European Muslims and Zionism

Or now, the omniscient Professor Raphael Israel is warning and educating the French, the English and the Europeans about the future of Islam in Europe and the danger of increased conversion of Christians and Jews to the Muslim faith, exposing his Zionist wisdom with alarmist and racist comments, based on his hatred of Islam because of its superiority and world dominance, which the Gentiles cannot achieve. He does not mention that 50% of Israelis are irreligious,  and most are secular, with a strong minority of fanatic fundamentalists, who refuse to fight, but happy to incite violence against Arab Muslims and Christians both in Palestine and in Israel but relying on the secular Jews to die for their cause. So what if the world chose to be Jewish by joining the 25 million Jews worldwide as compared to 1.9 billion Muslims, though unlikely as he himself quotes that both Christianity and Judaism are on the decline; that would not be the end of the world.
The first victims of the Crusades were the Jews in Jerusalem and it is ironic that both the Muslims and the Jews fought together against the Christians in Palestine, and now Israel is befriending the Christians when there was never any love-loss between the Christians and the Jews since the Crucifixion of Jesus. This is pure hypocrisy and a cry for help in desperation for support. What is he playing at? Unlikely the well being of Christians which is not the way a Zionist like him thinks; he is still dreaming of the dominance of the Gentiles or the chosen ones, like him to rule the world, when deep down he is convinced that he has no chance to succeed, as he also knows that by his own statistics the Muslims and the Christians do. Like Melza states, there is hardly anyone in France who has not some foreign blood in his veins, including lots of Muslim blood, as revealed in many DNA research studies and which do not exclude Jewish blood either. It is not surprising that de Gaulle was sickened by the “arrogance of the Israeli Jews”, the same arrogance which is also well demonstrated by Raphael Israel’s book  (Jerusalem Post, on line 24 January, 2007, a preview of Raphael Israeli’s book The Third Islamic Invasion of Europe.) and comments, which push people like Sarkozy to abandon the Jewish faith in favour of the Catholic Church. Israel failed to separate reality from fiction and mixed personal Zionist lies with those of research. Europe and France are engaged in co-existence, both Israel the man and Israel the state are engaged in confrontation, so there is no point of convergence, as he is trying to hide the fact of the fear he has of returning Muslim and Christian Palestinians in exile to their homeland, but not wealthy European Jews to Israel. Europe is capable of looking after itself and has been in existence long before the 1948 Israel existence, there is a long way to go and a lot to learn to be a state, and arrogance would not make you the chosen one, and far from being the great one, you are in fact suffocated between Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon, discounting Iran for the time being, with an escape route through the Mediterranean, but never through the red sea and the threat of nuclear weapons would have the same effect on Damascus as it would on Israel, in addition to the chemical and biological instant retaliations from all directions including those released by Israel.

