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I must have been away much too long from the homeland it seems. Much has changed in so many arenas, not the least of which is this “Hijab” business.

What is this new “thing” now sweeping the nation and the world? Do we suddenly have more Muslim women than ever before? Did the ladies just find out that the scarf was a must or is it something all together different?

I must say I was really puzzled and perplexed by the sheer number of women from all walks of life wearing this supposed religious fashion.

I say supposed because as per the title of this article, I am wondering where it is that all of these people are seeing the scarf over the hair and the covering of arms written in the Koran.

Isn’t changing a mere word of the holy book a sin? With that thought in mind I went ahead and challenged dozens of ladies to find me the passage where this Hijab was mentioned and specifically described.

They were all quick to point out “Sourat el Nour”, yet this soura in no way describes this attire. It states the covering of “Jilbab” which loosely translates to cleavages. There is no mention what so ever of the covering of hair or arms to the wrist. As far as I am able to see, this is pure extrapolation and fabrication on the part of the Neo-Muslim community!

Our covered ladies would often retort that since God said to cover all that is sexy and a turn on for males, he must certainly also mean covering the hair. How they came up with these similarly corrupted interpretations must certainly not be a coincidence, rather a concerted propaganda of misinformation by a concerned party or movement.

As a pragmatic Muslim I was only interested in what the text stated and was baffled that others did not consider my vantage point namely that if God had wanted women to cover all but their faces, he would’ve spelled it out in unambiguous terms.

Just like fasting, praying and all other ordinates of the religion were clearly spoken, the Hijab would have been described in detail.

Further proof to me as a Muslim that this Hijab is nothing but a human distortion of the truth as I read it, is that there are various degrees of Hijab covering being showcased in today’s Islam. The gamut runs from the naked armed, jeans wearing, fore hair showing to the “tent” and “Berka” straddling “persuasion”.

Who’s to say which group is in the right and which is in the wrong?

Could it be none of the above?

I happen to have even more issues with this Hijab of the twenty first century, from its overall ramifications to its reasons for even being in our society.

It used to be that our covered up ladies would be religious women that would wear the headscarf as further purification of the mind, body and soul, but that is no longer necessarily the case. Many of these ladies today (personal acquaintances) are not religious in the least and simply wear the scarf to quell the family’s constant “grind” and or to obtain the freedom to wander about as they please.

We now have a community of Hijab wearers that is active in the dating, cheating and bar partying scene!

What is the point I asked myself repeatedly as I simply sat and observed this new trend evolving before me. Are these women mainly lying to themselves or more so to the public at large?

After giving it thorough thought I deduced that this was simply a natural evolution of human hypocrisy. We are after all living in a world of appearances, name brands etc and this was nothing different; what showed on the outside, often had little to do with what was really happening inside.

I may entirely disagree with the movement that has successfully invented this Hijab as we know it and inculcated its “godliness” to the masses but I do respect those who wish to wear it as a final step in a lifelong path of purity, good and righteousness.

I hail above all the notion of freedom of expression of the self and as such I praise those who feel they’ve reached this threshold of enlightenment (rarely the case for today’s Hijab wearers).

The same could be said for nuns, monks and so forth; we may not be as devoted to anything in our personal existence but should respect the discipline observed by others that are far more spiritual than the rest of us.

In closing I wish to tell you that it had been particularly difficult for me to express my views clearly on this issue. This was truly a complex thought process I had to commit to in order to state my ideas eloquently, perhaps because the topic itself dealt with contradiction and hypocrisy.

I’ll simply leave you with these questions and thoughts; Hijab wearers want us to believe that a woman’s hair is sexy and a turn on, yet no man I asked thought this was the case.

On the other hand many of these ladies are wearing tight long skirts clearly showing their shapes and bodies…

Which do you think is more sexually provoking?

- A tight skirt with faded highlights on the butt cheeks or free flowing hair?

- Naked forearms or a pretty face, lips etc…?

Finally, why do we even need interpretation and clarification by so called scholars when we can clearly read and understand many issues in the Koran on our own?

Why do we trust others with our faith and ultimate redemption?

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