How to become famous in 30 days

The way to embrace fame is, first of all, get rid of your consigns, then take advantage of your host's generosity, travel around the world with the money that you have taken from poor refugees and most importantly, I advise you to make use of your tears, and why not pretend to starve your stomach by observing a hunger strike. If you are unable to follow this formula, then you don’t stand a chance, unless you get in touch with Ms. Aminatou Haidar  for advice.

The latter broke the record by betraying her own Country, Morocco. She was using a Moroccan passport to travel from one country to another in order to try, without success, and tarnish the image of a country, her country until November 14th, 2009, by accusing it of human rights violations. How dare she bite the hand that has been feeding her? Listen to her speeches, they are full of contradictions, but still she does not blush or feel embarrassed. She is helping herself to the money donated for the suffering children and aging men and women refugees in the Tindouf prison camps. She travels first class and stays in five star hotels. Some people, out of ignorance, call her, God forbid, Ghandi. To others she looks more like an upside down Robin Hood, yes Robin Hood; she steals from the poor to give and share with the members of the Western Sahara Separatist Polisario Gang, who are becoming richer and richer by diverting and selling the donations that were generously meant for the needy refugees in the camps. Just befriend a polisaran ( from polisario) and let him invite you to his house or luxurious apartment  in Marbella or elsewhere in Spain.

To those who shoulder and support this woman, I honestly ask you to remove your blinkers for the sake of fairness and truth, listen to both sides, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.  Aminatou Haidar is the tree that hides the forest, she is supposed to dance to your music not the opposite !

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0 #1 Fame FoundryFFcommunicator 2009-12-13 06:21
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Mohamed B.
0 #2 COMMENT_TITLE_R E How to become famous in 30 daysMohamed B. 2009-12-13 12:30
about Aminatous's innocence or duplicity,for many it is obvious. She is the best thing Polisario-Alger ia going for them. she looks so meek and yet, for all practical purposes,she is simply trying to keep the tindouf refugees marooned in the desert for another 25 years to come and Morocco draining its resources in the desert hole.
As for her being a "western Saharan", only a demented Algerian General, a Spanish right winger, a crocodile-teare d Iberian artist or a self serving polisrian would believe in such nonsense.

The Moroccan services have for a long time worked hard to ignore her until she blew up in their faces.
0 #3 COMMENT_TITLE_R E How to become famous in 30 daysMorcelli 2009-12-13 22:03
The Author does not see the big picture, Problem here is not this hidora person, problem is that the Moroccan government need to come to term that any wrong move, there is Algeria waiting to use it against Morocco. Check out the Agence de presse algerienne APS and see for yourself.

This hidora is just an instrument for Algeria and Spain for that matter they use to screw Morocco on the international scene for obvious reasons.

I first thought that Morocco did the right thing throwing her out but i came to realize that actually that was the worst thing that Morocco did. They basically give Algeria a center stage when before they had nothing o show for.
I am not a a foreign minister but Fassi Fihri is and should have known better. Now you have Spain playing tough, Clinton getting involved, The UN secretary getting involved, Even the pope is asked to get involved.
Juan carlos was going to intervene and that was going to save the situation but the spanish government asked their king Juan not to get involved because they want to teach Morocco a lesson.

This is the best thing that could have happened to Algeria, and sadly Morocco handed it to them in a silver plate.
Morocco does not have savvy diplomats unfortunately, let's hope that this end up without a big embarrassment to the Moroccan people and next time the Moroccan government should act smartly and not emotionally.
0 #4 Why are we stupid?Morcelli 2009-12-13 23:19
what i do not understand is why is that the civil society in Morocco is dormant. When we do not have one day where everyone goes to the street and demonstrate again the evil government next door?

Why we not have people who think outside the box. We march for Palestinian and we march for iraq but we not not march for our own country. This is hideous.

Why we do not organize one day when every Moroccan living abroad takes 2 hours off and march to Algerian embassies all over the world and denounce their plot against us for rthe last 35 years.

Why are so stupid?

Why we do more taking than acting, we have few thugs from the Polisario beating millions of Moroccan.

