People with Vision

Every now and then a group of people have a vision, a small idea that
extends beyond each one of them but together they could reach.

Our journey would lead to a destination if we have something in common. We got together in Washington DC and it did not take us long to realize that we love our country. With or without a cause, we wake up and go to sleep thinking about home. What brought us together is an emotion. What made us want to go on a journey together is passion.

It is difficult for a group of people to agree. There are differences that
we must admit and put aside before we hold hands and march toward a common goal. Trust is gained not imposed and for each one of us to look at the other and say "count on me", its a combination of verbs not words.

For years we have operated as standalone organizations and individuals. For years we have tried to make a difference but as divided we were so were the results. Greatness is not achieved with the self interest in mind. Greatness is achieved when the efforts are for the benefits of the masses.

No matter what any one of us can say about MAGWA, there is one thing for sure: They have created a platform that allowed us to meet for one day. They were able to create the right conditions that made you and I say "I'll go".
Was it because the Minister was coming? Was it because we believed in what MAGWA wanted to build? Or maybe we just wanted to visit the Washington Memorial? I donĀ¹t know what motivated you to come but each one of us knows and as long as we do, it would be the foundation of how we move forward.

We all had our reasons to leave Morocco. Some run away from misery, some went looking for knowledge and for others it was an accident of faith. Today some of us are expert in our fields, some are top business people and others are authorities in the community. Regardless of where we are today, putting aside our social and financial backgrounds and what ever was the motivation to leave there is only one fact; We are here and not in Morocco. So the question is what is motivating us to build a network? Why do we want to form a national association? What makes each one of us the right person to represent many? The answer is key for success.

Putting my intro aside now and diving into the topic, our country needs us.
Our country is not a combination of buildings and officials. Our country is
not an easy way out of a traffic citation or an expedited document
processing. Our country are our sexually abused children by tourist who are more and more increasing there visits to Morocco. Our country are the abused young girls who are slaved to work with low pay by abusive masters. Our country are the teenagers who have no other choice than crossing looking for a better life and drowning before reaching the other shore. Our country are the beaten women by abusive husbands with no stable home, no voice to complain and no one to listen. Our country are the Moroccans who arrived to this country with nothing to eat and slept in the street with no one to help. Our country are the Moroccans who died and no one was there to get them buried them. Our country is that smart Moroccan kid next door who could have been the next Congressman but there was no one to finance their education. Our country is the people who did not have the chance that we had to stand here today and say I am strong and I can represent you.

Dear friends, I was very proud to join you in Washington DC. I was
overwhelmed by the quality of the people who came to speak and represent their associations. I have never felt so strong as a Moroccan away from home.

With a vision, trust and love for our people we can achieve greatness. Lets
develop common goals. Lets do things different that the generations before.
Lets the story of MAGWA and the few Moroccans who got together in Washington DC be the beacon that will attract more generations to come.

We are ready. Its now or never. If we join forces we can start and others
will finish. Its not about what's in it for me but what's in it for them.

Let's do it.

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