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.For months now we have been hearing President Bush defend his Iraq policies and more alarmingly tout his supposed successes in that country. Said successes he would suggest are the elections that took place without a hiccup and the “heroism” as he put it of the Iraqi people who came out in droves to have their voices heard.
This same President is now refusing to recognize the overwhelming calls of his own people asking for change in his war policy. He is also choosing to ignore the deep meaning of the mid-term election results. This is of course but another case of hypocrisy and double talk, hailing the virtues of one election and dismissing the results of the other?

I must say however that I am very encouraged by some recent poll numbers showing that the American public is no longer buying this administration’s lies and starting to question every aspect of what got them to where they are.
One poll had fifty nine percent of the people surveyed stating they wished Bush’s presidency would end at once. Another had sixty five percent of the responders disagreeing with his wishes to send more troops to Baghdad and its surrounding areas.

After having been wrong on every single prediction made relating to this conflict, Bush still has the audacity to put the burden of guilt on dissenters and says that all of those opposed to this plan (65% of the nation) should simply be patient and give this latest strategy a chance to work.

Many questions come to mind right away; how many more “new” plans should we approve of in total? What is a six month escalation really going to achieve? What do you really think will happen after the US does leave (after these six months)? Aren’t things simply going to go back to where they were previously? What will you do if things still do not get better after the allotted six months?
It is obvious to me that this President is simply trying to buy time at other people’s expense. The political machine behind him has been extremely efficient at doing so and whatever else it wanted with the majority of the American public’s feelings and opinions. Above all they were able to achieve the biggest coup in American history in my opinion. No I am not talking about how they instilled fear in the hearts of the public in order to get reelected as the white knights willing and able to save the day.

 I am speaking of something much more grandiose, something worthy of the greatest magicians and illusionists of this world. I am of course referring to how they were able to deflect our general focus away from the fact that Bush himself was in power on September the eleventh (2001)! It was he, his administration, cabinet and government that in a grand display of incompetence did not heed the calls warning of imminent attacks.

 Yes the events of September the eleventh took place on George Bush’s watch because of his incompetence and yet the geniuses behind him got the public to actually see him as the only plausible savior!

They were even able to make it Bill Clinton’s fault and later Saddam’s and God knows who else. You have got to admire their power of large scale hypnosis as it rivals that of any government anywhere at any time.

Now just as we were beginning to think that this administration had played all of its cards, it seems it may have one more joker up its sleeve, and that is Iran!

The gods of war must be looking out for George! He thankfully has another evil looming that he can protect us from. All the ills of the current mess finally have a logical explanation. It is Iran that is killing our soldiers, fomenting sectarian violence and financing the Shiite insurgency.

For that we must support the President once again or else…

I say it is high time that America led by the democrats, moved to impeach this guy before he engenders world war three! Nixon was brought down for much, much less and Bill Clinton was impeached by congress (cleared by the senate) for a significantly lesser lie.

Yes Bush has to be stopped and there are hopeful signs that he might be at least relating to this escalation. He is finally losing a great deal of support within his own party and that may be an omen of other good things to come so let us keep hope alive and our voices heard.

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