Enough. Stop Bullying Already!

Washington  / Morocco Board News---    Patience has a limit. The anonymous bullies do intimidate everyone who seeks a dialogue and are interested in communicating with each other over a variety of relevant subjects and issues that are written by people who take the time and make the effort to write and express their views. This platform is for learning and to educate each other and we are very glad to have it. It should not be monopolized by few trouble makers who under the pretext of free speech and anonymity misuse the privilege granted to them.

This handful of commentators using pseudonyms choose to participate in the dialogue not by analyzing the content of articles, offering constructive criticism, and exchanging ideas about issues we all care about, but rather by launching personal attacks or by fixing on a minor point to vent their pet peeves and preconceived ideas. The silent majority who appreciate the articles published do not care about this irresponsible small group of individuals.
I am shocked by the way they welcomed news about the Moroccan Royal Air Force first to be trained pilot on the F 16 in the USA.  I am proud of this young pilot whether he is of Berber, Arab or Fassi origin.  He and pilots like him are willing to defend Morocco with their lives when the call of duty is made.
How would you like to be a young pilot, a member of squadron team made up of Moroccans of different origin, and be picked on by people like you who claim to be “democratic” because you are a Fassi and have a Fassi-Fehri as a name? What about the other pilots who are Aroubi, Riffi, Soussi, Zayani or Sahraoui? I do not mind the critical-comments game played with most of the articles written about Morocco’s political economy. I do not mind that these critics miss the boat most of the time in their critiques of the content and instead resort to personal attacks. I do not mind when they get involved in a diatribe among themselves and criticize each other.  But I refuse to accept these attempts to judge the merit of Captain Fassi-Fehri because he happens to be from Fassi origin.  We should respect the young pilots of the Moroccan Royal Air Force. These pilots are very special and proud young men and do not need this type of criticism of one member of their flying squadron team. Knowing how proud these pilots are, if these critics were to talk to them face to face about one of their squadron team members as they did about pilot Fassi Fehri, they would have been in trouble.
Come on bullies! Take my honest advice contribute constructively or be quiet.  No one has the right to censure or approve and disapprove the ideas of others or monopolize comments.  Do not misunderstand me, I will fight for your right to express yourselves and but when you all team up against a valiant pilot from the Moroccan Royal Air Force because he happens to bare the name of Fassa Fehri and who is from a Fassi origin, we call that type of behavior in America bigotry and racism. I am not trying to make this a personal issue because I know that you are not bigots or racists but your comments would lead one to believe otherwise.
Don’t you think that these guys owe an apology to the Captain and to his squadron team and to the Moroccan Royal Air Force. We all know that they are wrong and as we do in America, they should be men enough to apologize.


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Mohamed B.
0 #1 Good TryMohamed B. 2011-04-28 06:35
With all due respect. Your protestations are misplaced.
sure there are those commentators that are inane, annoying or are just not very bright.
but your holier than thou protest against singling out a Fassi fihri as the test pilot of the RAF squad is less than honest.
First of all, no one showed any disrespect to the Moroccan Royal Air Force. second, if the Moroccan Royal Air Force, like the Moroccan government and its institutions are run by nepotistic self serving people, we should be able to talk about it and point the fingers at it without being browbeaten by anyone.
The nepotistic feudal mafia that is monopolizing Morocco is obvious and evident for all to see.
Frankly, how many Fassi Fihri does it take to populate all the significant and sensitive positions in Morocco.
If there is racism, discrimination, marginalization it is the likes of us who should come out front and complain about it.
if there were any meritocracy in Morocco we would see some real diversity among the power holders.

