Morocco: Stumbling Diplomatic Performance

Washington / Morocco News  Board---   Morocco’s dismal diplomatic performance on the international scene seems to have changed little during Saad Eddine Othmani tenure as Morocco's first political appointee Foreign Minister. Moroccan diplomats, lacking a grand plan to promote their country’s diplomatic agendas, keep stumbling on the face of a more “ideologically”driven Algerian schema.

The European Parliament (EU) latest resolution denouncing Morocco’s human rights “abuses” in the Moroccan Sahara and the Socialist International Council communiqué critical of Rabat are two too many setbacks added to an ever-expanding list of diplomatic and political disappointments.

Although the Socialist, Green and Communist Members of the European Parliament who drafted and passed a baised anti-Morocco resolution were ideologically motived, Moroccan diplomats inability to muster their allies to counter draft a bill exposing Algeria’s double game is ominous of on going serious dificenccies at Morocco’s Foreign service.

The EU criticism comes on the heels of confirmation by Malian officials of links between terrorist groups in the Sahel and Western Sahara separatists Polisario fighters. Yet, Moroccan diplomats in Strasbourg and Moroccan Socialists in Portugal could not make a case for an open and unrestricted access to Sahrawi refugees in Tindouf, Algeria. The EU “plea” to the Moroccan authorities for “the protection of fundamental rights of the people of Western Sahara, including freedom of association, freedom of expression and the right to protest” is reprehensible given the fact that thousands of Sahrawis are living under Algerian rule in deplorable, inhuman, and merciless conditions in the unforgiving desert. Moroccan Sahrawi initiatives to advocate for the rights of their brothers in Tindouf have been inadequate.

Rabat’s inability to mount a sustained and relentless diplomatic campaign to highlight the plight of thousands of Sahrawi civilians forcibly warehoused by the Algerian military in the Algerian deserts and to denounce Algeria’s continues refusal to let independent human rights organizations access refugees on its soil is indefensible and unacceptable. The Moroccan public has the right to assess and critic the diplomatic performance gap of Moroccan embassies in Brussels, Paris, Madrid and Rome.

The Moroccan diplomacy has been ineffective in utilizing the Malian crisis to underline Algeria and the African Union’s double standards on applying the concept of “self-determination”. As the EU appealed for "a just and lasting settlement of the conflict based on the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the United Nations,” Moroccan diplomats in Strasbourg should have been busy making a case for Malian and Algerian Touareg’ right to self-rule.

The most “embarrassing” aspect of the EU’s adopted text is not the pro-Polisario language but rather the absence of wording on the deplorable conditions in the Western sahara Separatists Tindouf camps and Algeria’s obstructive and unconstructive role hampering the United Nations effort to resolve the Western Sahara conflict.

The Moroccan public finds the absence of an aggressive and coherent diplomatic campaign to denounce the conditions in the Sahrawi refugee camps inexcusable. Past Moroccan campaigns to denounce the Algerian backed Polisario guerilla’s oppressive policies were ineffective, incompetent and unimpressive.

The lack of credible and competent Moroccan diplomatic initiatives is discomforting given the pool of gifted Moroccan talents around the world. Morocco’s weak and spotty performance as a member of the United Nations Security Council and Rabat hesitant role in the Mali crisis are two missed occasions for our timid diplomats. Even though criticism of the Moroccan diplomacy is common and “cyclic” in the Moroccan press, failures such as the EU resolution on the Western Sahara should not go unnoticed at a time when the amount of dollars and infrastructure the Moroccan government has put forward to defend its territorial integrity are considerable and mounting.

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+2 #1 RE: Morocco: Stumbling Diplomatic PerformanceMorcelli 2013-02-15 19:58
Mr Hassan,
You touched on the obvious, incompetence, lack of self confidence on the part of our diplomats, their weakness,and their spotty performance. unfortunately, you omitted the elephant in the room. Moroccan diplomats work with their hands tight, they cannot just do what they perceive the right course of action, they have to consult with the shadow government of his majesty; El himma,Fassi fihri, and many others, these servants have to consult with the king. I am not even sure if the poor othmani is in the picture. Let's face it, the guy is an imam slash psychologist, what does he have to do with foreign affairs?

