Western Sahara: Propaganda And PR War

Washington  / Morocco Board News-    Algeria’s propaganda machine, its friends and its for-profit-enablers will end up burning themselves, discredit their theory and doom their efforts to failure. After all the Algerian Generals are not the ones who suffer in the [Western Sahara separtaists] camps in Tindouf. they plan to create their proxy-state, "The Western Sahara Republic", on the expense of the future of the Sahraouis.

I read an article written by Aziouz Mokhtari, a [Western Sahara separatist] Polisario sympathizing journalist based in Belgium, tilted WIKILEAKS ET LA QUESTION SAHRAOUIE Les mémos de la vérité. In this article the " journalist" talked about the fact that Morocco gave up on the Sahara after Hassan II’s death and that Mohamed VI left this vital issue to Paris to manage. He also claims that France is helping Morocco not as a friend or for other reasons that I will explain in details but for a French-Algerian affair that dates from 200 years ago! How confused and doped a reader must be to accept such nonsense? How can Mr.  Aziouz Mokhtari think that his readers are going to agree with him and believe that 36 million Moroccans, their King, institutions and government are going to hand their future to France whose purpose is to “get back at Algeria” according to his twisted vision!?
This seems stupid but it is propaganda and no matter how unbelievably imbecile it may seem to a person who’s aware of these facts, propaganda is like mass mailing, most people  throw it out but the 1% of people who respond favorably are a valuable target. What the Algerian reader of "soire d’Algerie" should know is that France is not helping Morocco, Morocco has allies and foes just like Algeria but the difference is fundamental, Morocco is fighting for its identity, its land and its future; Algeria is fighting for the sake of fighting or to keep the momentum of the 60s activism and the FLN ideology alive, after it died 15 years ago; while putting pressure on Morocco; which is a country with a clear destiny be part of the elite one day, and Morocco will become prosperous without oil. Algeria which is seen as a failed stated glued together with oil money, is also the poorest oil producing country in the world. Many analysts predict that without oil or with a sharp decline in oil prices or even if new technologies are invented to bypass oil dependency, Algeria won’t survive as it is.
France occupied Algeria when Algeria was an emirate of Turkey (Outmans) this emirate was smaller than Tunisia, of course when Algeria become France, Morocco was a weaker neighbor but free. For 82 years France absorbed and annexed hundreds of thousands of square kilometers, France was adding land to itself. When Morocco became independent France found itself in a tricky predicament. It started to realize that it created a giant country with oil and Marxists running this made-up entity.
France knows well that the future of Morocco can only be through keeping the Sahara as an integral part of Morocco. Mr. Aziouz Mokhtari should realize that by saying that the Sahara issue has become a France vs. Algeria issue, he implicates Algeria 100% in the conflict, something the Algerian government denies and claims to be a nation of peace and a defender of oppressed people. The danger is that his article insinuates that Morocco and the [Western sahara Separatist group] Polisario are out of the conflict and the [Western] Sahara is the Armageddon between Algeria and France to settle the 150 years of colonization. Quite a radical vision for a syndicated "journalist", with accreditation from the EU.
The fierce PR war and the unwavering efforts of propaganda from Algeria directed at Morocco are becoming a thing of mockery among many diplomats and intellectuals. Algeria is turning hysterical in pushing for un-founded and ridiculous accusations of genocide and crime against humanity charges to be implemented against Morocco, while the world watched members of Al Qaida decapitating Moroccan EMS and ambulance workers in Al Qaida style and signature killing.


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0 #1 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Western Sahara: Propaganda And PR WarDjamel 2010-12-17 08:04
un-founded and ridiculous accusations of genocide and crime against humanity charges to be implemented against Morocco, while the world watched members of Al Qaida decapitating Moroccan EMS and ambulance workers in Al Qaida style and signature killing.
You only have the Moroccan government to blame for this. The moment they refused to allow journalists in, they opened themselves to all kind of criticism without being in the position to reply.
0 #2 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Western Sahara: Propaganda And PR WarMorcelli 2010-12-17 11:02
I suggest that the butchers of north Africa reveal the mass graves where they buried 1000'a upon 1000's of innocent Algerians.
Morocco did just that and compensated those who were the victim of the the years of led. I suggest that the 160 billion that they are bragging they have can go and compensate for the killing that happen in every Algerian town.
Yak these rubbish really make me sick and they have the nerve to tell us what we need to do and not do.

man en blanc
0 #3 TO BORROW A TIMELESS SLOGAN : IT'S "ALGERIA, STUPID!!!!man en blanc 2010-12-17 11:35
It's has always been about ALGERIA! A Screwed-up mess of a country, who's sole reason of existence on this earth is to formidably sabotage each and every upward step Morocco takes!
Losers like Algeria achieved the persona non grata status for us! Congratulations!

Algeria : Morocco is no longer in the "misery loves company" mindset! Sorry about your self-generated, blood-drenched hardships! We are not just saying it, we Moroccans don't need to prove anything as far as our compassion towards the wayward!

But enough is more than BARAKA at this point!

Algeria : What's in it for you? It can't be that you care about the welfare of fellow humans. The concentration camps in Tindouf cancel that smoke. Let's not even mention your complete disregard, and cavalier attitude regarding the unspeakable horrors of your civil war! Or maybe it never happened!

Algeria : Do Algerians still buy the scary bedtime story of the bogeyman in French military uniform coming to still the $160 billions?

Algeria : What is it about Morocco that just drives you crazy?
Lupus el Lobo
0 #4 POLISARIO and ALGERIA are doing Morocco a favourLupus el Lobo 2010-12-17 20:28
In light of the poor condition of the Moroccan fishing fleet and the high unemployment rates among the general public as well as among fishermen, the exclusion of WS fishing waters from future fishing agreements might benefit Moroccan fishers who are excluded from fishing in large areas of fishing waters.

The Moroccan government should teach POLISARIO a lesson by encouraging fishermen to move to West Sahara where they can fish without any competetion from advanced European fishing fleets.

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