I loved the comment that said " fassi, ben jelloun, berrada, what is this? an army or quisaria !"
0 #2 TMorcelli 2011-04-28 07:27
Moroccans are typically prejudice among each other because we are a tribal society. There is an obvious resentment toward ahl fez because they are perceived to be more successful and their success is perceived to be due nepotism. Some of this perception is true, A fassi would rather hire another fassi or help another fassi, A 3roubi head of a company would rather hire a fassi because Ahl fez are know to be competent. 3roubiya is like a box of sardines, you don't know what's in it until you open it, the shlou7 definitely know only shlou7 when it comes to hiring, I challenge anyone to find me a shal7 who owns a grocery store employing a 3roubi.
#roubiya are is a bad situation they don't get the sympathy of their own no the sympathy of others. 3roubiya are the African Americans of Morocco. That's the reason you see many 3roubiya holding grudges against other tribes in Morocco especially against ahl fez and against the berbers.
The reality on the ground is be it shal7, 3roubi or fassi in Morocco doe snot matter, what matters is how much cash you've got.
Lastly what you witness here is not bullying it is uninformed folks with cultural prejudice.
btw, the qisariya is not what it used to be, now qisariyat are mostly owned by berbers. Good for them.
0 #3 Thanks for gratuitously giving your caution about when people should hold their tongues MuradMoroccan 2011-04-28 08:09
Why don't you just accept the principle of free speech, which insures that one is perfectly within their rights to offend if they should wish. You say, "patience has a limit?" The mentality and spirit of those words have no place within democracy, further you should stop convicting people of thought-crime! I urge you to examine what you have said and debate with yourself about whether or not your effort was redundant. The fact can't be hidden, there are Fassi families exercising exorbitant control over the nation, they are largely undeserving of their roles in my opinion. However, I strongly agree that their behaviour should not cause a backlash against certain backgrounds.

Oh yeah, and my God, please tell me why there are people using the term racism. Have Fassis admitted that they see themselves as a race or something?...No w that is creepy.
0 #4 BULLYING THE BULLYsahrane 2011-04-28 11:07

Jamal Mouhtadi
0 #5 This fassi fihri behavior could be interpreted as IN YOUR FACE act to al MoroccansJamal Mouhtadi 2011-04-28 14:18
There was a story about a quarter back that taught that he was invisible, and the team will never win or exist without his leadership, but one day the defense had enough of his arrogance and left him face to face with the offence of the other team, now he is enjoying the juice through a straw.
A Moroccan of Amazigh and Arab origin
0 #6 Morocco for all MoroccansA Moroccan of Amazigh and Arab origin 2011-04-28 15:16
To Morcelli's "I challenge anyone to find me a shal7 who owns a grocery store employing a 3roubi." No 3roubi is intersted to work from 5AM to 11:00 PM 7 days for so little even if he ownes the store. It is like asking a Moroccan American to work at Dry Clean stores owned by Asians. We should be proud of Amazighs, hard workers and peaceful in a country where they are majority and yet lived as second class citizens for centuries. 80% of Moroccans can trace themselves to Amazigh origin. They are not minority, the Fassis are. Fassis are smart and good in business and that is also good for Morocco. Morocco needs everyone: Amazighs, Arabs including Fassi, Sahrawis.. We have already lost Moroccan jews. What is needed now is democracy, fair play and opportunity to all.
I do agree however that the name of Fassi Fihri as first F16 pilot came on bad time. A different person would have been fair to let others shine.
0 #7 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Enough. Stop Bullying Already!Casaoui 2011-04-28 18:52
How many Fassi Fehris does it take to switch a light bulb?
None, they get Their maid a non Fassi Fehri to do it for them.
PS : Fassi fehri is a family name and not meant an an indignation of the poor people of Fes who are as marginalized as the rest of the Moroccan population.
0 #8 To: A Moroccan of Amazigh and Arab originMorocelli 2011-04-29 02:26
I agree with 110%. Bunch of Arabs like me are lazy suckers. I have relatives who will not wake up before noon, and when they do, then want cafe' creme and croissant for lunch.
Of course if they were living under my roof, i will call the cops on them for abuse, but as you know, our culture is so screwed up that the lazy, the looser, and the bon a' rien get all the support they can get away with.
True, Amazigh are hard working, true that many of them are loyal to the boss and that's the reason they used to follow me when I am at the drougri, An arab in their eyes is a prime suspect and guilty until he gets out of the store.

I am a 3roubi (I think) and I know that la3roubiya are more interested in chikhat, lqas, noukat, and frequent naps. Who am I to blame them for wanting to live the good life without having to move a finger?
0 #9 allah alwatan almalikcordoba 2011-04-29 07:27
No disrespect for all of you.
Everyone has the right to criticise whom ever he wants it is their right
to do so,everyone also have to accept the criticism with an open mind , it does not matter what the issue is as long as others find in it a way to an open discussion.
as Moroccan . I would love to see some part of patriotism within the people of Morocco no matter what their race,origin or background , the different aspects that make the Moroccan society are the key element that make us united and we need to find ways so we can work out the possibilities that will enable us to come out of this non sense we are drowning in to.
Problems like poverty ,discrimination ,oppression and so many demeaning and shameful feeling has become so natural to us we live in it 24/7.
Things like independent judicial system and independent governmental entities could play a significant role of monitoring and overseeing what is happening behind close doors.
I pray to Allah to keep our country safe and may Allah protect the King for the unity of this nation .

