Morocco: Eugenic Politicians

Boston—Morocco Board News--       I, like most Moroccans, would gladly sing the praises of the ever so eclectically multicultural Moroccan society every time an opportunity arises. Some would even subtly gloat about it in juxtaposition to the fractious diversity models of other countries where pluralism secreted nothing but a myriad of conflicting ideologies, each bearing a litany of absurd entitlements. 

A quick scan of recent articles and discussion forums reveals a deep feeling of disgruntlement among a sizeable portion of Moroccans lamenting the decay in public affairs in Morocco and pouring much of their wrath on Al Fassi family’s pervasiveness in public office. The sobering reality is that the true composition of Moroccan society is grossly underrepresented in both appointed and elected office, as well as on the economic front, as far as the relationship to capital and means of production is concerned.
Let me first acknowledge Mrs. Baddou’s pain when she says that her family is at the receiving end of ruthless racist attacks. Singling out people because of gender, color, or creed among other things is grounds for racism. The same principle covers all components of the Moroccan society in its great diversity and heterogeneity. Trying to pin the ills of society on one group is a wedge driving maneuver that has consistently fallen flat on its face mainly because of the long unbroken bonds that exist between the motley groups that make up the sum of Morocco. The idea that someone’s ancestry should have any bearing on how much access this person should or should not have is absolutely ludicrous. This toxic rhetoric no longer flies with any of the new generations.

On the same token, it is only fair to also acknowledge that the expression of loathing towards one single family that dominates the entire political landscape is hardly a feeling exhibited by one person with an axe to grind. It is rather a shared sentiment of anger among a great number of Moroccans towards the unchecked and uncontested attrition of public affairs NOT someone’s family or lineage.  This is not about some random haters gunning for her family as Miss Baddou would like to have us believe. These antagonistic feelings are directed against nepotism and patronage. Trying to spin that into racism is a deftly but a desperate move to garner the public’s empathy. Moroccans have every right to express their resentment at this brazen relegation. They are completely justified in showing their frustration at what they perceive to be inequitable and discriminatory.  I would venture to guess that most Moroccans don’t even know or care that Abbass El Fassi hails from Berkane in the East. Saying that El Fassi family is being targeted because of its roots is tantamount to intentional political waffling predicated on the assumed naivety and supposed civic lethargy of Moroccans. This is also a serious charge in need of some earnest unpacking.
John Adams was America’s first vice president and second president. Put in its historical context, America was still a nascent country with a fledgling political system that lacks the maturity to devise a satisfactory system of governance.  Adams political acumen allowed him to predict today’s diversity and what it would entail. He made a pronouncement at a time that further illustrates the founding fathers superior political genius by arguing that the legislature: “should be exact portrait, in miniature, of the people at large. It should think, feel, reason, and act like them..." His words spoke bluntly of representation as the substantive and essential element of true democracy. Benjamin Franklin put it rather in lay terms when he argued that congress should just be a mirror of the people; a true representation of the constituency and an accurate reflection of the demographics.
I am in no way implying that the US is out of the woods. In fact, America has yet to reach that level of representative democracy to be able to claim any bragging rights. A lot of old rich white men still run the show. But a clear distinction is easily discerned between the two. The number of these old white rich males at the helm is waning steadily rivaling the change in pace and patterns of the demographics. These old white rich males don’t cry foul and play the racism card when they are called to allow for a broader representation of the community; they do recognize that they can’t possibly be the only competent game in town. We should all stand against racism in all its forms and manifestations especially the institutional kind where other components of Moroccan society are excluded from the deliberation room. Equally as important, we should foil all actions that further promote Francis Galton’s Eugenic philosophy of the “well born” and the “hereditary genius”. Equal opportunity should be extended to all deserving beings regardless of their propinquity to the existing power structure. This is NOT about your family Miss Baddou, this is about a much more complex concept often broached by RAP artists and ignored by complacent politicians known as “Representing”
Abraham Lincoln was reported to have admonished his overly praising vice president by reminding him that:” only a narcissist is foolish enough to believe that he or she is indispensable”




Mr. Mohamed Brahimi studied Organizational Management, and then Journalism from Suffolk University in Boston, He has a graduate Degree in Political science. Mr. Brahimi is currently working for Harvard University as an associate researcher. He is a  founder of the Arabic- English “Al Arab News” newspaper that caters to Muslims and propagates the importance of civic engagement. He is also the founder of The Moroccan American Civic and Cultural Association, a not for profit organization that emphasizes the importance of Volunteerism and the quest to reach the level of mainstream society. Mr. Brahimi also serves as a Board Director in one of Massachusetts largest cap agencies whose mission is to fight poverty and homelessness and to empower minority groups