Europe has more scientists than the Hebrew University can match, and the fact of population growth and decline is already outlined in the many, far superior research undertaken by the United Nations publications, than Israel can ever afford, showing both the population growth, movement and the European and Japanese decline in the birth rate as well as the ageing population of Europe in general. The deficit might be filled by Israelis, if they wished, but this would be a failure of the state of Israel and the beginning of the end of self-inflicted downfall. So, the deficit in the human resources will have to come from Africa, on the top of the list the more open minded, capable and adaptable people of the Maghreb who master French, Spanish, Arabic and Amazigh as well as Hebrew and English, the rest would come from Anglophone Asian Muslims and some Europeans. Israel failed to realise that this is not an invasion by the Crusaders or the Reconquista, and he should remember how the Christians treated both Muslims and Jews during those two periods let alone the most recent holocaust, or if Israel and the Jews prefer to ignore that fact because they have been financially compensated for more than adequately with Palestine thrown in as a great bonus, that is their privilege, but what is taking place in Europe is a voluntary Islamisation of Europe of its own accord. Israel, himself, points out to the increase of converts to Islam, the rise in mixed marriages, and the reality is that they are European Muslims, just like European secular Jews, perhaps a concept Israel does not have, given his Zionist inclination that all Jews can only be Israelis, because of the racist nationality law adopted by his country, excluding the non-Jews exiles to return to their homes, but instead accepting wealthy Jews from all over the World, who had no links with Israel for centuries, except by some faith, real or economic, to settle in. If anyone has to lecture on the issue is the Muslims because the conversion is to Islam and the rise of Islam would give them that authority and not the decline of Judaism which Israel confirms. The world does not live in Israel or necessarily thinks in Israel’s terms except for three brands of people in one, the Zionists, the Nazis and Christian Fascists, one being the antidote, the premise, the thesis, the antithesis and the syntheses of all. If, as Israel says that the European Union population is 380 million at present and adding another 100 million Turks would bring it to 480 millions, thus making the total Muslim population of the EU at around 130m, so the doubling of population in 25 years of the Muslim community would be at around 260, if the non-Muslim population, is actually diminishing by around 3.5%, as predicted by the same studies, or even if it remains constant there would be a majority of Muslims in Europe and the chips are down for Israel, and the Zionist ideals will be dead and buried. This is nonsense and a humanistic Europe will remain Europe, whether Muslim, Christian, Jewish or all three and others, but not Raphael Israel or the neo-Nazi and Zionist fascist movements of Israel and the Christian neo-Fascist movement of Le Pen, Bossi and Girt Wilders, or the neo-cons and many others parasites of Europe and the US.
The only time the Jews prospered more than at any time in history and were considered as equals was when they were under the Muslim rule in Spain, and hence their mass movement after the Reconquista to another Muslim state which is Morocco where they found their home and felt citizens of a country and they remain forever Moroccans and part of them are Moroccan immigrants scattered around the world no different to their Moroccan compatriot immigrant Muslims in the world. Some were bribed and terrorised by Zionists propaganda and settled in Israel but remain first and for most Moroccan until they die, as expressed in their Moroccan rituals and way of life in Israel and their visits to the Holy Jewish shrines and cemeteries of their home country of birth and history that dates back long before Islam reached Morocco. They did not find that security anywhere else in Europe where they lived in ghettoes, humiliation and 6 million Jews were finally sent to the gas chambers. If Mohammed V was able to save his Moroccan Jews from deportation one wonders why Petain  (Vichy regime collaborated in the most despicable manner with the Germans, sending tens of thousands of Jews to their deaths in the extermination camps. See Andrew Roberts, The Storm Of War, Penguin), or other Europeans Israel is so fond of and trying cunningly to befriend did not. It is time for Israel and the like of his to wake up and realise the tolerance of Islam and also that Europe is bigger and wiser than Israel. It is better to concentrate and solve his own little world in Tel Aviv and sort out Russian Jews and Oriental Jews who are living in squalid conditions and as second citizens in their adopted country. They will soon find their way out, and if the Jewish Diaspora taught anything to the Jews about human nature, they should have the human decency to let the Palestinians return to their homeland after so long in camps in different parts of the world. The European Jews who have settled in Israel are enjoying wealth and prosperity, after betraying their country of origin, and stolen the properties of the Palestinians, these traitors have no place or say in Europe, their choice is clear, or as the British saying goes ‘you cannot have it both ways’, in other words, you are disqualified to give advice to a superb continent of its Muslims, Jews, Christians and every race, association and religion that choses to live in it and make it their permanent and peaceful home. European Muslims have more than enough to fight Christian fascism in Europe and can do without Zionism from the West or from Israel. So European Muslims are different from your ideas and you cannot even begin to compare the two histories, when only Muslims helped the Jews to make them part of the Muslim golden age, when ever since they became the piranha of the West, leading to the Nazi Germany, influenced by J.G. Fichter when he accused the Jews of creating a state within a state and wrote that it is possible to assimilate the Jews only if one managed “to cut their heads in one night, and to set a new ones on their shoulders, which should contain not a single Jewish idea,”   (Fichter, J G Beiträge zur Berichtigung der Urteile des Publikums über die Französische Revolution (Contributions to the Correction of the Public's Judgment concerning the French Revolution), (GA I/1: pp. 292–293). Wikipedia, 2009.) this is far from the Christian love that Israel wants to make people believe that exists between the Europeans and the Jews. Equally, the Vichy regime, following on the principles set about by Fichter, introduced a law which denaturalised some 15,000 Jews between June 1940 to August 1944, resulting in their subsequent arrests and a secured ticket to the concentration camps and the gas chamber. To lessen the blow, Martin Heidegger became a heroe because Hannah Arendt and Elisabeth Blockmann were his students and lovers, and at least helped Blochmann to leave Germany, and therefore his role with the Nazis was less important when also another two giants added their mild criticism and both Emmanuel Lévinas and Karl Löwith, considered that his actions were only immoral and showed that his thoughts were deficient, like any other human being or he had the vision to predict that Israel’s ideas are in line with the immorality of Zionism. He might have been immoral like confirming that Zionism is only immoral and deficient in outlook which it is, but also evil. Nevertheless, Heidegger was the first European most important philosopher of existentialism, after the great Muslim philosophers Averroes and Mullah Sadra’s in ‘existence precedes essence’, hence the foundation of existentialism, several centuries before it evolved in Western philosophy. Mullah Sadra represents, for Muslim philosophy in the XVIIth century the breakthrough introduced by Martin Heidegger centuries later. Heidegger knew very well what he was doing and saying, just like the Zionists, Hitler or Mussolini. However, Löwith, was more critical in Meaning of History  (Löwith, Karl, Meaning in History: The Theological Implications of the Philosophy of History. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1949) about the Christian faith and the making of history which is distorted by faith and modern historicism which are neither Christian nor pagan, though Lévinas, came to regret his mild criticism and enthusiasm for Heidegger when he declared in one of his lectures “One can forgive many Germans, but there are some Germans it is difficult to forgive. It is difficult to forgive Heidegger.”  (Levinas, Emmanuel, Nine Talmudic Readings, trans, Nanette Aronowicz. Bloomington: Indiana University, 1994, p.25) As it is difficult to forgive Zionists and their pen pushers like Israel and his second rate analysis.