Please ,just as a reminder back in the colonial times they have tried to divide us in 4 entities and our unity of chleuh , fassi ,3eroubi, sahraoui and so forth has prevailed over them.
Let's not give them a chance to divide us.
I would love and encourage the Moroccan community in US to look for ways so they could trace historical documents related to our secret treaties and conspiracies regarding the unity of our country that goes back as 1880 to 1960.cartograph ic's,treaties and other important elements that could bring an end to the conflict they imposed on us.
0 #10 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Enough. Stop Bullying Already!Casaoui 2011-04-29 21:35
Ladie and gents,
Let's keep in mind that our number one enemy right now are those against democracy, chiefly the radical Islamists, they stated their anti democracy campaign on faoohook by joining the Feb 20th movement like leaches and their first initiative was to launch a vast anti Mawazine campaign under the pretext of 'saving public money'.
Their second initiative was to push for the revision of the moudawana law and bring back for debate every gain in the field of gender equality.
Their cowardly attack in Marrakech is nothing more than a continuation of their assault on this whole reforms process, they are aware that a democratic Morocco will be a death nail into their dreams of turning our country into Hamas or Iran like system.
They need to be exposed and our future constitution MUST be liberal, progress and make it a law for politics to stay out of the mosques and places of prayer, as well as keep religion out of all politic discourse, we can and must do it to save our nation from the forces of radicalism.
0 #11 ProfessorProfessor 2011-05-01 00:28

First of all, I should say, "Naelatou Lahi ala al mounafekeen." I am a Fessi and I am proud to be Fessi as much as Moroccan. It is a shame on those brain-washed individuals to always use the same disparaging labels against us. Fessis are proud to be at the forefront of Morocco's leadership. Just because Fessis happen to be where they are, it does not mean that they have to be persecuted due to their level of education, wealth, sophostication, etc. Are we now saying that we have to persecute the King for having married a lower middle-class Fessi who had to struggle like the rest of us to survive, and just because she happened to be chosen by the king, we need to persecute her? One cannot generalize and throw blanket derogatory statements against an entire city and history of citizens. I, like every other Moroccan, had to work my way through fair and four to get to where I am. No one from the Fessi leadership ever handed me any assistance to be where I am. I believe that we need to hold everyone, Fessi or non-Fessi accountable for what they do, not because of their origin or name but because of their actions. I should clearly state that only losers of the first order keep complaining about nonsensical matters. Labelling is a way to divide our nation. It was used by the occupiers in order to divide and conquer. At the end of the day, every single nation has had its own share of persecution and no one was spared. We are all victims to our actions no matter how you look at the glass, half full or half empty. Nex time, you want to blame someone, blame yourself and stay clear of pointing the fingers aimlessly. And like the rest of every city in Morocco, Fes city is as awkward or as advanced as every other city in the country. It has its own share of poverty, misery, dilapidation, ineffective governance, etc. I say to all those who are full of crap, you need to man-up and lead the country to be better. The Chinese and Indians have catapulted into the 21st centry and here we are calling each other names based on our names. WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!!
0 #12 Only the truth hurtsGermelou 2011-05-01 05:08
There is no need for makhzanean articles and patronizing reflexes such as these. Seul la verite blesse as the others say. Folks can comment as they please in a free forum and if anything the fact that they have zoomed in on the last name of the pilot in the article is an indication of how deep the issue is. Fassi fihri and co. have to dismantle their yoke over the country and its affairs. Everyone has close stories on how Ahlfass's nepotism and aggressiveness have affected them. It is big time things change and I am certain they will soon. The question is what price will ahlfass make the country pay before they are defanged.
0 #13 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Enough. Stop Bullying Already!Rod 2011-05-01 05:26
Please get it into your head, No one here is insulting the Fassis, our grievance with the monopoly of few families, one of them is the Fassi Fehri family, of every high ranking political and economic position in Morocco.
0 #14 TO PROFESSORsahrane 2011-05-02 13:11
Let say you’re working for a company ,and your supervisor ,brings his son and his wife and all the family Going by you to the top ,while you’re doing the heavy lifting ,they’re reaping the benefits ,so how you can take it sitting down for years Is it a coincidence that all they come from the same region ,it will be no fuss about it if it was in a democratic country .so don’t cry wolfe ,cause the government is choosen and not elected ,so your argument is not genuine.

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