Morocco Football: A Fantasy

Mr. Rachid Taoussi, Morocco's Fotball team coach,  started his conference by claiming to open a line of communication and honesty with the public, and to clarify any rumors or misconceptions. It was a great news because this is the first time in the Moroccan Football history someone has made an effort to present a report to the public, we are making some progress in the PR area. For this we will try to assess this report, issue by issue, bullet by bullet in more objective matter and give credit when it is due, and also make some suggestions for the future.

·      Issue #1: Choice of the timing and location was spot on, but the traveling for a long hours and recovering from the jet lag should start while you are on the airplane not till you get there, true not only by drinking a lots of fluids and but also reinforcing it with proteins, circulating and stretching during the flight. Sleep hygiene should be common routine for professional players. Plus, you just need few days to recover based on athletic association expert. Relevant/ Excuse.

·      Issue #2: Control of fluids, heart rate is part of team routine since you are at it talk about food also, did the players eat spicy food (harrira, couscous…etc.) or it was salmon, vegetables, a balanced meal with carbohydrate, proteins, and fibers. Irrelevant.

·      Issue #3: Friendly games scheduling need improvement, maybe  if they were planned wisely the team should had started with the local team, followed by Namibia then Zambia third , maybe play more experienced teams to raise the bar like Nigeria, Burkina Faso. The coaching staff will have a better ideas of the player’s weaknesses and strengths. Missed.

·      Issue #4: Technical choices should be detailed and elaborated, control of the ball, poor passing, lack of accurate first touch, wall pass, overlap…etc. Missed.

·      Issue #5: Where are the inventory of the tactical choices taken? What did works and what did not work? What are the lessons learned? The main issue that should be addressed Missed and dodged.

·      Issue #6: Strategies good breakdown of defensive and offensive steps but missing transitional phases. Possession of the ball when, and how.Relevant for improvement.

·      Issue #6: Mental state of the team, how about their emotional state? Missed.

·      Issue #7: Team identity or team style. We saw a poor team in two third of the games. They performed badly in first and second game, and slightly better than the opponent on the third game. That is the truth the public was expecting to hear from you. To be followed in the future!!!

·      Issue #8: Those statistics and data collected on the player’s .What are the criteria’s, or the algorithm used to justify those numbers. Reveal the keys, and formulas used and be more specific. Where are the stats about set pieces, (corners, free kicks, fault…), possession of the ball, distance run those the real numbers that needed to be disclosed. Dodgy. Excuse.

·      Issue #9: Expenses disclosed is a big step for a corrupt agency to do, especially with the comity of corruption sniffing around. I am not sure why they did not started with in the beginning of the report instead in the end. Credit.

·      Issue #10: report should give some recommendations to the federation how to do things, disclose the party involved that help writing the report. Missed.


Mr. Taoussi and his coaching staff had a second chance to disclose objectively, in simple manner the reasons the national football team exited the African competition on the first round, and outlined the mistakes and the lessons learned, but once again they failed to deliver. The Moroccan Royal Federation of Football with its coaching staff made a mockery of itself by underestimating and insulting the public intelligence. The whole show was a cover up to admit to a one thing but not to recognize the failure. So where is the honesty in this case? The report is poor paper with no substance. The conference was a comedy show for excuses. Overall we did see an evaluation of the players, the question is: where is the evaluation of the coaching staff? Who does it? Who does evaluate the president and his advisers? The government or the parliaments or someone else. I am sure the president will have his own report of excuses, and the failure will goes on.

See for yourself the whole report published by FRMF.  

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