would cost)

There were a couple of answers so far to this issue.
One from Shay P. " 

1. There shouldn't be a problem, matter of fact our Center of Statistics, reported that Moroccan tourists make more than 60% of the total arrivals from Africa. 
NO, you will not be detained for hrs..... UNLESS there is a "hidden" reason, one that is probably known to you.

2.Israeli authorities will NOT stamp your passport if you ask them not to. I have two acquaintances who live in Morocco, they visit Israel rather regularly. 

3. Accommodations, food, clothing, shoes are all cheaper in Israel.. (been there done that).
The cost of your trip depends on your style of living, a hotel room can cost 75$ per night at a 3* or 500$ (or more) at a 5*. eating out can cost 7-10 $ for breakfast 15-20 $ for lunch, 7-10$ for dinner, public transportation is very cheap, car rental is about the same as it is in Europe (booking online will lower the cost considerably), clothing are much cheaper than in Switzerland, unless you go to an exclusive boutique, but items will still be cheaper than Switzerland."

And the other from "Dean": "
1. As far as I'm aware, Israel doesn't forbid Moroccan passports, especially since Morocco isn't that hostile a nation to Israel. Yes, ties are not what they used to be, but all in all Israel and Israelis don't have much beef with the nation. If anything, you can at least talk to the Israeli embassy in Switzerland, and let them know if there is a special protocol or something. 

Unfortunately, there is some truth to having that kind of passport. Some. It's not a rule, and it's certainly not something to worry about even if they do ask you some questions. If you have nothing to hide, then what I've heard is that it's not a big deal. The reason behind this is that air travel has been used quite extensively against Israel and Israelis in the past, so they've had to evolve methods to protect themselves. They are considered some of, if not the, best, so really, they should realize that you are good, especially if you talk to the Israeli embassy beforehand. You aren't the first Muslim female from a nation not Egypt or Jordan to come to Israel, and you won't be the last, and they'll probably not bother you. 

2. As far as I'm aware, there shouldn't be a problem, ideally. I'm aware that generally Moroccans don't view Israel highly, but I'm also aware that Moroccans view the situation much more openly than many of their neighbors. I'm sure it's not an issue, but you might get some disapproving stares, which is unfortunate, but all in all it shouldn't be an issue. It is an issue, however, if you want to visit other Arab nations, so you might want to see if you can get the non-permanent "paper stamp" option, if you know that will be an issue.

3. Israel's most expensive cities might be slightly worse than Switzerland's, but I think it's pretty much even. I've been to Israel with the luxury of never worrying much about the budget, so I can't answer this question. It depends solely on you. I don't know what kind of places you want to stay at/eat/shop at, or what a normal budget is for you, so you might have to dig around for the best prices on hotels.

While Israel can be a bit expensive, in general, it's not considered bad. It is the most expensive in the Middle East, apparently, but that by far doesn't mean undoable, since that's also not the case."


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-8 #1 RE: Traveling To Israel with Moroccan Passeportlamine 2013-02-16 19:41
articles like this make me sooooooo happy I'm from Algeria
+4 #2 RE: Traveling To Israel with Moroccan Passeportriffi 2013-02-16 23:44
Not me my friend when I landed in seoul south Korea with my Algerian buddy, he was questioned for hours,when I picked him up his words were "dam you moroccans" and then we went to have a drink. That showed you how your country is well known. This is just a tip of the iceberg. And yes in did both of us had US passport but the place of birth was different,even as US citizens the place of birth and it's culture will follow you to your death.
-3 #3 RE: Traveling To Israel with Moroccan PasseportMorcelli 2013-02-17 06:13
Moroccans have been involved in so many terrorist attacks and Israel needs to make sure that any Moroccan who lost her/his mind and wanting to visit Israel is not a terrorist.

