Protest: The 20 Moroccan wonders

Washington, Morocco Board News--       I am someone who is pro Feb20 movement, who thinks my country deserves dignity and real structural reforms and that it is a real revolution to see the Moroccan youth reinvesting the political sphere. Yet, it is very important at this level to do some self-criticism and to give some explanations about the standard Moroccan attitude in politics, life and in demonstrations. You may consider this an auto-flagellation of a Moroccan young person who dreams of change.

Enjoy the Moroccan 20 wonders:
1 – In other countries people set themselves on fire if angry, in Morocco we set other people on fire
2 – In other countries police oppress the citizens,  in Morocco citizens oppress the police
3 – 30.000 people want to change the constitution, 30 million Moroccan never read the constitution
4 – in other countries the leaders of demonstrators get kidnapped and beaten, in morocco we took Rachid Spirit Zata to a 5 stars hotel and bought him a new shirt to meet foreign Media
‎5 – in other countries when they finish the demonstrations they camp in the square, in Morocco we go to a bar for the after party
6 – in other countries they form a human chain to protect the goods, in Morocco we formed a human chain so thugs can steal freely the goods from Zara and Guess
7 – in other countries the enemy is the police or the army, in Morocco the enemy in Mr. Ronald Mc Donald
‎8 – in other countries the national media didn’t cover the events, in Morocco the national media covered everything as if it was a football match of the national team and they even invited bloggers, sportsmen and singers to react
9 – in other countries the regime pays thugs and mercenaries to destroy the country, in Morocco the thugs volunteer to destroy and even pay for their own transportation fees from their countryside
10 – in other countries they demonstrate because they couldn’t find a job, in Morocco we demonstrate because we don’t want to pass the entrance exam of the jobs the state offers us
11- in other countries they hate the political parties so they fire them, in Morocco we hate the political parties so we want to take the executive power from the king and give it to them
12 – in other countries people go vote and the results are falsified,  in Morocco we don’t go vote the results are not falsified but we still contest them just because we don’t like them
13 – in other countries the authorities use water cannons to calm down the crowd, in Morocco God sent us the rains to calm us down
14 – in other countries the authorities deny the existence of any conflict, in Morocco the authorities used facebook, twitter, press conferences and meetings with the demonstrators but we still can’t understand each other
15 – in other countries parliament members don’t participate in demonstrations, in Morocco some parliament members participate in demonstrations Sunday but don’t go to their office Monday
16 – in other countries they are calling for investigating the human right crimes and to engage in human development, in Morocco it has been 12 years that we are doing reconciliation and human development  but no one seems to be seeing it
17 – in other countries the freedom of press is oppressed and they call for more openness, in Morocco some journalists are unethical and still call for their right to practice defamation against public figures freely
18 – in other countries they demonstrate and then clean up the streets from the mess, in Morocco they demonstrate and make it even more messy on purpose to give more job to the street cleaners
19 – in other countries they don’t let foreign media cover the events, in Morocco foreign media don’t have anything sensational to cover so they invent fake news and footage
20 – in other countries there is quite a unanimity about the desire to withdraw the regime, in Morocco without referendum, unanimity or elections, 30.000 decided on behalf of 30 million that Morocco should be a secular parliamentary monarchy, and still call themselves democrats !


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0 #1 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Protest: The 20 Moroccan wondersriffi 2011-02-21 01:50
I like the style and the freelance thinking.You go Sarah!!!
man en blanc
0 #2 VIVE LA DIFFERENCE!man en blanc 2011-02-21 02:09
That's what separates us from the betail called the Arab World, where the hatred for leaders led to chaos and massacres!

I am certain that the respect for our king played a major role in the restrain shown by the majority of the demonstrators. As a participant said : "it would have been a different story if Hassan II were in power".

Now. If we can surgically remove few of the bad apples at the top, well...
0 #3 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Protest: The 20 Moroccan wondersWassim 2011-02-21 02:44
You are absolutely out of your mind Sarah... do you really believe all that you just said, and still say you're Pro Feb20 movement? wow... no wonder our county is going to the dumps, it's because of people like you who look at a blue pen and call it orange!
Badr M
0 #4 Will just stop saying that Morocco is different... Badr M 2011-02-21 03:28
I must say that this article made me laugh... in disgust!!! Some of your points are true but I feel the other ones were just made up to complete 20 points.
Bottom line is that we need reforms just like the other nations. I agree with the fundamentals and goals of the reforms but they forgot about one small detail, they should stop kissing the king's hand! We are no longer in the stone age moroccans...
0 #5 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Protest: The 20 Moroccan wondersApache 2011-02-22 03:28
Very shortsighted analysis of the situation on the ground. The author is approaching the subject based on emotion and some misinformation around the event.