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0 #1 ahl fes...ifriqui 2011-03-05 19:46
Allal el Fessi said " AL MAGHREB LANA LA LE GHAYRENA " so on .......
0 #2 Morocco foreverRod 2011-03-05 20:18
Great analysis professor, thank you.
-1 #3 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Morocco: Eugenic PoliticiansMorcelli 2011-03-05 21:02
No matter how much we can go around this never ending subject. The buck stops with the king who appoints only people from the same family.
It is up to the king to wake up and see that Morocco will eventually revolt to put end to the Monarchy. Moroccans so far are giving the benefit of the doubt to the king and have been extremely patient. I am afraid that their patience has limit.
Fassis in power are very well known to only take care of other fassis.
The moroccan people will eventually put a stop to that.
It is not to much to ask to let everyo ne have a chance to succeed, The king should be selecting on Family Heritage, Are we all his subjects or only the Fassis are?
man en blanc
0 #4 LET'S TONE DOWN THE ETHNIC en blanc 2011-03-05 23:51
We live in volatile times, yet we keep, carelessly, putting the Fassis in our crosshairs. We are talking about the dangers that our national unity might face if we insist on identifying the Fassis with our anger.
-1 #5 It's s about THE Fassis not all FassisMorcelli 2011-03-06 02:41
It would be wrong not call a spade a spade. "Fassis IN POWER" need to put on notice that it is in their benefit to share the wealth and not take over all opportunities. In the long run, if Morocco suffers a revolt, they will be the first ones in the line of fire.
Live and let live. We are not talking about the regualar fassis here, they are as messed up as everyone else in Morocco, if not more, We are talking about the Fassi Fihris and alike.
In Tunisians are now chasing out the Trabelsis, We do not want the bensoudas and the ben this and ben that to get the same ending, All they have to do is think that Morocco is not going to remain what it is, things will change, and we hope that it will change for the better.
Here is a simple example, Imagine you work for same company for 20 years and your boss being a fassi, 3roubi, or shal7 hires and promotes only people from his own tribe to boss you around, and you who has been busting your rear for this company get nowhere, is this ethnic? Fassis fihris took over all posts and hire only their own, are we ethnically lynching them?
Let's open the field for everyone to compete, if the fihris are more qualified, then so be it, it is simply not fair for the king to select people just because they are from a circle that he trusts. What about me, you, him, her?
This is a clear and present danger to the monarchy if we keep the status quo.

I personally love the Fassi food, Fassi couture, Fassi anaqa, Fassi charm, Fassi accent. Fassis are proud Moroccans and they did for Morocco more than any ethnic group. All we are saying here is be fair and square and may the best woman/man wins.
0 #6 Larmes de crocodileGermelou 2011-03-06 03:44
Using racism as an excuse to diverge the debate is truly lame. One can easily ask lala badou to put herself in the shoes of a graduate with a slight soussi accent interviewing for a job at a bank or for access to medical school. Fez is as poor as anywhere else and no one is singling out fassis; we are talking about ahlfass who have built their web since the independence through nepotism, corruption and exclusiveness continuing to this day to monopolize large portions of the political and economic space. I have no sympathy for the crocodile tears spewed but some of ahlfass feeling mounting popular anger, one only has to look at the special treatment fassis/ fihris, baddous, benjellouns, iraqis, bencheqrouns, douiris,... get to feel nauseated by the stink emanating from their dealings, arrogance, feeling of entitlement.

Enough is enough.

It is big time the mafias are dismantled. We can't play by the same rules going forward and for ahlfass to have a few Berbers de service as exceptions that prove the rule does not work anymore. Only action in the coming year will tell if the adepts of Nepos have understood that their environment has dramatically changed and will be willing to come out of their illusory shells.

