Ramification of links Between Western Sahara Separatists and Al Qaeda Hard to Ignore


Washington  / Morocco Board News- The Malian security forces latest arrests of major suspected drug traffickers belonging to the Algerian backed Polisario Front come to confirm a long running accusation by the Moroccan government of collusion between the Western Sahara separatist group, Sahel bandits and the terrorist organization " Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb “(AQIM).
This development, certainly, will put more pressure on the international community to hasten finalizing the status of the [Western Sahara] provinces with the adoption of a modified version of the Moroccan Autonomy Plan. Major capitals forced to face the dangerous ramification of keeping the Algerian area of Tindouf lawless and in the hands of a [Western Sahara Separatist] militia incapable of securing an area riffled with drugs, weapons and terrorists.

This site was one of the first news organizations to disclose  a possible link between some elements of the [Western Sahara Separatist group] Polisario, Sahel traffickers and AQIM. The Algerian government has been depicting these allegations as propaganda by the Morocco to discredit the Polisario. However, the news, as reported by several international news agencies, of recent violence in the Sahel and the arrest of a significant group of drug dealers composed of mostly [Western Sahara Separatist] Polisario militiamen can’t be dismissed as a mere fabrication.
Mauritanian officials and high-ranking military officers from the Sahel country of Niger also confirmed the arrest of the [Western Sahara Separatist group] Polisario drug traffickers. "This is a major drug trafficking networks in the area of the Sahara, it is called the Polisario network because it was composed over 90% of elements from the Polisario camps," according to a Nigerian security source.
In Mauritania, One man was killed and seven detained during a raid by that countries’ special forces , and were  assisted by Malian officers, against another group of drug dealers closed to AQIM. "At this stage of the investigation, we can say that in Mauritania, we arrested the leaders of one of the largest networks of drug traffickers in the Sahara," said an official from Mali’s drug enforcement agency.
In Chad , another Sahel country where drug smugglers  and lately AQIM elements have been active,  Chadian forces intercepted in early December a shipment of arms and drug on their way North. Chad is a new front in the war against AQIM and drug traffickers.
According to the pan-African weekly “Jeune Afrique” , the drug traffickers  arrested in Mali included Breika Ould Cheikh, a ranking member  of the [Western Sahara Separatist group] Polisario,  Hmoud Ould Ould Maatallah Farha, a former soldier living in the Saharawi refugee camps in the Tindouf area, and Ali Lahcen Ould Brahim, born in Algeria. At least of one of the suspects have already confirmed that he "delivered on  several occasions food to AQIM, for financial reasons."
Confronted  by  of these irrefutable and mounting evidence from highly credible sources, Washington will be inclined to ask for the  disbanding  the Polisario,  and will likely pressure the Algerian military to secure the Tindouf area to fill the security void . As the Malian and Mauritanian drug enforcement agents stated, this is the biggest bust ever of drugs in the region, but it will not be the last. AQIM has been using drug trafficking to subsidize their war in the Sahel. It is evident that t some Polisario militiamen have been involved in terrorism and drug trafficking that threaten the national security of  both the Sahel and western Countries. If the issue of securing the [Western Sahara Separatist] Tindouf camps by the Algerian military is not addressed right away, more money starved Polisario elements will join the ranks of outlaws running drugs, smuggling weapons and kidnapping tourists on behalf of AQIM.

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Moroccan Patriot
0 #1 This is almost comicalMoroccan Patriot 2010-12-21 07:17
"Confronted by of these irrefutable and mounting evidence from highly credible sources, Washington will be inclined to ask for the disbanding the Polisario, and will likely pressure the Algerian military to secure the Tindouf area to fill the security void" - wishful thinking AT BEST.

The only way this happens is if Moroccan Lobyists can give Congressmen more in bribes than Algerian Lobyists can... and we all know Algeria is Much, Much Richer... so happy dreams....

What utter nonesense. To think that with Millions of dollars at their disposal, the Moroccan Foreign ministry could not think of a better way of resolving the Polisario issue. The sad thing is that the Polisario makes Morocco look like a nation of laws... and yet, because of the complete incompetence of rocket scientists like Naciri (minister of communications) and the rest of the useful idiots that comprise the Moroccan foreign ministry, this is the best they could come up with? Try to link the Polisario to the fictional organization known as Al kidding??? What's next? Claim that Mohamed the head of the Polisario is the Dajal?

Nepotism, Corruption and lack of integrity and work ethic, these are the real enemies of Morocco.
man en blanc
0 #2 THIS JUST IN : Members of Al QAEDA WERE ALL WEARING YARMULKES! man en blanc 2010-12-21 10:57
Who knew? The name POLISARIO is Hebrew for the MOSSAD?
Them Jews would stop at nothing in order to destroy Morocco!

Them Jews are planting bombs in Baghadad's Mosques, Pakistan's Mosques, Afghanistan's and other Loserstans everywhere.