Unlike Löwith’s denial of Christian history, the facts of Moroccan history cannot be denied or changed by anyone and Raphael Israeli should read more about history, or perhaps, he is still carrying the swastika in his bag as a momentum from his master Hitler and cannot part with it, it became part of his trauma and psychologically, Freud would say, cannot live without it, the most inhuman sign that ever existed, he shows the same contempt shown by Hitler whose last wish was to die a Jew, and therefore, there would be one less Jew in the world, is Israel wishing for the same thing? This is abominable and cannot be repeated by any human or approaching human being as the Zionist movement stands for and so many still represent, directly or implied, with the hidden agenda and lies they profess, the same lies they invented in 1956 plotting with the French and the British over the Suez Canal, or that of 1967 with the Americans to discredit the Arabs. Islam, represents around 1.9 billion people, Judaism represents merely a thin ham sandwich of less than 25 million Jews in the world, pardon the pun as no pork is allowed in both Islam and Judaism, at the most conservative estimates of any statistics worth mentioning, and Europe has far more than 30 million Muslims, that is more than all the Jews in the world including Israel, and they are not killing anyone unlike the daily killings of the Palestinians in Palestine and Israel does not even mention, they are killed because they want their homeland which, if Löwith is sincere about history is bunk, than Palestine has been the homeland throughout history to Pagans, Jews, Christians and Muslims, Atheists and Antitheists, than is Israel belongs first and foremost to the Palestinians.

