Morocco-Spain: Another Muslim Christian Flashpoint

Casablanca  / Morocco Board News Service-   Rita is a twenty three year old Moroccan student who drove for three hours from the city of Meknes to Casablanca where three million Moroccans descended to the streets protesting the anti Moroccan positions of the right wing Spanish political party El Partido Popular (PP). For Rhita and other young Moroccans, this was the first time attending a political rally : “ the Partido Popular xenophobic and racist campaign against Morocco is ethnically and religiously motivated” stated the young Moroccan woman . Such Sentiments were universally  heard around the protesters . Framing the Moroccan Spanish spat over the Western Sahara in religious terms can have disastrous consequences for the Mediterranean region.  In a recent article, a leader of Morocco's ruling Istiqlal Party stated that (AQIM) is the biggest winner in this war of wills between Rabat and the Partido Popular.
The large number of Moroccan citizens and the degree of anger exhibited by so many of them are indications of the coming of tense, dangerous, and possibly violent relations between Rabat and Madrid. Moroccans are well aware of the fact that Spain's Partido Popular  will lead the new government after next elections. Memories of the military confrontation between Morocco and Spain over the Moroccan Island of Laila are still fresh in the minds of Moroccans. For the average Moroccan, the Partido Popular and its former leader José Maria Aznar are the enemy . Adding an islamic religious flavor to the Moroccan anti-Partido Popular positions mixed with the spanish political party’s strong catholic background make for an explosive mix that will add another flashpoint between the christian Wester and the Muslim World.

While the atmosphere of the march was serene and peaceful,  the thousands of Moroccan men and women holding anti Partido Popular signs were genuinely angry and furious with the Spaniards hostile and hateful attitude. The march was called by the Moroccan political parties and technically endorsed by the Moroccan authorities. However, the fury is popular, real and deeply felt by regular folks.

The potential of having a similar march in Northern Morocco not far from the Spanish borders with a real possibility of taking a million Moroccan to the doors of the Spanish occupied cities of Ceuta and Melilla can turn the confrontations between Morocco and Spain more serious with far reaching implications .

The Partido Popular’s explicit attacks against Morocco will be used by AQIM and other violent groups. Previous statements by AL QAEDA leaders advocating for the return of an Islamic emirate to al Andalous ( referring to part of southern Spain) is a sign that extremists will use the Partido Popular’s anti-Morocco campaign for their own purposes. Rabat’s anger towards the Partido Popular and the Spanish press is likely to affect the stability in the entire region.

This demonstration is a first shot by the Moroccans toward the Partido Popular. The Moroccan government, well aware of the fact that the Partido Popular will take charge in Madrid soon, is sending warning shots. Under a PP government, Spain's Strategic interests with Morocco are at risk.


0 #14 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Morocco-Spain: Another Muslim Christian FlashpointGerogie 2010-12-10 23:17
To morocco patriot: I agree with you. I ever thought that Morocco is a very poor country. But since I travelled across the country I change my mind. I can see that Morocco is a very rich country, much rich than Spain, for instance. It´s an awuful thing to ear that all about Spain.
I think that you describe exactly the problem of Morocco. And I always make me the same answer: what happens with morocco people? Really they feel better thinking that others countries are the cause of their problems? It´s an insane conduct and actually I cannot see this conduct in the common morocco people, usually good sensed.
0 #13 Response to Herbert Smerka's commentOrobi 2010-12-06 02:37
To Herbert Smerka for the Christians expelled from Morocco.
Morocco is not anti American as you said. It is a crime in Morocco to proselytize and these Americans are lucky that they had just been deported without serving time in jail. In Muslim countries with Sharia law they would be executed. Thousands of Christians live in Morocco and practice their religion in peace and Millions visit it every year to say Morocco is anti Christians is totally wrong. It is true that the country is poor and still not fully democratic, and you have as a proof some 3 millions of Moroccans that were "expelled" by their own choice from it. It was not "false accusation of proselyting and without due process of law" as you mentioned but the standards of not applying the law on some citizens of the world like Americans. If the law was applied they would end up in jail and that would create unwanted outcome for everyone.
Xavier al khabir
0 #12 apologiesXavier al khabir 2010-12-03 22:38
Spain used gaz and unconventionnal weapons of that time against the Morroccan soldiers who through Guerilla at the beginning of the 20th century defeated the Spanish a Morroccan i would like the spanish government to apologise openly through the uffering the had caused
Moroccan Patriot
0 #11 Ram - Hopefully no relation to the definition of everything wrong with Morocco, Royal Air MarocMoroccan Patriot 2010-12-03 11:52
Ram, I am not giving the United States a pass on anything. The US was responsible for the genocide of the American Indians, one illegal war of aggression after another, almost all of which were started under dubious circumstances.. . stuff like remember the maine, and the gulf of Tolkin or Polks lie about Mexicans crossing the rio grande.. just to name a few. The US is NO role model.

