I Am Not An Apology Addict

Boston  / Morocco Board News--  A Male in his late twenties of Moroccan citizenship was arrested last week for allegedly plotting to blow up the Capitol building in Washington D.C. Whether or not you object to the entrapment scheme set by the FBI that ultimately netted this Moroccan fellow is a matter of great intellectual salience.

It is certainly a topic that should occupy a prominent space in public discourse. But it is still of peripheral importance if weighed against whether Moroccans should feel any kind of discomfort given that they share the same national roots with the accused.  If I were to take count of all the expressed and implied apologies that Moroccans and Moroccan Americans have managed to scratch up on their Facebook accounts or on their tweets, I would modestly set that in the hundreds. While condemning terrorism in all its variant forms and shapes is never a topic a of contention, I am having a hard time coming to terms with the idea that I should somehow feel any kind of guilt every time an accused or convicted terrorist’s identity is found to intersect with mine at some level. When it comes to identities, the word motley springs to mind; my identities stack up in a way that confuses the heck out of even the well traveled anthropologist.  I am an Arab, a Muslim, a Moroccan, an Amazigh, and yes, I am also an American who is still fighting a fierce battle “to represent” (to use a uniquely hip-hop charged term). There seems to be a militant mentality out there very hard at work denying Muslims and Arabs their right to be American, and the right to feel at home. The double speak is just as troubling as the blatant hate rhetoric that we hear around the issues of building houses of worship, Congressman King Hearings and so forth
There are those who believe that a citizenship acquired through naturalization may entitle Arabs and Muslims to certain rights but does not qualify them to represent America as a nation. In other words, when it comes to Arabs and Muslims, citizenship is a legal status not a national identity or a home. The message that is being inculcated in the minds of media consumers is that a full fledged American has to look a certain way; has to speak a certain way and those who do not conform are just American Citizens not quiet Americans and subsequently not part of the narrative of the American nationhood. (NBA rising star Jeremy Lin will have no problem understanding these words)
I am somehow expected to issue a litany of unequivocal apologies to the world whenever someone is brought up on terrorism charges happens to meet me at any level of this multi layered affiliations.
Truth be told, no one is explicitly asking us Moroccans to issue an apology. We have acquiesced to this disturbing ethos that justifies guilt by association and which tends to be much more pronounced when the accused is Arab or Muslim. We have neither fought it not condemned it but instead spent much of our energy redundantly condemning terrorism knowing full well that we are simply stating the obvious. Terrorism is to be condemned ipso facto.  Fostering and promoting this environment where guilt by association thrives is precisely what we should all incessantly denounce in the harshest of terms
I was quite surprised at the number of people who freely jumped into this wicked vortex of having to apologize and to distance themselves from the accused. I don’t think it is reasonable to make a statement or issue an apology every time a Moroccan is charged.
 I am so keen on abiding by the laws of the land; I am just failing miserably at grasping how someone’s madness can tarnish my reputation for which I then have to act contrite. And yes, I did say “madness”. Moroccans are also entitled to their fair share of loonies. 


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Aziz El Alami
0 #1 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I Am Not An Apology Addict Aziz El Alami 2012-02-20 00:17
@ M Brahimi,

I find it LINcredible that you feel you have to apologize for this LINatic -- That's LINsane! The fact that he is Moroccan should not have any bearings whatsoever on you, me or the other hundreds of thousands Moroccans living this great country of OURS.

Your self-limiting beliefs that we, Moroccans (Arabs) cannot advance because of our background, are simply just that -- self-limiting and LINaccurate! We should not apologize nor should we feel compelled to do so -- in other words, we should be LINdiffent. He made a bad choice and now he will pay for it.

My heart and thoughts are with his parents who would suffer the most from his LINconceivable actions.
0 #2 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I Am Not An Apology Addict Morcelli 2012-02-20 00:19
Yes we should not feel guilty or ashamed when some Moroccan lunatic decided to blow himself in the Capitol no matter how he was " led and encouraged" by those Moroccan informants around him.
But think of the time that we bragged about Morocco to our colleagues when then asked
" So how is Morocco? " and our reply was " Morocco is beautiful, peaceful, the people are hospitable, and the food is second to none".