Other than being a Jew, I really do not see why would a non Jewish Moroccan travel to Israel.
For the stares and the hate that Israelis reserve for ALL arabs?
+2 #4 RE: Traveling To Israel with Moroccan Passeportmbt 2013-02-17 07:08
I maybe wrong but no doubt people with long memory will say so otherwise, H2 regularly took advise from his Jew advisers, I am not privy to M6 inner cabinet but I have no doubt there maybe still some Jew advisers. I have witnessed in Marrakech, number of times, the Hasidic Jews, and have shamefully witnessed Moroccan working girls having coffee with the Jews. It is normal for Morocco and Israel to bed, maybe now not openly but nonetheless bedding.
S Hass
+1 #5 Zulikha TzairiaS Hass 2013-02-17 16:21
I do not like what Israel is doing to the Palestinians but i wish for it as a neibourgh than Tzair . Someone once said Tzair oil is like a GOAT making a goatless neibourgh jealous, well i love to shoot that bloody goat ,
+4 #6 RE: Traveling To Israel with Moroccan PasseportMorcelli 2013-02-17 20:11
Tell your butchers who support Bashar al asad to top this. When they do, come back and let us know how helpful is
Algeria. Israel is not the devil, the devil are those who are holding 1000s of sahraouis in tindouf desert and wasting millions to defeat Morocco.

Riffi ZI too wish the great country of Israel was our neighbor, if anything they have some beautiful girls who are easy on the eyes.

Jerusalem (CNN) -- An Israeli hospital is treating people wounded in Syria, where civil war has killed thousands and wounded thousands more.

Ziv Medical Center in Safed, Israel, "cannot confirm" whether the seven Syrians being treated are from the Syrian opposition or the military, said Dr. Oscar Embon, the hospital's director.

"We treat patients regardless of religion, race, nationality and give the best care we can provide," Embon said.

The Syrians are under guard for their own protection, he said.
man en blanc
+1 #7 Open the Borders. With ISRAEL!!!man en blanc 2013-02-17 22:41
An Israeli passport is worth thousands Arab ones. Capice? It is the world we live TODAY! and not the eight century that Muslim countries try to promote.
How the hell do you promote thousand years old concepts? tell that to the bearded ones.
Israel, that tiny strip of land along l'est de la Méditerranée, and despite the fact that it is surrendered by the most dangerous creatures on earth, managed to create a democracy, a REAL ONE, the likes that the Arab world can only dream of. Well. The Arab world means exactly what at this point? Nothing! Bunch of murderous idiots screaming Allah is Great , while slaughtering the "non-believers" and dictators of countries pretending that Allah is great as long as Allah looks the other war while they plunder everything in sight,
Not one looker in the whole bunch!
As A Moroccan, I was raised to hate the Jews. I got over it the first time I met a Jew. I was probably 4 years old. The Jews are cool man! Then I was told to hate the French, the Spanish,and at some point the Fassis.
I guess we run out of "White" people to hate, so the Fassis were a convenient casse-croute while the cauldron of hate kept simmering, I came to realize later that the putrid tagine was the mosque, THE MOSQUE!
We, Moroccans live in a sea of absurdity. We are so focused on Algeria,well, on this board anyway, because we are addicted to the urge to hate.
+5 #8 If you are Algerian .watch thisMorcelli 2013-02-18 09:51
I am not showing you this slideshow to put you down. I just want you all to see that if you are Moroccan or Algerian, that no one fare better than the other. We are all in the same boat sinking.

For me , for as long as Algeria sides with the Polisario over Morocco, there will never be peace.

It will be absurd for us to be brothers and sisters when Algerians support those on the video to defeat Morocco.
Algerians made their choice to side with the Polisario for life. Morocco made their choice that they will never let go ONE INCH of the sahara.

Algerians are proud of their territorial integrity and they do not want to see the same outcome for Morocco when supporting the Polisario and surprisingly siding with Spain over the leila rock incident.

My question is how do you want us to love you when all you do is trying to defeat us?


Israel has never caused any harm to Morocco, Algeria did.
My other question is why would we kiss and hug when all you do is planing the destruction of Morocco?

I personally would never go to an Algerian blog and try to piss Algerians off, and look at yourself , that's all you do here, day and night, you are no different from your butchers and you expect us to kiss and hug you?