One things is sure the fact that they are hated has nothing to do with racism. Any normal human being would abhor witnessing persisting injustice and cronyism that has resulted in boat loads of young graduates with no jobs and a country that has been hemorrhaging its best and brightest to immigration because they were not born with the "proper" last name.
0 #7 Calling a toad a toadMbrahimi 2011-03-06 05:45
@man en blanc,
You either did not read the article in its entirely or did not get the point that the author was making. The author is clearly rejecting any kind of divisive rhetoric yet he denies EL Fassi any chance to give the criticism hurled that them a narrative of racism. This is not about toning things down or escalating them. It's about calling things but their proper name.
Touhami Ouazzani
0 #8 ThoughtsTouhami Ouazzani 2011-03-06 10:21
Mr. Brahimi I first would like to congratulate you on writing such an informative erudite article. From the first line I sensed this is a harvard material :-). You expressed the concerns of a lot of Moroccans, myself included, with magnifcient eloquence & depth. An analogy that would reflects the relationship between the Fassi family and the oppressed ordinary Moroccans is that of a slave master and his slaves. If the slaves decide to denounce the mistreatment and torture inflicted on them by their masters, it would be so wrong to put the blame on them. They took everything and now they want to silence the people. I heard a lot of things about the Moroccan exception, but my interpretation of this exception is as follows. Tunisia & Egypt had autocrats, but it looks like we have "familocrats", a plitical system in which whole families, their in-laws neighbors...etc rule. What's unique about this system of government is that hiring for high-up positions in the government can take place in Hamams, chez le coiffeur, chez "Mama khadija" or anywhere. This sounds satirical but unfortunately true. If Morocco doesn't ride the historic wave of change sweeping the Middle East & North Africa right now, then the hope is lost and the dream of more than 30 Moroccans will be put on hold for ever. M6 has abnegated many of his powers to El-Hima and El Majdi and it seems he is having some difficulties reclaiming them, because those too guys got out of control and they have become a real threat to the monarchy itself. I want the king to be in charge again and I want him to trim the wings of the ominous crows and establish a political system that represents the voices of the people. The king has the support & love of the masses in Morocco, so he just needs to take that step that eveyone is waiting for, and I hope it doesn't come too late. Sorry if I said too much :-). Thanks moroccobord for the great articles.
man en blanc
0 #9 Anaxyrus cognatus, and other critters .man en blanc 2011-03-06 10:29
I am just concerned that, the Fassis, the Berbers, the Riffis, The Oujdis... etc, and lets not omit those conniving Doukalis, will end up being blamed for our myriads of calamities! And that other Moroccans will hunt them down and try to make them pay for their perceived sins.

I, personally never cared much for R'batis. I don't know why. Also,I love Tangiers, but them Tangerois are insufferable. Some of them anyway. I think they must have some Fassi DNA in them. Like the R'Batis.
All the R'batis have been contaminated by that nefarious Fassi gene.

Let's not dance here. Unless we stop the ETHNIC RHETORIC, the 932 kilo camel in the room, we might as well remain boogieing puppets with idiotic grins on our clueless faces.

0 #10 Morocco foreverRod 2011-03-06 22:11
There is a huge difference between singling out a whole race or ethnic group and pointing out, as did eloquently Professor Brahimi, the fact that few families monopolize all powers in Morocco, people are sick of exclusion, opacity, corruption, nepotism and favoritism of the current system, we are tired of few families and their close friends getting all the key economic and political positions in Morocco, I don't remember Mr. Allal El Fassi debating anyone to showcase his political and economic agenda to the voters, I did not vote him nor anyone else, I don't even know if he can make a decent argument for anything, he was appointed by the King and does not answer to anyone but the king, it's as far from democracy as you can get and enough is enough.
0 #11 rass lokhtobotGermelou 2011-03-07 00:50
All we need to contemplate is the list below in response to lala badou. Add your fassifihris, bennani smiresses, douiris,... from the banking sector, OCP, CDG,... and others from the military and you would covered a good 75% of the political and economic spectrum of our dear Morocco. The level of hubris and denial is only matched by gaddafi and his son.