Well not so fast you colleagues are now thinking, " Did he just say that Morocco is peaceful?"
Others may say, this is ONE out of 32 million Moroccans. I say it does not matter, 18 hijackers affected 2 billion Muslims.
In a perfect world we should not be held accountable for a crime a knucklehead was about to commit, unfortunately, you are where you come from, no matter what citizenship you have acquired through filling out bunch of forms to be part of the system.
When a Moroccan commits a crime, we all get affected, like it or not, If you brother or sister gets caught in the act of doing something wrong, you will suffer, we live in a small world now thanks to the information superhighway, whatever you do good or bad as you mentioned in your example about Jeremy Linsanity, it gets noticed and talked about. Two weeks ago no one knew who this Jeremy is,
0 #3 SNL Fans m.brahimi 2012-02-20 00:54
@ Aziz,
That saturday night live skit was the bomb!!! oh Man, did I just say the Bomb?? I meant, it made me laugh out loud. Here is the link:
0 #4 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I Am Not An Apology Addict mbt 2012-02-20 03:24
Does it matter if the alleged bomber was a Moroccan or an American? The Americans have become paranoid, even if a fly goes boo they will arrest the poor insect.

Nobody should feel this or that, Islam does not need defending, Muslims should not be afraid. The Americans and those who say they live in a free society are just living in a restricted society, restricted by draconian laws legislated in haste and benefiting only those who have their hands in defense related tillers.

We all have to die one day what are you afraid of, the big bad wolf?
man en blanc
0 #5 Avec le temps.man en blanc 2012-02-20 04:51
One thing that Morcelli touched upon that is worth debating is our daily interactions with co-workers. In my case, I live in a very conservative (read : racist) town. In this town, although people don't read much, any book by the likes of O'Reilly, Beck. Coulter becomes an instant bestseller. So, my answer to my colleagues with they start the guilt-by-associ ation crap, is to remind them that like all religions, we have our fair share of nuts. (although, at times, it seems to me that we have cornered the market on that demographic).

Let's face it : America despite its quantum leaps in just about every field, is still a stereotyping-fo cused country. Witness the myriads of insensitive, if not outright racist, headlines and comments about Jeremy Lin. And they're coming from learned persons too!
But I know that all this ignorance will be corrected as America is entering a very intensive multiracial era.

Comme chante Leo Ferre:
Avec le temps
Avec le temps, va tout s'en va
On oublie le visage et l'on oublie la voix
Le cœur, quand ça bat plus c'est pas la peine d'aller
Chercher plus loin, faut laisser faire et c'est très bien

Moroccan Patriot
0 #6 The bomber is a victim in America's war on IslamMoroccan Patriot 2012-02-20 06:31
Lets be very honest, this guy would never have been able to pull anything off without the Terrorists who work for the FBI, CIA, etc... prodding him on. He was entrapped. This will not help him, because, unless you happen to be very rich, most times if you are charged with a crime, regardless of whether you are guilty or not, you will either plead guilty to a lesser charge or get convicted at trial. When you are talking about, "terrorism" charges, even a prosecutor who got his Law degree from the back of cracker Jack box can get a conviction on just about anybody. The NDAA, the Patriot act and other unconstitutiona l legislation has not only set America on the path of fascism, but has also turned America into something of a third world police state in many ways.

There is a war on Islam. This war is undeclared, like all of the other wars fought and lost by the US. This one will end no differently. Each time the US declares a war on something without getting the approval of Congress, they lose. The last time the US got the approval of Congress to Declare war was World War II. Every war since then has been a loss. From Korea, to Vietnam, to Iraq, to Libya, to Afghanistan, to Pakistan, and soon to Syria and Iran... none of these wars have benefited the US people. The last war that actually benefited the US people was world war II. What I mean by benefit, is that the Average American (who did not die in the fighting) became better off financially and from a social/economic perspective as a result of the fighting. So why is the US at war with Islam?