Oh Darling!
-4 #9 I Love you, neither do I!Oh Darling! 2013-02-18 12:43
I never react to articles where Algeria is not cited, I will make an exception. I am personally here to address criticism against Algeria and also see if I can have a civilised exchange with Moroccans. I sadly had to drop the last option. Algeria will continue to defend Western Sahara and if this has to cause the destruction of the Makhzen, a possible chance for the construction of the Maghreb. I respect Moroccans who sincerely think Western Sahara is part of their nation, I have absolutely no problem with that, and I am adamant that Algerians think Western Sahara is not part of Morocco. If I am not welcome on MoroccoBoard its webmaster is free to let it known and I will leave you in peace.

Now regarding Israel, let's clarify, whenever it is cited here, I only mean the geopolitical Israel, nothing else. Many Israeli are respected people and deserve respect. But the geopoliticla Isreal has to be fought by all energy, especially on intellectual level as it is warmonger, agressive, detructuctive entity. Anyone siding geopolitical Israel is sharing its wrongs.

Some Moroccans refer to the algerian tragedy where algerians killed each other and by doing so they think they could make a coup against Algerians.

First let's be honest that was a big tragedy that should have never happened and because of it some nations, all our ennemies, tried to take advantage of our then difficulties to weaken us even further, they succeded to make the fight even bitter with arms smuggling and compromising with terrorists. But thanks to God ALgeria came out of those 10 years even stronger and as the Coran puts it after hardtime, easytimes.

But Algerian experience served all Arab and Muslim nations including Morocco, becuase I swear to God, all these countries could have gone to the same crisis, as the same causes prevail everywhere.

No don't say thank you, keep it for geopolitical Israel.

One last think, only big nation go into crisis and when they overcome them they start prospering. Not a single Algerian would like to go back to those hard times, they all know the only looser is their country, this is the BIG LESSON WE DRAW.
+4 #10 RE: Traveling To Israel with Moroccan PasseportMorcelli 2013-02-19 13:33
Man en blanc,
Just like you, I support wholeheartedly that we RE-establish our diplomatic relations with the great democratic country of Israel. Everyone knows that we deal with Israel on many issues, unfortunately, we do it under the table. I want to see our diplomats start working on establishing FULL diplomatic relations.

Benkirane was courageous and under the instructions of M6 inaugurated a renovation of synagogue, M6 went even further and said that we should renovate ALL synagogues in Morocco. This is a great initiative from the part of our government, we have to give credit when credit is due. Hopefully this opening will start a new look at the Great country of Israel.

I challenge any Moroccan here who think that I am going nuts to tell us when had Israel try to hurt us or ask James Baker that we divide our Sahara.

Check out their little creep

-3 #11 RE: Traveling To Israel with Moroccan Passeportlamine 2013-02-19 19:46
our little creep keeps both Israel and Morocco on their toes and in place
+2 #12 pregnant/democr atsahrane 2013-02-19 23:02
When you’re a act like one .not a democrat for your country jewishman/woman and the rest go to hell and that’s what isreal is doing,so don’t gimme that propaganda crap.
+9 #13 RE: Traveling To Israel with Moroccan Passeportriffi 2013-02-19 23:39
Lamine the little creep he's asking to join the conversation but shimon and M6 are telling him to wait there and the subject is to big for him. It is about time that we accept the diplomatic relations with Israel they have a lot of things to offer like a know how in technology to morocco not like algeria the only thing they can give is how to create terrorist cells
+3 #14 RE: Traveling To Israel with Moroccan PasseportMorcelli 2013-02-20 11:32
picture worth thousand words!

I love what you said "Hey creep wait there!"

and I am sure M6 was thinking "Hey creep stop staring at me like that!"
+1 #15 PeaceNOW! 2013-02-22 06:40
Bismi allah a rahman a rahim, happy joumouaa everyone: While I believe that Israelis should have their land (I am talking about Sephardi Jews not the converts from Europe / US) I also believe that this state has lots to do interns of trying to reconcile with the Palestinian for major past wrongdoings. I for one, wish one day that Jews, Muslim, and Christian can live in peace. After all, I always try to remind people that Jews and Arabs are cousins @ the end of the day!

