South AFrica: Africa's Failed Leader

Washington  / Morocco Board News  The inhospitable atmosphere that marked the nine-day controversial 17th World Festival of Youth and Students (ANCYL) held in Pretoria, South Africa, is emblematic of a diminished status of the post-Mandela South African foreign policy. The Algeria backed supporters of the Western Sahara Polisario separatists and members of the Spanish Communist party delegation repeatedly assaulted the Moroccan delegation. Moroccan delegates were called derogatory anti-Semitic curses and ultimately dismissed from the meeting before being kicked out by the African National Congress- the political party currently in power in South Africa- (ANC) organizers.

The more than 18500 participants from 153 countries met in Pretoria to discuss themes centered on fighting “imperialism”, “neocolonialism” and “American hegemony.” The poster child of the ANCYL was Fidel Castro.
This, sadly, reflects the lack of vision and leadership that have plagued South Africa since the departure of Nelson Mandela. The arrival of Jacob Zuma as president has further entrenched the ANC's one party rule dictate, compounded the economic despair of the disadvantaged South Africans, and worsened the political woes of an already persecuted political opposition and the independent press. Like his predecessor Thabo Mbeki, Zuma has addressed neither the socio-economic needs of South African nor the aspiration of the African at large who were expecting South Africa to play a major political role on the international scene.
Unlike Nelson Mandela, Mbeki and Zuma had reduced the international status of South Africa by adopting a “demagogy based foreign policy” that made the country ineffective and irrelevant on the African and international scenes.
As evident from the meek role, or lack thereof,  South Africa has played in attempting to solve major African crisis and Mbeki and Zuma’s ill-conceived Zimbabwe policy, the current ANC leadership lacks the vision and the diplomatic heft to turn South Africa into a major regional power that matches South Africa’s economic and financial strength.
Alas, South Africa has joined Nigeria in the club of failed African powers. Like its “African giant” sister, South Africa under the ANC is plagued with endemic corruption. From Mbeki’s wild statements on the HIV virus as not the sole cause of Aids to Zuma’s flirting with the world’s dictators, South African diplomatic image continues to  be tarnished. The ANCYL anti-American and Anti-Semitic twists are indicators of a new Zuma foreign policy.
South Africa’s overly anti-Morocco position on the Western Sahara conflict is a telling indictment of post-Mandela’s national slackness in foreign policy. As a potential power on the African continent, ANC’s South Africa should assume a mediator role in conflicts such as the Western Sahara, instead Mbeki and Zuma chose to side with their friend [ Algeria’s President] Bouteflika against Morocco.
The ANC’s sham call for self-determination of the [Western Sahara] people makes mockery of South African efforts to establish itself as a leading power in Africa. The ANC “hypocrisy” is no less evident than in the twisted way ANC leaders including Mbeki played Taiwan against China by auctioning South Africa’s diplomatic support to the highest bidder with the proceeds going to ANC leaders packets.  
As much as Zuma champions the Algeria and Cuba supported Polisario’s rights for self -determination, the South African President repeatedly sided with China to block UN resolutions condemning gross human right abusers such as Myanmar and Zimbabwe.
In the same way as South Africa squandered a chance to act as a true African leader during Pretoria’s passage as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council in 2007, it will behave the same way in 2011 further disappointing Africans when the continent is in need of a strong leader. South Africa’s subjective anti-Morocco approach goes against Zuma’ so called appeal to boost African solidarity and unity. This rash attitude is one of the many reasons South Africa is likely to fail in the bid for a permanent Security Council seat.



Author: Hassan Masiky is a native of  Morocco. He graduated from the University of the District of Columbia with a degree in political science. Upon graduation,Hassan joined the Washington DC based non government organization the Parliamentary Human Rights Foundation (PHRF) where he worked as a consultant for USAID democracy projects in Mexico, Haiti, Republic of Georgia and the European Parliament. After leaving PHRF, Hassan dedicated his time advising Amnesty International USA on African and Middle Eastern affairs and representing the organization in press conferences. Mr. Masiky was a host on several television shows discussing human rights and democracy. He is currently working for a Federal Agency in the Washington area.


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0 #1 Zuma the rapistMorcelli 2010-12-28 11:24
We are always counting on others to be produce the leader, We tried Egypt, South Africa,....ect why Morocco cannot produce a leader and African leader?