The US is motivated by its interests. Its interests are to gain access to natural resources. Its interests are to sell weapons and drugs. Its interests are determined by its politicians. Its interests are determined by those who own Congress. Who Owns Congress? AIPAC, the NRA, big business interests who sell outlandishly expensive planes that don't work, toilets that cost as much as cars and armor plating that costs more per square inch than silver! I am digressing.. the point is that Big Money and interest groups control the US. These groups are freaking out. They see Islam growing stronger day by day. They understand that it is just a matter of time, maybe 100 years, MAXIMUM, before most people in the US are Muslim.

Lets take the example of Astoria, NY.... 20 Years ago, there were 2 Mosques in the entire neighborhood. 10 Years ago, on the even of 9/11 there were 6, now there are over 20. Muslims make up the largest religious group among immigrants from outside of Mexico. Muslims, like Mexicans, have lots of kids, and because most tend not to be very well educated, take full advantage of the social safety net available in Europe and North America (causing a lot of hate just because of this - Chinese are not hated, because they are not viewed as taking advantage of the system as Mexicans and poor Muslims are) - When you take all of these factors in tandem it is clear to see why they are freaking out. Another thing to remember is that unlike Christians who go to Church just once a week, Muslims are supposed to go to the mosque 5 times a day!!!!

There is also a very big difference between Islam in America and Islam in Morocco or any of the other countries in North Africa and the Middle east. In America at least, Islam is real. Anyone who has done prayers in any Mosque in NYC knows that the average prayer lasts 2 to 3 times longer than the average prayer in Morocco. In Morocco, they are trying to pray as fast as they can to get people out of the Mosque so that everyone can go home or go to work. In the US Mosques give a sense of Community. While Governments throughout the Middle east actively combat real Islam by closing Mosques outside of the prayer times, and preventing people from gathering and sharing their opinions and passions the opposite can be said of Mosques in America - In America there is a true sense of Community when you enter the mosque. Police states all over North Africa have stomped out this sense of Community and have all but destroyed Islam as a uniting force, but this uniting force is very strong and very much alive in the United States, particularly in smaller communities.

This is why the Terrorists at the FBI decided to enlist the same anti Islam tactics that worked so well for governments that persecuted their own Muslim populations in Morocco. They sent, "mosque Trawlers" just like in Morocco they have Bergaga and Muqadims who send word if the right people are not deified enough during the Friday sermons....

So what is the solution? Patience. Al Sabr Muftah al Farag - Patience is the key - Islam will win in the end, and it will win just as it did in the days of the Rasul (pbuh) without violence - through the will of God and the power of example. Be a good Muslim yourself - be kind to your neighbor - do not gossip, do not steal, do not lie, do not hurt anyone and if hurt be patient - the truth is much clearer than most will admit - Islam is the truth and in the end, inshallah, will triumph with Salam.
Mr Abdul Haqi
0 #7 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I Am Not An Apology Addict Mr Abdul Haqi 2012-02-20 07:03
Well in Morocco, my son was denied citizenship, even he was born here in Morocco, because he's not a Muslim. I don't know what religion he is yet, until he comes to the age to make his own decision. I'm living here as a 1st generation American, yet I'm referred to all the time as a "Berrani" or an "outsider" Even so ludicrous was the spelling of his name on his Moroccan birth certificate. We were denied spelling his English name for his 1st name, b/c it wasn't the Arabic or French name they use here. Such hypocrisy. As if my last name he carries has any Arabic or French roots, but he was allowed to keep his surname. LOL! If the shoe fits, wear it!!! The US consulate had a good laugh at that when we had to correct his name we gave him. That's the name now on his US passport. Seems that racism and religious discrimination is a foundation in this beautiful land. Let's ask the Black Africans how they feel when they come to study here. I bet there is no discrimination or racism felt by them. Perhaps you should focus on correcting these things in your mother land before complaining about these things in America. Food for thought!
0 #8 Please stop the insanity!Maghribi_USA 2012-02-20 07:31
The fact that the author is refusing to apology is troubling. Morocco is a little country (30 millions) that caused more trouble to the west than China and India together. Morocco has been linked to terrorism for good reasons, so it is not the right time to have that attitude Mr. Taibi.