The buck stops with the king, He owns the Sahara dossier and he's to blame. When the US ambassador died in Libya, Hillary took the blame for it, not her staff.

If we keep giving the king breaks, the problem will never get solved, it's human nature, we become productive when we are under pressure, when the folks of the F20 movement took to the street, the king acted and reacted.

We can't keep blaming Othmani and Benkirane when we know that those 2 poor souls have zero power. Benkirane himself made it clear when he said that I work for the king and he's my boss.

You said " Moroccan diplomats in Strasbourg should have been busy making a case for Malian and Algerian Touareg’ right to self-rule". Very bad idea.

You don't solve your problem with telling others " Well I am not the only one who is messing up here, look Algeria is just as bad". This tit for tat diplomacy is not what we should be doing. It simply does not work, we tried it several times and the world community are not going to forfeit their business deals with Algeria to please Morocco. Even our good friend France will not go for such a thing.

We need solid diplomats, intelligent and educated people who earn their post not handed to them, the king needs to let go his tight grip on who goes where. We especially need people who put Morocco first not their family and friends first. The king should continue working on the Human development in Morocco and keep bringing those Middle east investment to Morocco and let others deal with the Algerians.

If it was up to our diplomats, they will never walk out of Ben Bella's funerals to please the king. This is backward ancient thinking. A real diplomat is the one that when face with not so pleasant any situation, s/he manages to come out a winner and classy. Obama was faced with Qaddafi who caused the death of many American and he shook his hands.

I do agree that we do have a pool of gifted Moroccan talents around the world and that's disheartening because they are never on M6's list. He hired only those who are presented to him by his most hated advisers.

Here is what we have now.
Algerian money against Moroccan charm initiative. Morocco's diplomacy is to support anything and everything France the US come up with. As if we are Qatar.

Money always win and we need to somehow make Morocco's submission to France, the US, Russia , China, and Britain worth something and that's where we are failing and that has to change. France will not always be here to come to our rescue.
0 #2 RE: Morocco: Stumbling Diplomatic PerformanceLamine 2013-02-15 20:01
+3 #3 RE: Morocco: Stumbling Diplomatic Performanceriffi 2013-02-15 23:56
Lamine I almost fainted man,tunisia is looking to algeria for the democratical transition, welcome to hell then.
Oh Darling!
0 #4 Being a Whore...Oh Darling! 2013-02-16 02:44
I am sure Morcelli that Hassan Massiky is very pleased that you explicit what he can only imply, hint at. When he writes about the failure of the Moroccan diplomats, he means of course the King and his advisors. Morocco derserves better than being a whore of the West. Massiky mouning about Mali and the lack of responsive action from Moroccan diplomats, can really Morocco go against France on Mali? IMPOSSIBLE.

Mr. Massiky your attempt to, at any price, to involve the polisario in terrorism is the weakest diplomatic approach, it failed in Libya, even Morocco's best bosses do not want to accept this and you still want to take your dreams for reality. Morocco has not many solutions and at ist core failure is the management of Western Sahara colonisation. If you convinced the Sahrawi that under Moroccan rule the propspect of better life would be better for them and their kids, you would have won the fight. Know it once for all, the West is not interested in the reolution of this conflict, they are playing a devil role, it is their best interest to keep tension in the Maghreb. We Algerians know it, even, let's say at some point Morocco diplomacy becomes more effective and decisive, you will see the West will balance the power in favour of Western Sahara. Being a whore of the West does no good to Morocco. Morocco is tarpped.
S Hass
0 #5 petro dollarS Hass 2013-02-16 06:04
To be honest the failure of the Moroccan diplomacy has nothing to do with the performance of it diplomats, the blame actually point to the usual suspects the Tzair Generals and the oil money they spend buying all these votes, Today politics is how much will you pay me to side with you , remember when Italy started to side with the Polizibal now we know why , the two Italian major oil companies have been involved in a massive bribe and corruption in Tzair!!! the generals are busy bribing anyone specially the green and the lefties parties including some of the so called human right groups. So in this toxic political climate the Moroccan diplomacy has no chance in hell
0 #6 RE: Morocco: Stumbling Diplomatic PerformanceMorcelli 2013-02-16 12:38

Allow me to help you. When you try to prove your point, DO NOT use an algerian newspaper. It makes you look like a fool and naive.