On the other hand, Morocco is pretty embarassing too, though for a completely different reason. Whereas the US history of aggression, murder, rape and theft is hard to dispute... just look at Iraq and Afghanistan, but the US, although in decline, still has some good leaders.

Morocco's biggest problem is the endemic corruption that consumes it. Morocco's problem is that there are NO leaders in Morocco in positions of Leadership. There are many Moroccans who possess leadership skills. There are many Moroccans who could bring great things to Morocco... but none of them dare stay in Morocco for a number of reasons...

The last true leader to live in Morocco was Mehdi Ben Barka, and we all know how he was murdered in France. The Bennani's and guys like Naciri (communications minister) are an embarrassment to Morocco, and the definition of why Morocco, though more advanced than both korea and Spain in the 80's, is now a 3rd world nation where corruption, incompetence and nepotism rule the day.
0 #10 deceiverram 2010-12-02 19:37
Moroccan patriot: what do you mean by you moroccans? and why you are so angry at a natural disaster?. you said morocco'miserab le condition! our condition might be bad or good, but we dont need losers around us trying hard to destroy the little hard work we did for the past years. instead of attacking morocco, look at those sad cases around us barking:"human rights, human rights." where their history is full of blood and genocide. read my lips!
0 #9 A new war is comming...XCrob 2010-12-02 19:15
No matter when (if this year, next or in 10 years...), but a war between Spain and Morocco will arrive. The only question is who is going to help Morocco.

I guess that most probably is that this war will begin as soon as Popular Party (PP) wins the national elections in 2012 -Zapatero is no longer going to stay as president, unless another 11M takes place in Spain-, but there is another option: as Hassan II did in 1975 when Franco was almost die, and there was not political power in Spain, attacking former Spanish Sahara. They will attack as soon as tensions with Catalonia, huge unemployment rate and Vasque Region increases.....j ust as cowards, as they have allways done.
0 #8 im proud of islam and moroccobadreddine 2010-12-02 06:36
i know that the spanish covernments and parties cant forget the dramatic hit and blow of ANWAL events, more then 50000 personal died and more damages,physics ,psychic, and so on................................
i can explain that like SAW movies, spain cant forget that its totured and suffred....
she dont or she cant play the came game, she is tring to stop the devlopment or morocco by creating problems, helped by our uncls from the west.
but i have one question if you ask some one who escaped from SAW game
he will dare it again ????¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿ ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
Herbert Smerka
0 #7 Morocco is Both Anti American And Anti ChristianHerbert Smerka 2010-12-02 04:48
It is well know that Morocco has in 2010 expelled over 100 Americans under the "false accusation" of proselyting and without due process of law. That's bull crap and just another excuse to push Islam on the world. Morocco is anti-American and anti-Christain to its core. It is no friend to America and wants the down fall of our country as much as Bin Laden does.
man en blanc
0 #6 Spain shall remain Le chien malade de l'Europe. Et L'Algerie est maudite because of its DNA is hopelessly CORRUPT! man en blanc 2010-11-30 11:53
As a Moroccan, I am so conflicted on how we should deal with the sub-human creatures lurking on our Eastern border, or the other the evil ones gnawing at our northern border!

Morocco does not need enemies right now. Our enemies have always been :
poverty,les annes de plomb reconciliation and the squandering of some amazing opportunities! We don't have time for LOSERS!

At least we Moroccans, are honest about our shortcomings! We never did subscribe to the idiotic and deceptive pride that Algerians and Spaniards seem so desperate to cling to!

Screw Algeria! And triple-screw Spain! Or Nth vice-versa!

Morocco is on its way to PROSPERITY AND INFLUENCE! Stand in our way and you will get run over!

Algeria: you can always kowtow to your most valuable export : Assassins.
Spain : Generalissimo Franco texted! He wants his country back!

Algeria and Spain will do anything to sabotage Our 21st century new and traitor-proof MASSIRA AL KHADRA!

Darn! We Moroccans were KHADRA long before GREEN was cool!