The US is probably the best country for Moroccan immigrants. If you had a chance to live in Europe, you would probably know what I am talking about. In many European countries you won't get a job for being Moroccan, even worst, the system in some of these counties is designed to favor local citizens in any position. In Spain for example, your ID for residency is highlighted in big letters that says "foreigner". In Spain friends of mine were denied rent for being Moroccans, I even saw a public ad saying "they won't rent to Moros' (aka Moroccans).

The sad part is that Alcaida ideology is inspired by the Koran for good reasons, and its violence is well justified by the Hadits. So not only we should be apologists, but we need to revise our religion. I say wait till the ADL party get recognized and when the Salafists acquired more rights, then talk about a real Harira....
0 #9 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I Am Not An Apology Addict Morcelli 2012-02-20 10:06
Mr Abdul Haqi and Maghribi_USA,
Finally some words of wisdom. We criticize America and the West and we sweep under the rug the atrocities of Morocco.
We tell the world that Islam is a religion of peace when Muslims are terrorizing the world from Jmaa lafna to Jakarta.
We criticize the US for wanting to save every American life, when Life has no value in Morocco and in the Muslim world.
It's cultural, we have grown accustomed to hide the truth, we fool no one but ourselves.
Mr Abdul Haqi, your son would not have been denied his right if you would have exercised the rule of baqshish.

Maghribi_USA, don't say that terrorists are inspired by the Koran or you'll deprive yourself of the some 70 virgins. You also risk to burn in hell for eternity.
Moroccan Patriot
0 #10 Stop Hating on IslamMoroccan Patriot 2012-02-20 13:56
Islam has about as much to do with Terrorism as Christianity has to do with Members of the Church Molesting Children or Rabii's laundering money.

When a "Christian" sends a drone to murder dozens of revelers at a wedding party or mourners in a funeral procession do we condemn their religion? When Police officers murder innocent civilians in their homes, do we talk about their Religions?

When a crime is committed, the individual is the one who bears responsibility for their act. To tarnish a religious faith shared by over 2 Billion people because of the act of several thousand who claims to be adherents is beyond silly, it is downright moronic.

I am proud of my Religion, as it defines who I am more than anything else in my life, but if I make a mistake, it is not because of my religion, instead, it is likely because I did not have the patience to adhere to my religion in a certain situation.

I will Never apologize for my religion.
Yet Another Maroccan
0 #11 .Yet Another Maroccan 2012-02-20 14:19
To Moroccan Patriot: I liked the part of Islam during the days of prophet Mohammed winning without violence line. It's so funny, it's almost sad.

Have you forgotten about the many many raids 'ghazawats' the prophet (peace be upon him) engaged in and all the pillage and rape that ensued? How about the subsequent conquests to neighboring countries, North Africa, etc? Yeah, very peaceful indeed.

I just loved the 'alternative' world so many Muslims live in...it even comes with it's own alternative history.
0 #12 Non Sequituresm.brahimi 2012-02-20 23:03
try to remain topical? Many of the comments here are riddled with flagrant Non sequitures. You even called me Mr. Taibi; I wish I had the linguistic command and the intellectual capacity that could rival that of Mr. Taibi
Thank you for your comment
0 #13 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I Am Not An Apology Addict mbt 2012-02-21 00:30
Morcelli you are a terrorist, you are terrorising me with your ranting and raving about how bad Islam is. You pretend to be Muslim but you are a closet athiest