Darling, As much as you think that Algeria is no whore, it is just that. A very simple example when cancer stricken Bouteflika was bleeding to death, he went to France to get help. Hugo Chavez who is championed by Algerians, went to Cuba to get help. Can you see what i ma taking about?

Your nif cannot hide the truth, When I see things wrong with Morocco, I say it and you people are so full of bologna that you think that facing the truth will shrink your nif.

We are all on the same boat and our leaders and playing ping pong with us ,you know that, I know that, and there no wise reason to sweep our malaise under the rug
S Hass
0 #7 Oh darling ZulikhaS Hass 2013-02-16 14:18
@Oh darling Zulikha , you should know about the whoring business because your Tzair is the biggest whore in Africa , just look at how many western Oil companies are digging deep and milking the best of Tzair while most Tzairia are living below the poverity line . A Tzairi IS like that camel who always laughs at his brother's hump.
-3 #8 RE: Morocco: Stumbling Diplomatic PerformanceAlgerian 2013-02-16 15:27
 I dont have to list all our contributions to the Palestinian struggle, for that you  can use the google function, and even if we did not  contribute a single thing to Palestine, None of our leaders, was honored  for services rendered  to Israel with a Stamp.

Lets talk  more about that Israeli Stamp, please explain to me why would Israel  " Honor" Hassan II with a stamp, maybe to thank him for facilitating the immigration of Jews to Palestine, or the TAPING of the Arab summit  for Mossad, You tell me :)
+3 #9 RE: Morocco: Stumbling Diplomatic Performanceharas 2013-02-16 21:46
to Algerian
We can continue have that discussion, in the same article where it started, but I see that in a couple of exchanges, you now switch gears, you no longer claim "Algeria best Ally of Palestine, Ever" to "Algeria is not rendering services to Israel".

To Darling, my point is that the whore is the country selling all its resources to the West, then using the revenues to buy weapons, contracts and votes, for a vain and useless struggle with a neighboring and brotherly country that supported you in your struggle against that same West, for over a century, yes from the battle of Isly to the battle of Algiers... but, then again, I am not that naive, and I do not expect you and your master generals who murdered the most honored heroes of the Algerian revolution (boudiaf, belkacem, krim) to agree with me, I do not believe that the Morocco board articles or comments are what is keeping true Algerians up at night...

In 15 years, take or leave 3 or four years, there will be no oil in Algeria, but the problem in the Sahara will still be alive, because, as you will find out then, the West, or any other superpower for that matter, have no interest in this problem been resolved...

Just like in the Sahel, the West only gets involved when their interest are at stake, for the Sahara, all they will do, for the next 20 years, is give Morocco a good point or a bad point, I personally don't even care...

When all Oil and gas are done, and believe me, given the way you guys are using it, it will end sooner than later, you will finally start to work for a living, only then will you think about all of this...
0 #10 RE: Morocco: Stumbling Diplomatic PerformanceAlgerian 2013-02-17 10:55

Still waiting for an answer in regard to that stamp.........a nytime now.
0 #11 RE: Morocco: Stumbling Diplomatic PerformanceAlgerian 2013-02-17 11:58 

At current production level Algeria has enough reserves for the next 42 years, note that ths 42 years dont take in consideration the following two factors:
First the shale gas reserve

"Oil and gas producer Algeria is sitting on huge undeveloped reserves of shale gas that the country now intends to develop with the help of international partners, the OPEC member's energy minister said on Wednesday.The African nation of Algeria, already a major exporter of oil and natural gas, could become an even bigger exporter in the coming years as it develops up to 1,000 trillion cubic feet of natural gas trapped in shale rock more than 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) below the surface.ARAS"

Second, the yearly discoveries with the permit awarded.

With all due respect Haras, if I were you I would not worry about Algeria but I would worry about Morocco's current ability to feed its people, did you know that your gov. had barley enough foreign currency reserve for 3 months and if if was not for the emergency relief fund provided by the golf states you guys would have been in trouble my friend.

0 #12 RE: Morocco: Stumbling Diplomatic PerformanceMorcelli 2013-02-17 14:14
Why is it that Alkherians here are making big deal about this stamp? I personally think that it's a good thing, I never was fond of Hassan II but I command him for being one of those leaders who hosted negotiations between Egypt and Israel and the Egyptians got their land back when they had they ass kicked by the Israelis.