Israel should read more objective researchers such as Professor Philip Jenkins predictions on a hypothetical principles and not of fear or fantasy, the estimates he claims depend on the inevitability of the increase at a point in time and other researchers have demonstrated that the birth rate is also reduced with the Muslims as they become settled, just like the Jews before them when they infested the world some anti-Semites reported at the time or when the oriental Jews first settled in Israel, and their fertility rates does not register any difference between that of the Christian, the Muslim or the Jewish communities. It is also recognised by Omer Taspinar that the Muslim population will double by 2015, while the non-Muslim population in Europe will shrink by 3.5%. Don Melvin predicts a doubling of the population by 2020, there is already a disparity of 5 years, so how accurate are any estimates is nothing more than a speculation. For these very reasons many scholars reject all these assumptions as no certainty exists and it is more than likely, as other studies had shown that the Muslim population would shrink for three reasons: one is that as the Muslim immigrant settles in, women become active and they gain parity in the birth rate with other nationals. The second reason, as is always the case, governments are always trying to curve and stop immigration when not needed, as happened in France from 1974 to 2007, and the third and final reason is the emergence of circular and transit migration, as well as reallocation of industries outside Europe which would reduce the number of migrants and this would certainly distort any prediction. Studies from CARIM-EUI-EU Florence had show that immigration from Morocco has been declining again since 2007, when in fact it was encouraged in France by no less than Sarkozy. The three events outlined above will certainly reduce the figures given by many estimates, even when one disregards new technology which requires more education and less manpower, as well as the phenomenon of circular and transit migrations, reallocation and transfer of businesses offshore which is on the increase and even more economical than immigration labour cost, and the forecast remains for ever only a forecast, as so many estimates are over-exaggerated or under-estimated as they are based on the many unknown equations and uncertainties, as well as elements of xenophobia.
Islam is within the traditional religions of Judaism and Christianity. It is, in effect, a continuation of the Tanakh or the Old Testament for the Christians, and the New Testament with the coming of Jesus, and for the Muslim, the Quran is the definitive revelation and true for all humankind. However, according to G. Smith addressing the Society of Biblical Archaeology on 3 December 1872, he found that passages of the Flood and the Story of Noah’s Ark in the Old Testament were identical to the Gilgamesh stories dating back to the XVIIth century before Christ, thus discrediting the authenticity of the Bible being the oldest book known to humanity.  At the same time many Christian scholars reject the claim of historical Israel and believe that the “New Israel”, is nothing more than the new teachings of Jesus which have been described as Israel and not any geographical entity, place, country or state, but rather an association with God and the promise of salvation in heaven. This, in fact negates any such entity as Israel ever existed before 1948. Equally the coming of Jesus, as the waited for Messiah, is the definitive message of God and Judaism is superseded, once and for all, by Christianity, hence the efforts of some American Christians to befriend the Jews for their own salvation, at their head was George Bush Junior, but this overture was rejected by Sharon, and leaves Raphael Israel’s own rapprochement between Zionism and Christianity dead-cold.
Oxford, Dr. Ben Kirat

Dr. Hussein Ben Kirat is an Independent Researcher, Post-Doc, International Relations Maghreb/Middle East Europ and an International Relations Consultant

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Chris Schaefer
0 #1 COMMENT_TITLE_R E European Muslims and ZionismChris Schaefer 2010-06-20 10:46
I very much appreciate much of what you post on Moroccoboard. However, occasionally the articles are poorly written or there are fundamental factual problems.

In the case of today's post by Hussein Ben Kirat, , both are problems.

I have no idea who Raphael Israel is, and Dr. Ben Kirat does not bother to explain. He also makes generalizations about Christians, Muslims, Europeans, Zionists,...act ually just about everyone...that are simply untenable. These sort of un-nuanced statements are not the sort of thing that should be coming from a PhD, let alone a standard journalist.

There are blatant falsehoods that betray an amazingly chauvinistic understanding of history ("The only time the Jews prospered more than at any time in history and were considered as equals was when they were under the Muslim rule in Spain,...") Um, what about Jews in the United States under a secular democratic government with religious liberty?

Dr. Ben Kirat fundamentally misunderstands Nazism and other forms of Fascism, which are at root paganism and a rejection of European Christendom. Dividing the world into Christians, Jews, and Muslims is way too simple. And it is wrong. It's the same error that Westerners commit when they say all Muslims are violent terrorists. As someone who has probably suffered from such thinking, Dr. Ben Kirat should be able to see behind such essentializing.

The formatting is awful. The style is atrocious. And the content is littered with falsehoods and generalizations . I expect much much better from MoroccoBoard.

Chris Schaefer
0 #2 Blatant lies!Catarin 2010-06-21 11:24
Who does Mr. Kirat think he is? He's a propagandist using a huge twist of untruths to cover up the evils of Islamic conquests over 1300 years of murdering and stealing from millions upon millions of people. There are so many Muslims because beginning in the 7th century, the newly minted Muslims used force, brutality, and war to coerce the people it conquered into becoming Muslims by the use of the battle cry "Convert, pay a tax or die!" Present day Islam threatens to kill its adherents if they want to change religions in certain parts of the world. There must be a lust for killing in many Muslims. I know there are some decent Muslims because I have met them, but Muslims in general are far from a superior people and most have no honor.

