Algeria's Strategy: Keeping Morocco Mired in Western Sahara Conflict

Beniazza Mohammed
Boujdour  / Morocco Board News Service-    In his speech, "in the international conference on the 50th anniversary of the adoption of Resolution 1514" organized in Algeria, on December 12/13th, Mr. Amr Moussa, the Secretary-General of the Arab League, made no reference to Algeria’s main obsession -the Western Sahara issue -or the so-called "Democratic Sahraoui Arab Republic".

It is now clear that Algeria, which acts as a defender of self-determination, does not hesitate to violate the basic rights of its own people and the Moroccan people held captive in WEstern sahara Separatists Camps in Tindouf , located in South Eastern Algeria, for more than three decades, refusing to  let the populations exercise self-determination over their wish to leave the camps. Algeria depicts itself as “a neighboring country” to Morocco,but offers a haven, trains and finances separatists who threaten peace and security in the region.


Instead of using its resources to solve its socio-economic problems of housing, health and water supply, Algeria finances [Western Sahara Separatist group] polisario’s armament and conducts, on a daily basis, a hostile diplomatic campaign against Morocco.But that will not undermine Morocco’s will to go ahead in defeng its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Such conferences can not neutralize Morocco’s Autonomy plan, a plan, that is considered by most major powers to be the basis for resolving the Sahara issue in a peaceful manner.      

In the minds of Algeria’s strategists, keeping Morocco mired in the current situation costs it substantial resources and mitigates any resistance that Morocco would pose to Algeria’s ambition to become a regional power in North Africa. Algeria’s long-term objective is to weaken Morocco and to secure access to the Atlantic ocean through a client “state” such as a “ Western Sahara Republic” in the disputed region.Algeria and polisario’s plan for an independent state in southern Morocco constitutes an existential threat to both Morocco and Algeria. Most independent analysts dismiss such an option because it would destabilize the entire North African Region, hasten a military conflict between the two protagonists, empower a new generation of terrorist groups and unleash an unprecedented wave of refugees on European southern shores.



Beni Azza Mohammed is the Secretary General of P.P.S party  in Boujdour /Sahara/Morocco

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0 #1 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria's Strategy: Keeping Morocco Mired in Western Sahara ConflictJohnney 2010-12-15 01:39
May I ask a question? Why are Moroccans so obsessed with Algerians, it seems that all your problems you blame on Algeria and when you have no problems you directly attack Algeria, we are given what we are given, Algeria is a country on the high rise so I suggest you make nice with them
0 #2 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria's Strategy: Keeping Morocco Mired in Western Sahara ConflictJoxatoni 2010-12-15 03:58

OH Johnney Johnney.... Oh please, why do you have to be in denial and again like I told another one, bury your head up your... Just like Ostriches bury their heads in the sand!! OK, shall we repeat it again and again, what we know and what you know already, but let's again and again refresh your short (very very short memory)
1- Who hosts a bunch of mercenaries on their land to attack Morocco?
Answer: As obvious as it might be... ALEGERIA (I think, no brainer here)
2- Who finances these enemies, traitors and rebels?
Answer: Algeria (should we discuss that this is in doubt? Me and you don't think so)
3- Who arms them, and gives them millions worth of weapons to attack Morocco?
Answer: Algeria. (Well, before the cease fire, since they started getting their behind kicked and whipped before even making it to breach the wall, and now if they make it through the wall, they would be burned to ashes, literally, since there is a better trained and better equipped military in big numbers, that will totally obliterate these rats when they try to sneak in.
4- Who dictates to them on how to deal politically with Morocco?
Answer: Algeria...

Johnney, before you speak, try pulling your head out of there... (you know what I mean) and try to reason, make nice with who? We actually have been very nice so far for too long, we could not be any nicer... I'd rather say, we are exhausting our patience and we will no longer be able to be nice to a bunch of cowards back stabbers.
If your happy with your head stuck in there, then I will be nice telling to enjoy keeping your head where it belongs... Deep ****
Khayar Ahmed
0 #3 Human rights abuses in Tindouf camps (southwest of Algeria).Khayar Ahmed 2010-12-15 22:24
Washington - Morocco's autonomy initiative is a "plan for a lasting piece," which is supported by thinkers, diplomats and several countries.The truth is this: Morocco continues to welcome Saharawis" who escaped from Tindouf and "has a plan for a lasting piece embraced by thinkers, diplomats and other nations", the article's writer Elizabeth Blackney underlined. On the other hand, "Algeria and the polisario continue to hold thousands of people hostage in refugee camps, refusing them access to the outside world .Representative s of Morocco's political parties , civil society and trade unions should devote their energies to uncover the human rights violations in Tindouf camps and Algeria's involvement in this situation.
Someone from far
0 #4 Look who's taking..Someone from far 2010-12-16 06:43
Johnney, since the beginning of this month tens of Algerians were trying to escape the misery by taking great risk of crossing the sea toward Europe. A lot of them ended up dead. Is this Algeria that you are praising? A super power in North Africa! Give me a break, you can't even feed your own people, such ignorants.
0 #5 Morocco is a real Algerian problem.Mawlana 2010-12-17 17:37
Algeria(with all its dollars) has an inferiority complex with regard to the achievements of Morocco in different socio-economic sectors.
Ahmed walu
0 #6 wake up all -Ahmed walu 2010-12-18 09:48
Do you call yourselves Muslims?, what Islam is this, killing one another, and calling for separation instead of unity? It is too sad to see this happening, when we should care for each-other to get out of misery and ignorance. Life is too short, and it even shorter when you waste it in fighting and killing.

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