No one can do it for us if we do not do it ourselves. We rely too much on handing out freebies and goodies to small countries like Malawi and guinea equatorial while the butchers of North Africa promised heaven and wealth to Mbeki.

If Morocco would only embrace democracy, every african will demand to have a Moroccan as an African leader, as of now, the mere mention of an Moroccan/Africa n leader will surely generate mockery and laughter.
As for Zuma the rapist and AIDS denier, He was "rightfully" elected and there is not much we can say or do. We don't have the luxury to say that our leaders were elected.

said hassib
0 #2 COMMENT_TITLE_R E South AFrica: Africa's Failed Leadersaid hassib 2010-12-28 19:22
The only thing i can say is Without the white south african, this country under the ANC would have been another ivory coast or worst. Some people are just not capable of running things
0 #3 COMMENT_TITLE_R E South AFrica: Africa's Failed Leaderborsa 2010-12-28 23:00
South Africa has lost its veneer of diplomatic respectability a long time ago. No one can forget how it dealt with the Zimbabwe fiasco on its borders and the recent public rant against Morocco by President Jacob Zuma only confirm this. Mr Zuma would do well to focus on internal social issues such as the astronomically high criminality rates that cripple their society instead of making uninformed public rants about Moroccan internal affairs.
Moroccan Patriot
0 #4 At Least South Africa has a Free PressMoroccan Patriot 2010-12-29 19:14
You can say what you will about South Africa, and there is clearly a lot to be said, but one area where South Africa is leading the entire WORLD is in their Press. South Africa has the most honest Press in the world BAR NONE!!! This includes the United States and Europe. To compare freedom of the Press in South Africa to Morocco or almost any other country in Africa is laughable.

South Africa, in Zuma has incredibly horrible leadership. Zuma is in all liklihood, the worst President South Africa has had thus far... but lets be honest about his failings... they are HIS failings, not those of the government.

With the exception of the Moroccan Sahara and Zimbabwe Policies, South Africa has one of the most honest, consistent and laudable Foreign Policy positions in the world. They are one of the only countries in the world who regularly stand up to Apartheid Israel. In fact, while the leaders of Arab countries are falling all over themselves to serve the interests of the zionist entity, South Africa is championing the Palestinian cause and allowing honest scrutiny of Israel's misadventures in the WMD sales business... could you imagine a Newspaper in Morocco publicly printing the wire transfers that were sent to Hassan II's bank accounts by Apartheid Israel when he sold Moroccan citizens to Apartheid Israel?

I am NOT worried about South Africa because they have a Free Press. Having a Free Press allows them to be critical of themselves and eventually, because of the honesty of self examination, will allow them to move forward.

There are many Problems in South Africa, Problems that Morocco does not currently have (publicly). One Problem they do NOT have is lack of Democracy or Free Press.
0 #5 COMMENT_TITLE_R E South AFrica: Africa's Failed Leaderriffi 2010-12-30 00:42
Twoo worlds,I know very well the country and I have white and Black south african friend.And like they say "that political party ANC is their for pay bag time,before we had white apartheid now we have black apartheid.Seku Njemma brothers.!
0 #6 Patriot?borsa 2010-12-30 07:00
@Moroccan Patriot
No one here is saying Morocco has more press freedoms than South Africa but that's missing the point entirely. Having a "free press" does not guarantee a fair and just foreign policy which is clearly demonstrated by South Africa's hostile and ignorant stance towards Morocco's claim on its southern provinces. As an example, just a few days ago the Moroccan youth delegation were physically assaulted by South African, Spanish and pro-polisario supporters at the Youth Festival held in South Africa, what did the press do their? They spewed anti Moroccan propaganda and were instrumental in kicking out the Moroccan delegation who were innocent victims. Where was the "free" South African press you laud about so much?

Secondly to brush aside South Africa's astronomical crime levels which cripples large swathes of their society as unimportant because they have a "free press" is ignorant to say the least. I am sure if you asked South Africans they would say tackling the extreme crime that pervades their society is a TOP priority.

Morocco has many flaws in its society but tackling them doesn't mean we ignore everything that is good in Morocco. A true Patriot works for the betterment of his/her country, they do not expend all their energies highlighting their countries misfortunes.