Read Abu Bakr's blood chilling commands to the Muslim warriors in Will Durant's book. _The Age of Faith_. I am of the opinion he usurped Islam after Mohammed's death, and I also believe the Quran was tainted by him and blood thirsty Muslims who followed.
moro yankee
0 #3 c'mon nowmoro yankee 2010-06-21 15:50
no body wanna read this crap right now , it's all about the world soccer cup, that's the hottest issue right now, as for the zionist every where , they can go and you know what,the whole world know their tricks and lies.and ps ohh yea, the holaucost industry is running out of business.i'm sorry but i know the truth hurt some times, believe it or not.
0 #4 COMMENT_TITLE_R E European Muslims and ZionismTaha 2010-06-25 10:26
There are blatant falsehoods that betray an amazingly chauvinistic understanding of history ("The only time the Jews prospered more than at any time in history and were considered as equals was when they were under the Muslim rule in Spain,...") Um, what about Jews in the United States under a secular democratic government with religious liberty? ..... Do you think the americans care about the jews? if there were not the zionist lobbies that control the american economy and foreign policies then no one would give a damn to israel or jews. i know it's hard for a lot of people to accept this fact but yeah the jews and christians got all their rights under the Muslim rules and they lived in peace among Muslims. even the israelis don't deny that the ottomans helped them when europe turned its back to them. There were many protests in many european capital cities against the jews and then came the holocaust.
Catarina seems to be a very ignorant brainwashed individual who throws random words from her stinky mouth ... what you are claiming applies to what the Church did during the dark ages and to what the spanish did to the native americans,they brought Missionaries to convert the Indians in any means possible, more often than not by drastic, harsh and deadly means ... you think you know everything about islam? abu bakr used to give the mosque to the christians to celebrate their religious feasts, that's what the prophet and the caliphs after him did ...
"Convert, pay a tax or die!" it's funny how you put it that way, it's called al jizya and the same "tax" muslims pay but under another name that is zakah, that tax is paid by muslims and non muslims and if the person regardless his religion, is poor then he doesn't pay anything and they offer him the food and the shelter and he has the right to convert or to keep his religion (there is no compulsion in religion, quran 2:256)
we pay taxes to the american government, does that make this country evil? well we are muslims and if we don't pay taxes we go to jail, does that make the US government as evil as islam? just use ur lil brain before you utter such nonsense because you are humiliating yourself and it's very clear that you speak without knowledge. if you hate islam this much then at least read about it, try to understand it so you wouldn't say random stuff like what you said above and then we can have a genuine discussions and we learn from each other
take care all
0 #5 Haha to TahaCatarin 2010-06-27 12:29
My information comes primarily from historian Will Durant's book _The Age of Faith_. He treats the three Abrahamic religions equally and was the last Western scholar to have access to the ancient archives of the Middle East before they were closed to outsiders.

I follow Middle East news on several on-line sites. I posted on Islam Online out of Qatar for a while until it became obvious it wasn't an authentic news site. It's use of Taqiyya, lying in the interest of Islam, drove me away. You live in the US. You know how Americans feel about lying. I'm saying what comes out of the mouths of politicized Muslims many times is just plain lies.

I am hoping Muslim scholars will use ijtihad to restore the Quran to the holy book Mohammed intended it to be.
0 #6 Angry catarin utters nonsense Taha 2010-06-27 21:21
thank you for proving my point. your information about Islam is based on a canadian/americ an person who was Christian. If i want to learn about christianity i'd go to a priest who knows his religion well, i wudn't go to a budhist or a jew to learn about it, so as i have said before, the only way to learn about Islam is to read Quran, Hadith and what the Muslim scholars say.
I know how americans feel about lying, they invaded Iraq out of a lie and killed millions there.
now the taqiyyah thing ... this is plain stupid, do you even know what taqiyah is? if you bothered to educate yourself little bit more you would have realized that Taqiyah is a shiism thing, the sunnis (like the islam online site) don't believe in taqiyah and they do believe it's a major sin in islam ... if you think politicians use the taqiyah (lies and hypocrisy etc etc) then i wouldn't disagree, they all are corrupted including the muslim politicians but what the hell has that to do with Islamic faith?
Muslims don't represent Islam and christians don't represent christianity, the religion is represented by its teachings and obviously you have no clue to what islamic teachings are ... typical brainwashed ignorant american.
again you're using another term randomly 'ijtihad' lol do you know the fiqh of ijtihad first? do you know the rules of ijtihad? do you think you know islam so that you do your ijtihad and give this fatwa of restoring Quran?
you know what your problem is? besides your ignorance, you have no respect for other faiths. We do believe that Islam is the right path but we don't ask non muslims to 'restore' their religions or change it the way we like, we don't ask you to adapt your faith according to our ethical values ... you do that, we now hear about the french islam by sarkozy or dividing the islamic world into categories like the moderate muslims and the 'extremist' ones .. so now anyone who doesn't obey you is an extremist muslim and he should be put in guantanamo bay. Any muslim who wants to defend his land is a terrorist and you should put the whole gaza strip under a severe blockade so 2 millions of innocent people die. That's what you americans feel about lies, you keep covering for your and the israelis' crimes. do you think you know islam?
just because you have been 'restoring' your 'holy' book doesn't mean we should do the same. You are not the example we wish to follow, if you don't like quran or islam then it's fine, I would appreciate your opinion about that and i'd respect the essence of your beings that we all share (our humanity) but to offend me through offending my faith then that's a disrespectful thing to do
0 #7 You are the one who doesn't know what's going on.Catarin 2010-06-29 11:21
I see many Muslims all over the Middle East lying in the interest of Islam: Palestinian Arabs, Hamas, Hizballah, the Turks, the Arabians, and many more. Some of these people don't care about true history, they prefer to make it up themselves. I believe this is why Turkey didn't make it into the EU.

