Autonomy is the only fair plan

As a Moroccan-American living Virginia, I am concerned for  the security of Morocco, and I support the Autonomy plan proposed by the Moroccan government for the Sahraoui people, a plan that keeps Morocco's  sovereignty over its southern provinces and its territorial integrity intact. 
The Sahara conflict has lasted for over 33 years. It is an issue of national identity and territorial integrity for Morocco. No one can deny that our neighbor Algeria, and its generals, is the main supporter of the Polisario. As a Moroccan-American living in northern Virginia, I am concerned for  the security of Morocco, and I support the Autonomy plan proposed by the Moroccan government for the Sahraoui people, a plan that keeps Morocco's  sovereignty over its southern provinces and its territorial integrity intact. 
I am asking all Americans, and particularly, the Moroccan-Americans to consider the following:

* Historically the Moroccan Sahara was an integral part of the Moroccan landmass. Since recovering its independence in 1956, Morocco had claimed the return of the Western Sahara.
* The size of the disputed Sahara is 266,000 sq km, while the size of the Kingdom of Morocco is 446,500 km2. Clearly to preserve the national security of Morocco and its interest in the region, it would be unthinkable to have a new mini state  in the area with a maximum of 100,000 people, and then expect stability, democracy, transparency and economic prosperity.
* A Weak and a failed mini state in the area would engender and foster instability and terrorism and would endanger the security Morocco, the rest of Northern Africa, Europe, and the United States of America.
* Unity has become a strong factor in boosting economical reforms, encouraging freedom of speech and binding partnerships around the world. We have seen how Europe merged into the EU and how Spain, for example, became a strong country with a  healthy economy after it joined the EU. The Gulf region is negotiating a common currency for the region to unite the areas  economies.

A united Maghreb with a larger internal market would go a long way to foster democracy and prosperity, the best bulwark against poverty, instability and terrorism.

In conclusion I see the autonomy plan as the only fair plan for the region and its people to move toward a new chapter with a brighter future.

Adil M. N.

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0 #1 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Autonomy is the only fair planHmimrmad 2008-09-25 11:14
The Sahara problem will never go away for as long as we are not in good terms with Algeria.
Algeria runs the show and these Manhasset reunions are useless and purely waste of time or as others see it, a Moroccan ruse to buy time. .
It is foolish to think that the Polisario will agree to any autonomy plan if the Algerians are not on board, therefore, how do we get the Algerians to open up a bit, certainly not by unilaterally declaring that the Algerians no longer need a visa to Morocco, not by unilaterally declaring that we need to open the borders. These actions piss the Algerians off. They see it the usual Moroccan tricks to score points with the West.
We need to be very sensitive to Algeria if we are to accomplish anything. The Algerians refused to sign "un traite 'd'amitie" (friendship treaty) with France, Do you think that it is hard for them to say no to Morocco as well? Our situation got even more complicated when the barrel of gas has risen in price.
I think that we need to start some sort of confidence building and we need to do it in secret, because that's how it works with Algeria. For instance, The Algerians will not forget when Morocco sent them the sheep skin when they had the earthquake. Let's not do that again please.
As for the fairness of the autonomy, sure it is fair, but only to us Moroccans. Don't tell the Algerians that the plan is fair, make it fair.
I am tired of this non sens, 33 years of fiasco. The Americans nuked and killed millions of Japanese, look at them now, they are buddy buddy, why can't we be the same?
Let's keep this debate alive, perhaps we could come up with something that would help us solve this problem.
Good Day!
0 #2 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Autonomy is the only fair plansara 2008-09-26 03:30
Le plan d'autonomie proposé par le Maroc à l'ONU est une solution réaliste, et viable pour résoudre le probleme du Sahara
1. il prend en consideration les spécificité culturelles, historiques, et économiques des provinces du sud
2. il présente une véritable gestion des province du sud sur tous les niveaux
c'est pourquoi en tant que Marocains et Marocaines nous devons tous faire le maximum pour soutenir cet ambitieux plan.
rabi jahid
0 #3 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Autonomy is the only fair planrabi jahid 2008-09-26 08:07
I don't agree with what you said. i am not going into details,and by the way let's just keep it the way it is. We have ve got 99% of the land anyway so why bother.
fatti rachu
0 #4 what\\\'s the point?fatti rachu 2008-10-03 11:19
Because of the above arguments, our country was screwed up for more then 33 years. i don\'t know where and what part of the country you grew up. what did we get from it? and what we would get? i ll tell you, nothing but nothing. Being patriotic is not about preaching, it\'s about doing. have you done some thing? remember the JFK?
don\'t get me wrong, home is always sweet home but I do have other priorities
0 #5 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Autonomy is the only fair planHmimarmad 2008-10-05 05:34
The Algerian foreigh minister indicates clearly that Algeria does not want to hear about any autonomy.

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