This obsession with the Jews and the oxymoronic "crusade", must fizzle itself out by now!
Moroccan Patriot sees bogeymen everywhere. His poor attempt at accepting a little responsibility, -on behalf of his zoned-out Brethren, rings as hollow as his passion!

I find myself in the uncomfortable position of defending the Jews, a minefield as far as the BETON ARME of the Arab mind is concerned. MP is a prime example!

How many innocent Moroccans must die before you admit that AL Qaeda is solidly established in our very neighborhood?
said hassib
0 #3 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Ramification of links Between Western Sahara Separatists and Al Qaeda Hard to Ignoresaid hassib 2010-12-21 16:02
By playing the fair game, Morocco released the game was nearly over( for him )Nari jaba f'rasso. You can not play a fair game with countries like the corrupt Republic of Algeria. It is time for Dirty tricks. Mr Nassiri is like the gran pa from the simsons, we all feel safe with him , a good goverment!!!!!! !!!
0 #4 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Ramification of links Between Western Sahara Separatists and Al Qaeda Hard to Ignoreborsa 2010-12-21 23:41
@Moroccan Patriot
There is ample evidence that points to the very existence and operational capability of AQIM. You can call this group of extremists by whatever name you like but they do exist and they have carried out several operations against a number of nations in the Sahel so I suggest you take heed before you dismiss what is apparent.

The fact is powerful and influential nations such as the US will lose all respect for the polisario if their increasingly closer ties with AQIM and other criminals in the Sahel are highlighted. Unlike you I don't see this as a bad strategy so long as Morocco pursues other avenues simultaneously to expose the real face of polisario to the world.

0 #5 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Ramification of links Between Western Sahara Separatists and Al Qaeda Hard to IgnoreMorcelli 2010-12-22 08:42
Mr. Hassan et al,
Connection between al qaida and polisario does not and will not fly. The butchers of north africa have been ravaged by Al qaida , they are not about to give a free pass to those who terrorize them.
You've got to find something else other than this gimmick, Let's not rely on fax news to solve the problem, because no matter how you look at it, the butchers of north africa are the one who we are having problem with.
Moroccan Patriot
0 #6 Scream all you want, Al Queda is a mythMoroccan Patriot 2010-12-22 11:24
Al Queda is a myth. It does not exist. When someone tells you Al queda did this or Al queda did that, ask for evidence. I guarantee that they will not be able to produce it, because it does not exist. Al Queda is the new "Red Menace", which of course was preceded by the "yellow scare" - In order to accomplish political/econo mic goals, Fear, or rather fear mongering is a simple yet very effective way to mobilize political will while eliminating dissent.

Let me be very clear, if Al Queda existed, they would be prosecuted in an OPEN court of Law. If Al Queda existed, you would, in all liklihood, know somebody, who knew somebody, who had heard of somebody who knew somebody that belonged to the group. I can say with a great degree of confidence that as you read this, you have never met anyone that has ever known anyone that belongs to this mythical organization. On the other hand, you probably know somebody that knows somebody that has heard of someone who has done other "horrible" things, like, be murdered, or take bribes, or give bribes or take drugs or sell drugs... you know why? Because these things actually happen, as for Al Queda, it is a myth. It is a myth propogated by zionists and their useful arab idiot collaborators.

The true genius of the zionists is that they have managed to co opt the leadership of the Arab world and use them as their minions to divide the Ummah from within.

What is really interesting about the way the zionists chose to define their fictional, "al Queda" is when they talk about the goals - the creation of a united Muslim society - how incredibly ironic.

I am simply saying out loud what 99% of well educated people already know, the phantom menace, "all kiddin" is nothing but smoke and mirrors used to continue the neo colonialism of people who have the misfortune of having corrupt leadership and land rich in natural resources.
Moroccan Patriot
0 #7 Man en Blanc, are you kidding me?Moroccan Patriot 2010-12-22 11:30
You want to talk about innocent Moroccans? Lets talk about the innocent Moroccans being tortured as I type this in underground dungeons in Temara, the outskirts of Kenitra, Layouine and Agadir... what about their deaths? Do they count for anything? Who do we blame for their deaths? Oh I know, lets blame the minions of Al Kidding... because you and I know that it is the Arab Partners of Al Queda who are responsible for the deaths of these poor souls and the deaths of their brothers in Abu Ghraib, Guantanimo and the mountain ranges of Afghanistan.

You are using the anti semitic card, and failing to understand that Religion, the worship of God and morality have nothing to do with zionism nor do they have anything to do with evil, unislamic thought or greed. Zionism is an apartheid caste system - Colonized people see green in all shades.
0 #8 Polisario means Mascaradyusuf 2010-12-24 16:28
If there is any country to blame it is not Morocco or USA....the only one to be blamed is the Algerian government ! I can't imagine how can they afford to be the host of such group?
If Boutefliqa and the team directing him (Nizar and others...) think they are acting smart, sorry to say they have a very short vision or they have to consult their psychologist...
We'll never forget the shame assassination of Mr President Boudiaf and those who are behind this act and why they shot him death...

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