If the Israelis appreciate his great work for peace between Israel and the Arabs so be it. As a matter of fact his son M6 just hosted an inter dialogue between Hamas and Fatah so they can speak with one voice with Israel and I command M6 for that as well. And what the Alkherians do? they come up with girly arguments? such as " oh you your previous king in on an Israeli stamp" So idiotic!

For those of us criticizing the Moroccan diplomats, we also need to look at what we are dealing with? Our neighbors are bunch on identity challenged morons who France sucked every a drop of dignity out of them.

I mean these people come up with such crack brained arguments, you can't help but feel sorry for 10 years that they e have spent killing each by the hundreds of thousands.

Don't get me wrong, Algerians are good people, it just that some of them are so out of touch and instead of using the little brain they possess they come here and repeat what their news media have instilled in them for the past 40 years.

Here is very simple example, They see France as our Master and itn a way it is but they do not see that the west is making billions are of their oil?

They see that Cancer stricken bouteflika did the right thing by allowing France to use their air space but when M6 uses the French to defend the Moroccan Sahara, they see it a sellout to France.

Ahhhh those Alkherians!!!Th e butchers of North Africa who always strike for lack or expensive meat. So Ironic!
man en blanc
0 #13 Morcellman en blanc 2013-02-17 14:38
your comments unfurl an interesting paradox : Our foreign policy is mediocrity personified because the officials, Islamists, have their hands tied by the King. Yet, the King is RIGHT in reining in the Islamists, which in turn give us lousy foreign policies.
My very unpopular views on the Sahara have always been clear : walk away from this mess! It's a luxury we can no longer afford, if we ever did. It costed us and still does, billions of dollars, human lives and la raison d'etre for the Algerian generals. Who by the way keep playing us like 2 dirhams kamanjas.
S Hass
0 #14 Oh darling ZulikhaS Hass 2013-02-17 16:05
@Tzairi ,allow me to get out of your misery , well most Moroccans are kind of proud of that stamp , because we are not anti jews like you and the jews do not plan or use their resources to harm Morocca like you do . yes we are against Israel policies, but to be helpful to the Palestinians you do need to have relations with Israel but your Tzairi pea brain wont understand this. the only stamp your shorty will get is on the FBI most wanted trouble makers
+3 #15 to Algerianharas 2013-02-17 17:54
Like most Algerians on this website (even though I think it's the same with so many names, but then again, 10 times zero... for instance, you are once again starting where Darling left) I see that you lack focus, I said Oil will be out in 15+-4 years not gas...

And that would be a first shock, that will, hopefully, push you (I am assuming you are part of DRS) to learn to use your wealth for the good of your own people... rather than the bad of others people... you know, the people who harbored your revolutionaries when most needed, in the land where your current president was born and where he went to school like one of us... just another one of us...

I am not worried for Algeria, it is just that we are, as a Muslim, urged to keep an eye on people like you: " من لا يرجى خيره ، ولا يؤمن شره " i.e. Algerians...

And, yes, thank god for the people in the golf, because you know that we cannot count on you... country of the million ungrateful.. or maybe 2 millions...
0 #16 RE: Morocco: Stumbling Diplomatic PerformanceAlgerian 2013-02-17 21:16
So typical, instead of having a fruitful debate all what I get back is more insults and false accusations.
Criticizing Israel current and past policies does not mean hating Jews or are we using a page from the AIPAC book:) so plz try to grow a brain for s change.


All what you are bringing to the table is insults and more insults, I could throw insults back at you and at Moroccans but my parents did teach me how not toinsult a whole nation over a ........
Oh Darling!
0 #17 To you who insult meOh Darling! 2013-02-18 02:05
Some people here are just like the Moroccan diplomats who failed: they cannot or do not want to draw the conclusions about the duplicity of their Kings - a fact condemned by the vast majority of the true muslim Moroccan people - who failed the strategic interests of the arab and muslim nation. SO PROUD. even the Egyptians had to assassinate Sadat to wash their honour, beacause they did not want of a submission to Israel neither a fragmented negociation with Israel which forfeited the future of Palestine. This what your Kings did and you are just as propud as them. Even King Fayçal had to face the truth and took some action which caused his death but he is clean in fron History and won a shahid position if I judge with this video. I hope some Moroccan they would see what their Kings should have done or said (I doubt it though):
0 #18 To Hatingharas 2013-02-18 09:31
You are p[b]laying that same DRS game where you use the Palestinian cause to serve your own agenda... you use the same talking points, which might sound good in Algiers, where when honest people challenge the official narrative, they end up. (Fin)

In here it's different, as I told you before and I repeat it now, WE WANT FACTS, how Algeria is supporting Palestine, just a picture of a box of bullets, or a gun, or a knife...