To my friend Man en Blanc. What ever was in GW Bush has invaded your soul. I recommend you seek help my friend!
Imad Alhouari
+9 #16 israel experienceImad Alhouari 2013-03-01 17:49
Salam. I am a moroccan living in the uk , i hold moroccan passport with pride.
i have been to israel with my wife and my 2 sons aged 5 and 7. the 7th of february i entred through king hussein bridge from jordan to israel , i was worried about questionning and long wait .none of that happened our luggage went through scanning and we were greeted warmly by the israeli custom , they were very polite and asked me which city i came from ? and told me that he saw a documentary about morocco the night before, the staff in allenby crossing were extremelly polite and guide u to the shared van to take us to jerusalem,
after few days visiting aqsa mosque ,church of the holy spulchure, mary tomb, david tomb , and the islamic cemetery around lions gate, i rented a car and i drove to tel aviv ,the holtel staff in telaviv were very kind and greeted us and welcome us to israel, we visited a carmel market in tel aviv full of moroccan jewish sellers they speak moroccan diallect fluently .some of them said they miss morocco so much and their muslim neighbour, some talk about their childhood in zankat sheikh daoud in rabat,
and el mellah in meknes , the moroccan are very special people no matter where they go they bring rich culture and they are very kind and generous .
in jaffa i noticed a lot of streets bear moroccan names.
eilat was my last city to visit in israel
you can call eilat the moroccan city of israel, the taxi driver is moroccan ,we went to great moroccan restaurant called LALU wow the food is more authentic than some restaurant in marrakech my wife loves it, but the most touching thing in that restaurant was a big picture of king mohammed 5 allah yrahmou. my conclusion in israel is palestinians are our brothers and moroccan israelis are our brothers too, if the arab country adopt our sense of tolerance things will move forward, by the way life standard is too high more expensive than america
+2 #17 RE: Traveling To Israel with Moroccan PasseportMoroccanGurl 2013-03-02 14:30
Israelis are not our enemies. Their conflict isn't ours. As much as I understand the humanitarian need to support Palestinians I don't understand why we'd boycott them. We deal with many countries with less than perfect situations. Heck we even deal with Algeria despite our current conflict.
We should normalize the relationship with them and express any objections to their policies if we think it's necessary in normal diplomatic channels. Even Palestinians work with Israelis. Why shouldn't we?
0 #18 What a joke....Haqq 2013-03-03 18:30
Morocco should back up the Palestinians 100% its the moral and ethical approach to the conflict. We have nothing against the Jews but we do have issues with the Israeli government. To claim that Israel is a democracy is as stupid as claiming that Morocco is one. The racism and discrimination that exists in Israeli society against Arabs and Africans (READ WHAT THE ISRAELIS HAVE SAID ABOUT AFRICAN IMMIGRANTS), is one of the worst forms of oppression in any modern nation.