This is shameful and we deserve what's happening to us.

moroccan with pride here
0 #5 wake and smell the breezemoroccan with pride here 2009-12-14 04:41
I dislike Mrs Haidar for her disloyal behavior. But you can't tell me that you would be the counsel representing the Moroccan Government on Human Rights issues. I love my country dearly but human rights!!!!! i did not just read your article where you defend and condone the Moroccan Government's human rights record! Get a clue bro
moroccan with pride here
0 #6 wake and smell the breezemoroccan with pride here 2009-12-14 04:41
I dislike Mrs Haidar for her disloyal behavior. But you can't tell me that you would be the counsel representing the Moroccan Government on Human Rights issues. I love my country dearly but human rights!!!!! i did not just read your article where you defend and condone the Moroccan Government's human rights record! Get a clue bro
0 #7 Moratinos' answer for the atate department web siteMorcelli 2009-12-14 05:29
Moratinos/Spain thinks that Hidora should continue to defend her " cause"
The Sahraouis should have their referendum with no mention of UN. Moratinos always answer the question depending on the location of the press conference.

INTERPRETER: Sure. Mr. Minister, if we understood correctly, you discussed the issue of Sahara. Right now, there is a problem with a Western Sahara citizen that you were aware of. What type of cooperation did you ask from the United States over that issue? Also, last week, it was said that there is no intervention necessary right now from the king. At what point would the king’s intervention be necessary?

FOREIGN MINISTER MORATINOS: (Via interpreter) First of all, thank you for the question. I was expecting it. So yes, the Secretary of State and I did speak about the issue. We did speak about Mrs. Haidar’s situation concretely, as well as the problem overall in Western Sahara. And obviously, as two allies and two partners with interests in the regions, we must collaborate, we must cooperate, and we need to find a solution to the Haidar case, not through pressure of any kind that we’re applying, but by suggesting to her that her cause, which is a legitimate cause, does not require her to go on a hunger strike.

We are all looking for a solution to the situation that has arisen from her expulsion from Laayoune, and we will continue to work in that direction and we will continue to work, moreover, to find a definitive solution to the situation in Western Sahara, where what we need is a new dynamic, a new engagement, not just there, but in North Africa as a whole. As you know, North Africa – events in North Africa have bearing throughout the international community. We have seen the example of the Sahel. We have seen al-Qaida operating in Maghreb.

So the U.S. and Spain – it’s in their interest to work toward the betterment of the integration of that region. We would like to see a better relationship, a better understanding, between Algeria and Morocco. And we will continue, as I said, to work with the – also work toward an understanding with the Polisario Front so that the people of Western Sahara can have self-determination.

But as far as Ms. Haidar, we think that we need to find a solution. She should abandon the hunger strike, but she should continue to strongly and firmly defend her cause so that we can better and improve the situation in Western Sahara.

However, as far as your second question regarding the king, I would like to say that I feel that this is primarily the government’s responsibility. The king may or may not intervene, but I feel that it is, first of all, the government’s responsibility to act.
0 #8 arent we the real problemmuhamad 2009-12-15 04:32
probably I disagree with all of you. If we want real democracy we can not expell a lady for rejecting being a moroccan. In spain the president of barcelona football club is always saying he is from catalonia and not spain and nobody expels him to france. Haidar has shown the world our our limitations and that is not in the interests of the world. And hey...try to sound balanced sometimes!!!we do not want to sound likewell's animal farm. happy new year
The Moroccan
0 #9 COMMENT_TITLE_R E How to become famous in 30 daysThe Moroccan 2009-12-23 06:05
As long as we have the Fassis in this country then I don't expect anything but failure and disappointments . Concerning that separatist Haidar, well she's just an algerian puppet and unfortunately Morocco gave the world an oportunity to know Haidar and sympathize with her. I know there was a pressure on the moroccan government especially by the EU but they should have known they are diplomatically weak and they can't win even against a poor educated woman like A. Haidar. She was in a hunger strike for 32 days; yet she is healthy and lost only 6 kilograms .. even those who were supporting her got embarassed when they saw her talking on tv right before she took the plane to morocco. Anyways .. I guess the government who lost against this Algerian agent is not qualified to represent a great country like morocco or at least that's how it was.

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