What is wrong with some of the commentors with so much angst for Islam? There is no problem if you fear Islam but then you should declare your religion, at least then we know where you are coming from, but if you are saying you are Muslim and bashing Islam then you are hypocripts, the lowest of low both here and indeed HereAfter.
0 #14 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I Am Not An Apology Addict Morcelli 2012-02-21 01:04
The Islam I know and I grow up practicing is not the Islam of today. There was time growing up in Casablanca visiting my grand ma who lives between two of the biggest mosques in Quartier houbous. Shop owners would stop what they do and go pray, they usually leave a kid watching out for the Artisanat store until they come back from the mosque. Once in a while someone from the mosque would stop and ask us that we should go pray, no forcing the issue, no threats, no scare tactics. Just a Muslim doing his due diligence to see all his fellow Muslims hopefully one day go to heaven. That's the Islam I know not the the Islam of bombs and terror. Before 9/11 I have never seen or heard someone criticizing Muslims here is the US. We went about our business making a living. Now we have knuckleheads defending terrorists and they ask why America is after Muslims? Why?!
How about the 3000 innocent people in the WTC? How about my favorite player beggar of raja de Casablanca who died in the Casablanca bombing?
How about the train bombing in Madrid, the Jamaa lafna bombing? the Algerian bombing that is occurring on a daily basis?

Is this the Islam that you are proud of ? or the Islam that I described above?

Mr Abdul Haqi
0 #15 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I Am Not An Apology Addict Mr Abdul Haqi 2012-02-21 01:54
@ Moroccan Patriot:

If the way you live isn't affected by your religion, what good is it for??? That is one of the funniest things in the world. I hear all the time hypocrites blaring out loud their religion, but excuse every evil thing they do by claiming their only human...or whatever else they give themselves liberty to do and blatantly show their hypocrisy. It's like the blind following the blind. "Come with me and my religion and I'll show you good things..." LOL! If you're a Muslim, do what your religion says to do. If your a Jew, do what your religion says to do. If you're a Christian, do what your religion says to do. The problem I see is those who do atrocities and kill other's lives in the name of their religion. That's where most diligence needs to be addressed to rid these demonized people from their foolish and heartless ways.
0 #16 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I Am Not An Apology Addict Morcelli 2012-02-21 04:38
Islam is a peaceful religion but it calls on killing every infidel with the sword nowadays they uses bom strapped vests. I am not talking about people cheating, I am talking about everyone who embraces another religion other than Islam should be killed. Islam is calling on 2 billion Muslims to kill the other 5 billion non Muslims.

I challenge any pseudo-muslim here to prove me wrong.

The reason Islamic terrorists want to die as "Martyrs" is because it's the Islamic thing to do.
If you are a real Muslim, i don't think you will deny this fact. Please save us from the lie that Islam is religion of peace.

The reason I sound that I am Muslim and non Muslim is because my Islam is not the one that calls for killing innocent people, my Islam is to mind my own business, i don't steal, i don't lie, I don't kill, i don't hurt anyone, I fasted every Ramadan since puberty, i help people when i can, hopefully one day I visit mecca and I believe there is god. But i don't believe that god is asking me to kill innocent people.

God is too good to be evil. Human beings can be evil, terrorists are evil, pseudo Muslims are evil, the Moroccan informants are evil and so is that Amine el khalfi.
Look around they are people in boars who would hesitate to use the sword on anyone who disagree withe them.
The Londonner
0 #17 Islam to bash or not to bash this is the questionThe Londonner 2012-02-21 07:12
Amazing guys, here we have a a criminal matter that the police is dealing with and they have all means of seeing it through, in fact i guess US plc is colluding with the perpetrator on this matter. They are asking the muslim community for apologies as if it is a collective crime. it is not and remember you could have been a victim from this event yourself. we abhor and do not condone this event as any other citizen in the world would, but to apologise for my religion that will be a no no.
so stop bashing our religion let others do it for you as they are good at it.
Islam is innoncent from any soul that perpetrates hate and crime.
So let it be guys!!!!
0 #18 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I Am Not An Apology Addict riffi 2012-02-21 12:10
Where is isabelle the catholic of spain and her inquisition.who is going to apologize to the jewish and muslim that she slaughtered on the name of christianity .Oh sorry the king juan carlos of spain did apologize to israel and the jewish of the world on the name of spain but the poe didn't.so the muslim are just target practice.the islam has been hijacked by those apostate I meant their own.
0 #19 @Mr.BrahimiMaghribi_USA 2012-02-21 12:26
Dear Mr.Brahimi, I apologize for calling you Mr. Taibi, although i like Mr. Taibi's writing.

