It is clear that that deep down there is justified hurt, resentment, or painful memories.  
That said, I am convinced that if you reach deeper, you will find something else. 
You will find the abundant ability for forgiveness.  I challenge you to look and to place everyone there.    At times, life puts us in awkward situations.  You will do people as they have done you, wrong!
It is human nature.
I long to be forgiven for I forgive everybody.
There is nothing I can do and no price I can pay to make up for my mistakes.
So I am counting and relying on the goodness in you.
I know you can understand. 
After all you are quite capable.  
More than ever, I believe that everything happens for a reason. 
For sure you have served your purpose in many many ways
for I am a better and a happier person than I ever was. 
I am clinching on the jag but it is more and more slippery despite the
dry weather.  Will I eventually let go because my palms are sweaty?
Shall I not be afraid because the ground is just a couple of feet under me or shall
I say my prayers? What is my falling,  a tease or  a revenge?
Be confident and humble, check your insecurities,
try more understanding and openness, and treat people right. 
If you are wrong, admit it.   If they have done you wrong, show mercy still.
Then again, what do I know?

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