عباس الفاسي : وزير أول

نزار بركة : زوج ابنة عباس : وزير وزارة غريبة وزارة الشؤون العامة

علي الفاسي الفهري : رئيس الكرة، رئيس مكتب الماء، رئيس مكتب الكهرباء

الطيب الفاسي الفهري : وزير الخارجية

عثمان الفاسي الفهري : المدير العام للشركة الوطنية للطرق السيارة بالمغرب

ابن الطيب، الصبي ابراهيم الفاسي : رئيس مؤسسة اماديوس التي تضخ فيها الدولة الملايير

ياسمينة بادو : وزيرة الصحة ،زوجة علي الفاسي الفهري

يونس المشرافي : رئيس المغربية للألعاب، زوج ابنة عباس الفاسي الثانية

ابن عباس الفاسي : مدير قناة الاخبارية وعمره لا يتجاوز 24 عاماً

ابن عباس الفاسي الصغير : النائب الثالث لعمدة الدارالبيضاء ومنسق حزب الفاسيين

لينا الفاسي : ابنة عباس الفاسي، 23 عاماً مديرة ديوان وزير الدولة اليازغي

أسامة الودغيري : ابن أخت عباس الفاسي”مدام زكية” : مدير الشركة الوطنية للنقل واللوجستيك

اخت اسامة الودغيري : زوجة منير الشرايبي، والي مراكش السابق

دواوين الوزارات : مليئة بلقب الفاسي زائد الفهري كالطفيليات

زينب الفاسي الفهري : بنت أخت عباس الفاسي وأخت الطيب الفاسي وعلي الفاسي تترأس منصب مديرة الشوؤون العامة في وزارة التجارة الخارجية

أحمد الفاسي الفهري : المدير العام للبريد : بريد سيرفيس

0 #12 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Morocco: Eugenic PoliticiansRiffi 2011-03-07 01:50
People we are talking about the cronies of Elfassi not the habitant of FEZ. This family is a real mafia and the king should not hide behind they are good nationalist. Baddou also is married to fihris who is the president of the royal Moroccan soccer federation, president of the ONE (national office of electricity) I never could understand the king nominating one person for two jobs, you know why it shows that they are just executors not executives, the king has all the power. The daughter of fihri and baddou is president of another major national company. Speaking of Abbas birth in berkane yes he did but at that time the Elfassi family was giving birth around the country to help the istiqlal party to have legitimate stand, si Abbas after his birth, one month later they moved back to Fez. Now the question is how you can be prime minister and the same time congressman in the Moroccan parliameny representing the city of Larache where you never gave a speech.amazing we have super civil servant they can juggle many jobs at once. It was worst during Hassan2 some guys had 5 key jobs. Like a Moroccan expression stipulate “Morocco is a circus without a roof “in another word an open air circus. May god help Morocco as long as M6 did not understand yet?
man en blanc
0 #13 a suggestion for en blanc 2011-03-07 01:55
Among the many things I admire about the American political system, is the one where the US congress forces the CEO's or the cabinet secretaries to appear for hearings, and then, more often than not, reads them the riot act.

I wish we had a similar mechanism in place in Morocco. Where for instant, the names of the people on the list supplied by Germelou would appear in front of the parliament, and defend/clarify the legitimacy of their posts.

I can dream. No?
0 #14 InputMbrahimi 2011-03-07 01:59
besides the fact that I absolutely love your Pseudo (Germelou, I also love the initial unexhaustive list that you have compiled. I would also really like it if you were to initiate a facebook page where the goal is to substantiate the claim that EL Fassi guilt of Political Patronage is of epic porportions. My suggestion is to provide us with the link and invite people to do their own probing as to how pervasive this is.The final list would be an indictment beyond of a shaddow of doubt and will silence those who think that we are aiming for ethnic schism
Thank you
0 #15 Mapping out the nebulaeGermelou 2011-03-07 04:00
I am tech challenged and barely know how to turn on a computer. Will pass on the Facebook initiative to our hip youngster although Facebook now is seen as an instrument of incitement of mayhem throughout the region. The best person to take on this mapping exercise would be Si Benchemssi of TelQUel who published an article on Ahlfass but stopped at the usual 4 or 5 known head honchos and did not include husbands, wives maybe, nieces/nephews, cousins, satellite families,... The universe we are contemplating is so deep it will require the modeling skills of a physicist coupled with the pugnaciousness of an investigative journalist. We should task Benchemssi and a scientist from Harvard with this exercise for everyone's education. Allahisster ou safi.
0 #16 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Morocco: Eugenic PoliticiansApache 2011-03-07 06:57
The appointment of Abbas Elfassi as Prime Minister is beyond shocking to me. After his royal screw up as Minister of Labor I thought he might be going to jail for having allegedly cooked up a major deal where friends made an enormous amount of money on the expense of poor Moroccan citizens. In a democratic country he would be sitting in Jail. In Morocco he gets promoted. You can't make this shit up, unbelievable. But then again, the king is sacred and cannot be questioned. He knows what he is doing.
0 #17 the ripple effect- El Fassimorokkan 2011-03-07 09:49
I call this phenomenon the ripple effect...starti ng with ALLAL EL FASSI...Look what we have today (The whole Clan). I don't understand why you guys are complaining about... you got to blame yourselves for not being born in the right family (Just joking here)...can you believe that in the 20th century we still have this tribal structure!!
The unlucky family of the hour is the Al fassi's ...who's next? to be continued.
0 #18 Moroccoboard, plz stop censorshipEureka 2011-03-07 22:19
Eureka, Eureka!