Moroccan Patriot
0 #5 AQIM is a myth fabricated by the zionists and promoted by Zionist controlled regimes in North AfricaMoroccan Patriot 2010-11-30 11:33
There is no AQIM. It is about as real as the tooth fairy. It has become something of a running joke in the intelligence community that 60 years later, the Big Lie is still the best method for using Fear to overcome rational thought. In any event, I digress...

Morocco is a backwards third world country that will never get any respect. It is not a simple matter of money. It is becuase Morocco has NO rule of Law. It is because in Morocco, there is NO such thing as accountability. Sure, the poor and the weak get tortured in hidden underground jails in Temara and Agadir... but the big criminals, the big drug dealers in the North, the Naciri's and the Benanni's... they never get held to account for their crimes against the Moroccan people.

Point in case, didn't Naciri's son stab and mace a doctor during a road rage incident in front of the Parliament building in Rabat? The entire episode was caught on tape... what happened next? Naciri, the Moroccan Ministry of Communications, the same guy entrusted to represent Morocco ... comes down the scene of the accident and breaks Moroccan law by threatening the Police officer on the scene and demands his son be let go. So much for the rule of law... now this whole thing was caught on tape.... did anything happen to Naciri? Was he fired? Was he arrested? Was he even reprimanded? NOPE.

Nothing happened to Naciri. Morocco is in miserable condition because of bad leadership. Leadership that does not hold itself accountable to the people they lead is the definition of bad leadership. Until Morocco gets some good leadership, nothing will change.

As you watch poor Moroccans suffer through the floods currently gripping Morocco, I want everyone to remember one simple thing, for all of the houses that collapse, for all of the roads that collapse, for all of the money that was pilfered by members of Parliament or members of the pseudo elite; NOT ONE PERSON WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. NOT ONE PERSON OF any significant clout will be held responsible for actions that led to the death and misery of so many people.... In fact, you will see the opposite.... Schools will close, and literally blame it on the rain... Hospitals will have no doctors on call even though they are required to be on call... and they will blame it on the rain... the Bad leadership of Morocco starts at the very top and trickles down to pollute all aspects of Moroccan society.. how truly sad... if only Morocco had real Leadership.
0 #4 To el BelloMoroccanGurl 2010-11-30 10:13
I had to lookup 11 M. You mean the Madrid bombing. What's the relationship between the bombing and Rabat?
0 #3 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Morocco-Spain: Another Muslim Christian FlashpointMorcelli 2010-11-30 03:33
Sorry the Moroccan government have already used Al qaida as a way to get more sympathy for the cause. The Sahara. We all agree that as of now, it did not work. It worked for a while when Bush was president and now we are back to square one.

The Oil price hike messed up each and every Moroccan plan, The butchers of North Africa start paying off their debt (credit to them) and filling up their coffers and Morocco started to immerse itself in more debt.
The west fearing shortage of oil and gaz and even more price hike, start kissing up to Algeria. The West looks after the west and should not be blamed.
What I am trying to say is Money is king. Algerian oil money is no mach for Morocco's diplomatic manoeuvrings. We need to keep in mind that Morocco is a poor country and all its assets is held by a very minimal minority and this will not help.
Take la RAM that we all love to hate, out of the 100,000 Moroccan living in the US, at half of it is unhappy with Benhima. Was he fired, let go, or thanked and let go. The answer is a big fat. NO. Our way of doing things cannot and will not help our cause. We have no democracy, no judicial system, no fairness, no accountability.
The west will be hard pressed to support anything that comes out of Morocco. Few Euro-deputes made the the Entire EU vote to condemn Morocco. Why are these deputies have more weight than the the whole country of Morocco including the 3 million man/woman march? the answer is pretty simple. it's called . Democracy or at least giving the impression that we are democrats. Unfortunately have none.
The Foreign minister of Spain just now said if it is confirmed that Morocco has tortured the Sahraouis, we will condemn Morocco and when Spain watched Moroccan beheaded and peed on, they did not condemn the Polisario. Why is that? Can someone here give us a clever answer?

Asdrúbal el Bello
0 #2 War again?Asdrúbal el Bello 2010-11-30 03:00
Here, at Spain, we are waiting these "similar march in Northern Morocco not far from the Spanish borders" that has "a real possibility of taking a million Moroccan to the doors of the Spanish occupied cities of Ceuta and Melilla" and "can turn the confrontations between Morocco and Spain more serious with far reaching implications".

Another 11-M are not possible. Rabat would burn in flames.
man en blanc
0 #1 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Morocco-Spain: Another Muslim Christian Flashpointman en blanc 2010-11-30 01:48
The AQIM hates Spanish and Moroccan governments equally. So that old Arabic adage is now : the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy.

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