A professional is a professional, whether it be in archaeology, history, whatever. A professional doesn't allow his religion or any other beliefs to affect the outcome of his work. Yes, there are some Muslims who are professionals but a lot more who are not. I don't want to read or hear fairy tales, I want the truth. The scholars of the Golden Age of Islam gave the world their best efforts to add to human knowledge. Now it's lies. No wonder Muslims are dispirited.

I received photos of a Muslim demonstration in London recently. The signs they were carrying were terrifying, and Muslims in the U.S. would be arrested if it happened here. I'm sick of hearing about Muslims who want to use Islam as an excuse to murder and steal. Crooks, that's what they are.

Maybe it's you who should do more digging into the unsavory side of Islam.
Sal Gazali
0 #8 COMMENT_TITLE_R E European Muslims and ZionismSal Gazali 2010-07-01 05:38
Thank you Dr Hussain for your courage to publish such a wonderfull article. Some people will choose to ignore the facts and spread lies to further their hidden goals, like the zionist are doing now arround the world. But their lies are exposed little by little for the whole world to see... The funny thing is they still want to cover it up with more in facts(the humanitarian ship the israelies raided in the mediteranean).. they still want the world to believe that the ship was a "terrorist" ship. Anybody that speaks the truth is a terrorist these days. Don't be surprised Dr Hussain, you'll be called a terrorist soon.
0 #9 That ship had terrorists on it, Sal.Catarin 2010-07-01 19:20
Israel will deter any and all ships from attempting to land at Gaza because this is a war zone. Israel sends goods unloaded in Israel to Gaza, checking to be sure there are no weapons. In the last day or two extremists in Gaza fired rockets into Israel, and Israel bombed targets in Gaza. This happens over and over. Want to know the secret to stopping this? The extremists must stop attacking Israel and Israel will stop attacking Gaza.

When Israel left Gaza, I think it was 2005, Israel donated $14,000,000.00 worth of greenhouse equipment to the Arabs so they could jump start their economy. The first thing Hamas did was to allow thieves to strip some equipment off of them. They were stealing from themselves. When the first produce was ready to ship to market, Hamas attacked Israel, causing Israel to close entrances. All those beautiful tomatoes rotted! Hamas is just stupid.

Remember that Jerusalem is the Holy land of Jews and Christians, and we will not give it away to Muslims, who already have a holy land and two holy cities. We were there a heck of a lot earlier than Muslims, and we will be there for as long as time goes on.

Here's something else you can worry about. The brilliant physicist Steven Hawking of Cambridge University in London, he who is in a wheel chair and speaks with the help of a voice synthesizer, said Earth people should stop trying to contact beings from outer space, because if they are as violent as we are, they will destroy us.
0 #10 Zionist or Jew?Dina 2010-07-26 10:23
The incoherent article above and the vicious comments it provoked is in fact a restatement of a well known anti-Semitic forgery called _Protocols of the Elders of Zion_ which is very popular in the Mashriq and apparently is gaining ground in the Maghreb. No wonder Morocco is also losing the last of its Jewish population. Statements like these will put the nail in the coffin.

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