No forget about it, just a video of Palestinians on monkey bars, somewhere in Algeria, give us something, anything that can validate I don't even know what...

It must hurt when you find out that you are nothing but a Hater...

And by the way, the current government of Egypt, democratically elected, is respectful of the peace treaty with Israel... which doesn't mean that they are not defending the interests of Palestinians, au contraire, their president has done in few months what your mini me didn't in his whole life...
0 #19 RE: Morocco: Stumbling Diplomatic PerformanceAlgerian 2013-02-18 10:56
How about THE following article in Moroccan press
كم ربح المغرب ماليا من هجرة يهوده إلى إسرائيل؟زووم/72841.html

Well the Titles was supposed to be How much the king made, but for reasons known to all that word was replaced with Morocco.

My favorit part
"أما يغال بين نون، فهو يرى أن قيمة الصفقة تجاوزت 50 دولارا للرأس الواحد، ووصلت إلى حدود 250 دولارا، كما أنه يعطي الكثير من التفاصيل حول العملية التي دارت في فندق راق بمدينة جنيف السويسرية، وشارك فيها من الجانب المغربي عبد القادر بنجلون، الذي قدم له الإسرائيليين حقيبة من المال بغرفته، حرصا منهم على عدم وضع المال في الحساب الشخصي للملك أو للدولة المغربية"

The other interesting part of the article "
لدولة المغربية استفادت كذلك من الإسرائيليين في عملية تصفية

المعارض المهدي بنبركة، ومن المرجح أن تكون هي التي جلبت الحمض الذي أذيبت فيه جثته"

As they say in French "heureusement que le ridicule ne tue pas !"
Oh Darling!
0 #20 My word, even LibyaOh Darling! 2013-02-18 11:52
Please read the article the following article, duplicity is still on ( I wonder why? Is it because the rumour which is saying that Hassan 2 is the natural son of Glaoui (what a name!) makes him of israeli origin? My dear moroccan friends what do you have to say?
+3 #21 to Oh Hatingharas 2013-02-18 14:34
You are delusional, but here is the cerise on the cake "Hassan 2 is the natural son of Glaoui (what a name!) makes him of israeli origin" I wonder what you mean by israeli origin? Glaoui was born in 1879... a donkey wouldn't make such a mistake, then again, donkeys don't behead each other other, and I have still to meet a harky donkey

Non le ridicule ne tue pas...
0 #22 MRATHALAS 2013-02-19 21:25
Morocco and Algeria have both stupid leaders and diplomats.Our leaders think they are arabs and forgetting about the real peoples of north africa 'the Imazighen' They are the only who can beat the western bastards.We need a leader like Emir MOHAMMED BEN ABD EL KRIM EL KHATABI.
+1 #23 RE: Morocco: Stumbling Diplomatic Performanceahmad 2013-02-21 10:25
LOL this is funny. Morocco vs Algeria, Arab vs Berber, DRS vs Makhzen, France really did a good job with you two. Could you ever consider the fact that you were both wrong?
Morocco attacked Algeria in 1963 and now Algeria actively supports getting rid of half of Morocco's land from them, so there you both suck now stop it
Morocco News Board
0 #24 sgsgsMorocco News Board 2013-02-28 16:40
0 #25 RE: Morocco: Stumbling Diplomatic PerformanceGad 2013-03-08 19:50
Why do we have to answer to Europe anyway how they can speak of democracy and their the biggest racists ever against Africans and jews in Europe.
There the ones calling to close mosques there the ones calling to stop women's from wearing Hijab there the ones attacking muslim and Jewish cemeteries in France there the ones cutting peoples retirement money in the netherlands what a joke democracy my ass.

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