Those who think Morocco should start relations with Israel for "moral" reasons whatever the heck that means should "go to sleep" as we say in darija...
wahibi Mohamed
+1 #19 du Maroc et fier de letrewahibi Mohamed 2013-03-06 14:25
Bismillah ar rahman arahim .To Mr Morcelli. I didnt loose my mind .I m a proudly muslim and arab.i would like to visit Israel and more precisely the masjid al aqsa not the golden dome but the one few hundred yards away the one with a black dome before its destruction.Fur thermore as a Morroccan i have no hate whatsoever towards jews.Even though i see the Sefardik Misrahi jew as a cousin .the conflict between Palestinians and Jews for me as a Morroccan is irrelevant and i pray for a peace solution because it has been going on for a long time.Israel should be integrated in the golf arabic and not with Europ.
-1 #20 MrAbederrahman 2013-03-13 13:48
Dear Friend
well I am Moroccan living in uk but i hold dula citizenship mean i have Morrcan passport and british passport but i would love to use my morocan passport to travel to isreal , now i want to ask you did you apply for visa in Israel embasy in london and why did you prefer to enter to isreal by joradn bridge el houcein can you explain to me please
abed of israel, the taxi driver is moroccan ,we went to great moroccan restaurant called LALU wow the food is more authentic than some restaurant in marrakech my wife loves it, but the most touching thing in that restaurant was a big picture of king mohammed 5 allah yrahmou. my conclusion in israel is palestinians are our brothers and moroccan israelis are our brothers too, if the arab country adopt our sense of tolerance things will move forward, by the way life standard is too high more expensive than america
0 #21 RE: Traveling To Israel with Moroccan PasseportShaimae 2013-03-14 10:46
Haha strange that I see my question here.
However, I just want to clarify one thing is that my purpose of visiting Israel is pure and with no hidden intention whatsoever. I have many wonderful and amazing Israeli friends that want to meet I'm just a curious person who wants to know a little more about this country that is so badly viewed by fellow Moroccans and have an honest personal opinion on how people and things are there in general and not just content myself with how media shows the situation and most of all just have A GOOD TIME with people I think that are amazing.
Thank you and I hope you all have a good day.
+1 #22 RE: Traveling To Israel with Moroccan Passeportyousef 2013-07-29 04:22
I'm a half Moroccan, born in morocco with an American passport. First off I just want to say how off topic and ridiculous some of the posts have been on this topic. But..

From what I have learned is that we moroccans and the Israelis are pretty similar people. Especially moroccans , we are extremely kind to peoples faces but at home we hold our own personal opinions that might not be suitable for public conversation. They say that if you have three Jews sitting in a table, there are 5 opinions, well if there are three Moroccans sitting in a table, there are 50 opinions. I have never been to a country where people talk so much and I have traveled to many places and have met many people. Moroccans love to talk, sometimes I hate it but its part of my culture. So we both have much in common.

As for the isreali -Moroccan relations, I prefer we not have much to do with Israel. Israel is the most hypocritical country on the planet, I can not and will never forget the terror they have caused Palestinians. And their foreign policy.. I'm not even going to start naming the times where they have wormed and instigated their way in to getting what they want, with absolutely no regard for others, this includes Muslims and westerners alike.

But my opinion is the most common one in morocco, we have no issues with the people.. We have issues with the government. In fact I admire many Israeli journalists and artists as well as intellectuals, I have absolutely no problem with Jews what so ever, I'll go as far as even say that I would rather do business with a jew than a Moroccan any day, but I can not and will not turn a blind eye to the thievery and slaughter that the israeli government brings upon the Palestinians every minute of everyday.

As for the original question, you will have no issues going in to Israel from Switzerland with a Moroccan passport. The Israeli customs agents know very well who to take to the back for a few hours and Moroccans are not part of that special list. Just like many have mentioned many Israelis are Moroccan themselves and are very proud and open about it. Why wouldn't you be proud to come from one of the most cultured, artistic and beautiful countries in the world?
0 #23 merichard 2013-08-21 10:40
I think we should do away with the hate and all that nonsense, we should love our jewish cousins and this will open doors for a better future for new generations of kids on both sides.Forget the bad past and start new from both sides. Israel is a small nation with a very small piece of land our Arab Muslim heart must be and should be much bigger than that. I hope for much better future for all.
-1 #24 IgnoranceCasawi72 2014-01-06 03:00
To those who promote the normalization with a state that practices apartheid in the 21st century, I have the following message for you:

Please spent sometime educating yourselves about the history of Moroccan-Jews in Israel and their struggle against systematic discrimination at all levels including religious, cultural and linguistic (for example, Judaism practiced by Moroccan-Jews is regarded as backward by Israeli of European heritage who founded Israel).

Protesting the policies of Israel and its apartheid system is not only the right thing to do, it will ultimately be beneficial to Israel itself and to the entire region.

This conflict sits at the core of the on-going geo-political rift between east and west. Denying this fact ignores the reality on the ground.

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