1.Hail the king, and your problems will forever be gone,
2.Hail the king and you’ll die happy, knowing that you were forever blessed by the sacred, the one himself, the only!
3.It is the Fassis fault, whatever is.

Reality check is seriously in order here folks!

I’ll leave you with this thought: take a closer look at your living room space (mind you, you may need to the take the GREEN pill for this one, not the red one).

That is not even the whole elephant, that is only its caboose or perhaps its hiney, depending on your vantage point!! In English, who has complete monopoly of all things Moroccan, including your sorry ass subject?

This is no time for cowardly, racist or hypocritical rhetoric, is there!

Please focus your energy on the critical changes that we, as a whole, can help bring to Morocco. The people working the streets need our support, all of it, any of it.

Thank you.
0 #19 Morocco foreverRod 2011-03-07 22:44
Warning...the radicals who never hesitate to dictate their "Morals" are out in force, they started a facebook page calling for the cancellation of all festivals in Morocco such as Mawazine, if they ever get their way, woman will have to start wearing veil before leaving their houses...scary, let's keep them in check, they're trying to ride this political consciousness wave to impose and "dictate" their will which is counter intuitive to the notion of democracy, they're hypocrites.
0 #20 Morocco foreverRod 2011-03-07 23:00
The procedure for amending the Constitution:

In Morocco, the initiative to revise the Constitution belongs to the King, the House of Representatives and the second chamber according to Article 103 of the Moroccan Constitution. Thus, the King may refer directly to a referendum any draft revision if he takes initiative. In this chapter of constitutional reform, it's observed that "the proposal for revision submitted by one or more members of both Houses shall be adopted by a majority vote of two thirds of the members of this House. " And to continue that "this proposal is submitted to the other House which may adopt by a majority of two thirds of its members." For his part, Article 105 of the text of the Constitution states that "projects and proposals are submitted by Royal Decree in the referendum." The revision of the Constitution is definitive after approval by referendum. The following article shows for his part that "the monarchical form of government as well as provisions relating to the religion of Islam may not be subject to constitutional review."
0 #21 but why?Moroccan 2011-03-07 23:01
Why Moroccans like to beat around the bush is beyond me?! Mr. Fassi and his thousand siblings in Gov. are only taking advantage of the situation. If that situation did not exist first place, then you would not have to write such a nicely worded article
0 #22 Morocco foreverRod 2011-03-08 04:40
Let's stay aware of the fact that few Polisario supporters are here ( right wings Spanish groups, few Algerians and their puppets), they're trying to stir the pot, push for chaos and confrontation and propagate lies, we will not fall into their trap.
0 #23 IndeedMbrahimi 2011-03-08 04:50
Point well taken. To focus squarely on EL Fassi family will indeed be "beating around the bush". I only tackled patronage at one pathology of the entire system. If I wanted to do a systemic diagnosis of the entire system, I would probably think about writing an epic not an article. Nonetheless, I take your point to heart and I appreciate it
Thank you
Jamal Mouhtadi
0 #24 Great topic Mr BrahimiJamal Mouhtadi 2011-03-08 05:04
I am afraid that racism will become a dominant, life-changing phenomenon one day in our Kingdom and its under-emphasis is only making it easier for one to loose and the other to win. It's a well-known phenomenon of Biology: when two competing populations engage, they conflict until one is exterminated.
Racism is no longer an available convenient excuse in the modern world. We've all been sitting back and seeing if Fassis could accomplish the great things that they said they've planned for the country. They hoped for this opportunity since the Independence of our Kingdom, we got free from the French Colony and since then they haven’t showed us how great as they claim to be. They can't blame anybody any longer for their "failure to launch". Don't choke.
For Ms Baddou to blame her situation on race or racism is like blaming the speedometer on your car for the ticket that you just got. It doesn't make any sense.
As for the USFP I will apply this proverb: Mules are always boasting that their ancestors were horses.
To Political Parties, prosperity, fortune and well being for their constituents, come with love and care for the Country NOT with more & more power and control.
Aziz El Alami
0 #25 Lord Forgive them for they do not know any better.Aziz El Alami 2011-03-08 09:28
Fellow Moroccans – Fassis are and should be the least of our problems as a nation. We all face much more imminent political issues which are much, much greater than the Fassis’ advantages might ever be.