I am strongly against the looting and the destruction of public and private property, but I won't call all the protesters thugs and thieves. The premise of these protests is a noble one. What people are asking for in Morocco is not short of the same liberties and freedoms that we enjoy in the US. A functional system that gives people the right to elect their leaders, a system of checks and balances that fosters accountability and transparency. A society that gives a fair opportunity to every one in Morocco regardless of background or family status.
It is quite unfortunate that these bad apples stole the headlines from the true spirit of February 20th, by no means these kids represent the protesters or their demands.

I see that the king crated some new team to look into how to do some economic and social reforms which is yet another good promise. But I have a question: what is the role of the parliament if the job of doing economic and social reform is outsourced to a third party?

Finally, this new team is made up in a large part by the same the same usual suspects, but one of them in particular is quite interesting; "Jami3 Almo3tassim". Wasn't he in Jail a week ago for a long list of crimes against the states by the decree of Moroccan justice system? so why is he out and suddenly became a person with an integral role to the social and economic progress in Morocco.
Moroccan Dude
0 #6 What the f***!!!Moroccan Dude 2011-02-22 03:40
Ok. I am trying really hard to follow the thought process of this SARAH ZAAIMI to see if I can make sense of it but I am not having any luck. Is she for real or is she on the govt payroll? Is MoroccoBoard running out of good material to write and they just plug in anything that fits into a blank sopt? Whatever.....
0 #7 WoW!Maroki 2011-02-22 04:00
Sarah, you are a genuine genius.
thank you, you made my day :-)

like you, i am pro any movement that asks for positive change in Morocco, unfortunately, the Feb20 organizers turned out to be a bunch of arrogant losers who blatantly claim they represent all Moroccans while every single Moroccan knows for sure that they only represent extremism in Morocco, left extremism composed of Marxists and communists and whacko Islamists like a al adl wa Al ihsaan.

if Moroccans want to change something, they can simply show up in voting poles and do it, no need for massive protests and drama queens as Morocco has passed the stage where elections get falsified 10 years ago...
0 #8 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Protest: The 20 Moroccan wondersApache 2011-02-22 05:21

I didn't want to call you out by name but when I read your piece a third time I couldn't get passed the misinformation you shamelessly posted. Especially some non-sense about how Moroccan citizens abuse the Police and some other garbage about freedom of the press. It seems that you have some crazy delusions about the state of affairs in Morocco.
0 #9 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Protest: The 20 Moroccan wondersTrev 2011-02-22 16:07
Dear Sarah Zaaimi:

Your article is a gem and a jewel. By offering a sense of humor to the February 20th events, you have done more for your cause, your country, and even yourself than all the serious articles in the world.

When one gets people smiling, and especially the participants laughing at themselves, everyone will be infinitely more effective in the long run.

Please keep it up and you will make whatever you touch memorable.
0 #10 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Protest: The 20 Moroccan wondersflowers 2011-02-22 18:31
she made a point.... a very clear one: these people (the so-called february 20th mvt) can't speak in our names......
go ahead sarah
0 #11 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Protest: The 20 Moroccan wonderslalgerian 2011-02-23 03:34
Moroccans who find this funny must also be fans of sesame street. Even tickle me elmo has a higer IQ. I guess if you are this retard then you deserve to live under the repressive regime of your M6.
0 #12 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Protest: The 20 Moroccan wondersAmine_ 2011-02-27 05:53
Thank you for your article. Here’s my humble opinion on some of the points you highlighted that I deemed worth pondering.

1- There have been a dozen of self immolation cases in Morocco since the unrest erupted in North Africa. As Morocco is pioneer is self immolation, it has became commonplace and it does not have that shocking effect anymore unlike in Tunisia for example.
2- If the police are so weak that can be oppressed by citizens, then we’d better all leave this country.
9- Where was the police that are supposed to protect that?
16- Reconciliation with the crimes of the past by paying reparations from tax payers’ money (who did not commit any crimes) and letting the real criminals at large without any prosecution.
17- Press freedom is a joke as long as it’s illegal to express your opinion about the real power holder.
20- If the people who did not take to the streets disagree, they should organize another protest and let the world know about their opinion.

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