I just wanted to express "the other opinion", I feel personally grateful to this country for the opportunity i was offered. I think many Moroccans are pretty happy in the US. We are certainly not second class citizens as you suggested. Back to your article, you did not have to apologize or condemn this guy's action, but you probably did not need to write an article that only shows insensitivity.

I normally avoid discussing religion because it is probably the only topic that you can not discuss without being biased. It is not easy to look at our selves and recognize that our own ideology or religion maybe causing other people harm.
Morocco used to be a model for tolerance and good Islam. Today, we are known for exporting terrorists.
0 #20 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I Am Not An Apology Addict mbt 2012-02-21 17:41
Morcelli any club has rules. If you are a member you abide by the club rules. You break club rules you are expelled. Now the Islam you knew is no different then then the Islam which you know now. Islam has not changed, people have changed.

9/11 and all other atrocities is not just a work of one group, it is culmination of many groups and parties including secret services and the governments, you turn blind, you profit from that and that what ALL governments do. Call it a measure to control people and profit financially and economically, like good Bush did, or invade Iraq and profit from the arms sells.

Nobody in their right mind would stop any terrorists groups (of course there is semblence of doing something), or countries from act of wars (look Russia and China colluding with Syria at the moment), if they do then you have arms industries literary up in arms, for defence industries need to test and sell arms and what better then "let make war" no virtual reality there for sure.

Don't blame Islam for Islam is indeed a religion of peace but if the people want to profit from it then it is the people who are at fault. In any case Morcelli don't worry about others nobody is going to come in your grave, so prepare for your own abode for life HereAfter. You will not get that chance again.
0 #21 Educate yourselfmbt 2012-02-21 18:05
Morcelli I challenge you to show us all where it says the 2b muslims want to kill 5b non muslims? Listen the non Muslims are not worried about Muslims killing non Muslims they are worried about the size of every morning prayer congregation is the same as the Friday congregation.

So you have fulfilled the requirements of being a muslim, good for you. But you will not defend.

I suppose the men and women who join the army think same as you. Now let me see, you join the army to eat good, get good pay, see the world but as a soldier you will not kill that Iraqi or Afghani or the communist. Hmm.

Morcelli go study your religion and then maybe then you will have an understanding of Islam and what it means to be a Muslim.
0 #22 TO Mr Abdul Haqi Frankie 2012-02-21 23:23
To Abdul Haqi........... I am sorry to hear about your Son being denied from a Moroccan Citizenship.... ........I just do not know know why do you want your Son to carry a Moroccan Citizenship? I have kids, and they mentioned it once, but my response was NOT, and NEVER.......... .it does not worth it............. .I myself thinking about renoucing my Moroccan Citizenship or the way they treat and look at you at the airport when you go visit Morocco.

If a Moroccan is involved in terrorist, he or she can go to hell. look after yourself, do not ruin your family name, and do not embarace yourself....... .....terrorist has no place in any society, it is an Evil........... ..Enjoy every day as it comes, be happy, work hard, help others in need.
Thanks all
0 #23 knocking Islam Industrial Complexm.Brahimi 2012-02-22 04:39
@ Maghribi_USA,
I am sorry but I did not know that I was being insencitive by speaking out againt the collective sense of guilt that some people want us to feel. I am at a loss of words.
As for those knocking Islam in this forum, let me just remind you that this has become an industry and if anyone is going to engage in it, at least make sure you are getting paid.

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