Our educational attainment levels are abysmal. Our infrastructure is failing. We don’t have enough incentives to foster innovation and collective involvement… To address these issues would necessitate a whole new hybrid way of thinking in regards to where to invest, where to save, where to tax or untax… But that’s a topic for another day – Hopefully soon.

Growing up in Derb a Sultan, I do recall my parents insisting on my finishing my homework even if it meant studying into the wee hours of the morning. They were adamant about making sure my siblings and I had the best possible grades… This was not only true in my own family, but it was also true in any other “Fassi” family I had known… So perhaps – and only perhaps – Fassis do deserve the positions they occupy, perhaps they did put in enough work to qualify for those “elite” jobs they enjoy, and perhaps they are simply “good at it” as far as the business or political arenas are concerned.

Please don’t misinterpret my coming before you today as a Fassi trying to defend his heritage or lecture you in any way… Instead, think of it as humble attempt from a concerned Moroccan who wants nothing more than to shed light on some real issues we should all – as an inclusive nation – try to tackle and solve if we really want to move forward.
Jamal Mouhtadi
0 #26 “There is no reply to the ignorant like keeping silence”Jamal Mouhtadi 2011-03-08 11:46
Aziz El Alami, with your title are you trying to tell us that Jesus was a Fassi too. The population of Morocco is over 30 Millions, and only the Fassis that have a Frozen IQ, I will accept your theory. Stick with the topic if you do have something intelligent to say. Derb Sultan gave birth to a lot smarter people from all races, but didn't have a cousin or a spy uncle that was appointed by the French.
0 #27 To Fez or not to FezMorcelli 2011-03-08 19:06
Si Aziz,
dob't burry your brain in the sand. Those Moroccan graduate who demonstrate on a weekly basis demanding jobs, I can assure that they too did their homework while fighting the elements. Don't fool yourself into thinking that doing homeworks in Morocco gets you far. Connections , bribery, nepotism, takes you to the promised land i.e decent job.
Most of people here do not dislike a Fassi as a race or a tribe, they dislike that they a Fassi in power only knows another fassi, Nepotism that is. It 's a fact that you and I cannot deny.
People here have gathered in a secret place to decide "Lynch that fassis".

As I said time and again, Fassis made Morocco better, with their charm, success, hard work, couture, cuisine, manners...etc. I would not want to be in a Morocco without fassis.
All people are saying is Fassis in Power should think of others as Moroccans and not as fassis. Notice, I am emphasizing Fassis in power because as you well know , the majority of Fassis in Fez are as messed up as everyone else.

0 #28 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Morocco: Eugenic PoliticiansRiffi 2011-03-09 01:31
People again, again and again let's not spin,we are talking about a specific family "ELFASSI And Co." in other way like we are talking about Don Corleone if you know what I mean.We are not talking and I repeat about our citizen (citoyen)of FEZ the city,there is no such a racism between us,some blogger here try to spin the subject into an ethnic situation to cover the real subject who is again ELFASSI Family and company, the octopus.
0 #29 Hearsay ruleEureka 2011-03-09 01:51
Dear all:

It seems to me that if you are going to attack someone or GOD forbid try to “argue” against someone else’s point of view, at least have the decency to present an argument.

To be more specific, look for argument that doesn't "hearsay rule" blush. In other words:

-- If you simply say/state that something is or untrue (void of any verifiable evidence), then people should take your word for just because you have demonstrated your superior intelligence -- yeah riiight!
-- If you granma or uncle told you something is true/untrue, than it must necessarily be true – riiiiiight!

Frankly, I’d like to see the day when wannabe "attorneys" are thrown out of "court" and disbarred for relying on “hearsay evidence” as a proof for whatever miserable cause they are after.

FYI, here in DC, I met considerable amount of non-Fassis Moroccans students who attend (all paid for, including well furnished Appts in expansive parts of town) among the most expansive schools in the nation, including GWU and GTU.