0 #7 COMMENT_TITLE_R E South AFrica: Africa's Failed LeaderMorcelli 2010-12-30 08:29
Yes very well said. South Africa is a mess but a democratic mess.
Morocco is mess because a very few made it that way.
Ayoub Kabli
0 #8 selfemployedAyoub Kabli 2010-12-31 01:43
I will rather be in undemocratic country like Morocco then be in any so called democratic African one.our politic suits our mentality and our way of living,the freedom of the press in South Africa,what purpose those it serve anyway? and who benefit from it? surely not the poor south African men.yes Zuma the rapist how you are still the leader of a corrupt party if you were still democratically elected?.
Yes we have our problems.but it's mostly our own ignorance is to blame and also we stopped thinking and allowed the politic of fear to creep on us.I might not agree with a lot of things in Morocco but at least I have the choice to leave the way I want.
Keep your freedom of the press keep keep your ignorance keep your brutality keep your tribalism and stay in your for me again I will rather be in Morocco drinking a cold Stag and being able to bye my way out with another one if thing get out of order knowing that even the barman will guide me to nearest Mosque If I'm ready to repent.but as far as the Moroccan Sahara is concerned my dear African brothers and sisters Algerian included;I will fight until the last Polisario is either crippled or dead.
0 #9 COMMENT_TITLE_R E South AFrica: Africa's Failed Leaderriffi 2011-01-03 01:09
Ayoub kabli I am going to resume and answer your comment as a whole.First it is your mentality not mine.Concerning democracy last time I checked a dictionary,ther e is one meaning of democracy,they were not Moroccan Dem,US Dem,French Dem etc.These kind of different democracy tailored to certain countries was created by arabs dictators to pacify their illiterate citizens.SAY No more
0 #10 Zuma is a pimp!Joxatoni 2011-01-03 06:09
I am a Moroccan and I have lived in South Africa for five years, an amazing country with great people, but I spent five years also in fear of being robbed, hi jacked or murdered... I have lived in four continents but never had I seen or felt such sense of insecurity anywhere else. Yet I loved the country for the amazing people, whites and blacks, the sense of democracy and freedom is also a great quality this place has, but ultimately, what is all this to be if you are shitless scared 24/7 that you might be a victim of a crime at any given moment? A democratic country that allows a RAPIST to become president? I am sorry, I will stick with my undemocratic country Morocco in any case. I have a great love for that country and I have many friends who i consider like family, South Africa is part of my life but it's ruled by a bunch of pimps, and god forbid it does not end up like Zimbabwe.
Ayoub Kabli
0 #11 selfemployrdAyoub Kabli 2011-01-04 02:29
Mr. riffi
point well taken Mr Riffi.however you have missed the big picture because our so called democracy suits our way of living as Moroccan united not as Riffian (Berbers),Arabs ,or Jews. we have all fallen from the same tree and our problems are rooted deeper then we think so unless we pick-up our self,together,f rom the regionalism mentality and strive to build a better Morocco.we will rot and our seeds will Bear more rotten fruits and that will only serve the purpose of the unpatriotic bastards.
0 #12 COMMENT_TITLE_R E South AFrica: Africa's Failed LeaderRiffi 2011-01-05 00:08
Ayoub kabli I agree on United Morocco as Imazigh,Arab,mu slim,jewish ,christian,ethe ist etc but I don't like to be hamerd evryday by some political party and specially Istiqlal sorry Istighlal that we are arabs and that the imazigh came from yemen and all the BS.I am for a Free,equal and democratical one morocco where everybody coexist with no one is shoving his way of life and rules down the other throat.The world is changing there is no such as pure race,communicat ion highway and internet is uniting us all,everybody from difference race and culture are marrying and procreating new generation with mix culture,we have to follow and respect it is a must,it is not our choice but the choice of a new era dictated by the human race appetite for knowledge and discovery.
Ayoub Kabli
0 #13 selfemployedAyoub Kabli 2011-01-06 01:35
Riffi. I would like to thank you for honest and sincere response that can only tell me that you are a real son of the soil regardless of of our miner differences.pos itive ones so I want to thank Mr Hassan Massiki for his work and the MoroccoBoard for giving us an opportunity to showcase our opinions.
Riffi. we both know that there is no political party in Morocco,only opportunistic politicians with no soul who are only there to serve their purpose and to hell with the rest. however they will never be able to take hope from me. and hope, is like time that no one stop.
Keep it live.

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