I must caution you all that this half-ass discussion about the Fassis is way out of date (for some of you, at least) and it plays very well in the hands of the Makhzan that is adamant at focusing/refocu sing all discussions away from the soup du jour.

For inspirational quotes of the day, watch, listen and hear the words of our next generation. This time from the small city (of all places) Khenifra.

Video 1:
Video 2:
0 #30 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Morocco: Eugenic PoliticiansMorcelli 2011-03-09 03:07
We Simply cannot discredit anyone who mentions anything about Fassis in power. This gimmick has been tried time and again by the makhzen to quiet the masses, Sometimes it worked with people who do not have a clue of Moroccan state of affairs but it would not work with Morocco board readers, most of us here were exposed to some sort of enlightening when we landed in America and Europe. we are no longer the simple Makhzen consumers, we are not the subjects anymore, we are not as Hassan II one called us AWBASH. We fled tyrany and injustice and we wee what our compatriots suffers through on a daily basis. Please save your little useless tricks and face reality and reality in Morocco is Fassi in power are racists, nepotists, and opportunists.
We cannot deny this fact. I certainly cannot because I have experienced what I am talking about.
Remember we are talking about the Fassi in power who looked pass you and I, who drove by us as if were the Hassan II' awabash.
0 #31 Reply to Aziz El Alami said: Lord Forgive them for they do not know any better.cordoba 2011-03-09 03:35
I am sorry to hear you my brothers and sisters who think that arguing with one an other trying to make sure your opinion is the one and none after , we are all the same as almighty put it so no need to saying that...fassis.. .or so on... this root from whereever it is from morocco studied hard and got what they deserve.
let me tell you about education in our country , if we go back between 1900 and 1940 we can find out how this so called pioneers has got to where they are now...their father took the first road to excellency and made them go through it as planned between them and yet between 1940 and 1956 also you should try to find out who were the elites at the doesn t take a genius to find that out.they are the newest generation from the former elite.....the fathers didn t wanna let go for so long...and right after them their kids took over till today we find their nephews and sibling have taking the lead once more.
I was once with friend having dinner and they were some very high positioned people sitting close to us and i was so eager to ask them some things that give me the chill as to the way we still see things around our country .so i asked one of them so i could feel better about what goes on in the bled , you know what was the answer....he answered me by saying that they have studied hard to get where they are.....and what they see around them doesn t bother them because the others didn t want to work and study hard and it is not their business to worry about them...these elite had someone to take care of their schooling and their grants and money to give them the leeway and level of gratitude they are up to know.....I understand that after 1956 normal Moroccans start going to school little by little but by that time the few had already been placed in high places and controlling most of the country s economy split with many things have happened because we were trying to reconstruct our country and some of them taught they were smart so they took over to split whatever left for them from the past protectorate .every thing was planned a way before...You know degaulle have said about Morocco he needs 40 years to break all that makes us unified as Moroccans he said that we do not need to make anything and they ll make sure they ll provide everything for us.....
We believe in god almighty and in our nation and our king..... this is what we live and die for no matter what piece of land you come from east , south are a Moroccan and by being so your right is to defend your country and your king in the way that Allah and our ancestors have done.......when it comes to these criminals we have every right to bring them down....not by havoc but by being smarter than them using the rule of law with undeniable proofs against their mischiefs ....i hope that every one of us should stand and unite in bring out these people that are taking advantage of their own brethren by denouncing them in the media and on-line between us so we can make them pay for their devilish greeds that made them think they are above the law .
I pray to the almighty to give us the strength and the will to make the future a better place for our generations to come.
0 #32 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Morocco: Eugenic PoliticiansRiffi 2011-03-09 03:42
Great speech of the king M6 an hour ago here is the summary:

1. Application of regionalization and its constitutionalization
2. Empowerment of the judiciary and separation of powers
3. Prime minister now emanate from the majority coalition in parliament, the king will not appoint the prime minister no more
4.More powers for the Prime Minister
5. Recognition of the Amazigh language as an official language of nation
6. A Constitutional Review Committee was formed to prepare a constitution reforms mentioned above
7. The current government will continue to operate until the reforms are put in place ASAP
0 #33 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Morocco: Eugenic PoliticiansRiffi 2011-03-09 03:48
forgot another revolutionary thing said by the king the governors will be elected by the people not by him no more ,guys I need to hit myself or what ,I am like dreaming.this king really going forward if he will do it swiftly.

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