At Morocco's UN Perch: Advocating For Resolution of Syria's Civil War with Israel's Help

Washington / Morocco News  Board --  When Morocco joined the United Nations Security Council, Moroccans were hoping to see their country make a strong diplomatic comeback on the international scene. Besides cheering for the French intervention in Mali, Morocco’s delegation to the United Nations has been MIA -missing in action.

As an Amazigh-Arab-Majority-Muslim nation harboring special relationships with Israel, Moroccan diplomats  in New York should have been leading the efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis. As Iran relentless ploys to expand its Shiite agenda expand and flourish in the Middle East, Moroccan and Saudi meek responses are falling way short.
With the humanitarian situation worsening by the day and the outlook for a political resolution bleak, it may be time for Sunnis to accept the reality of the “Israeli factor” on the current military stalemate in Syria. The Moroccan diplomacy that played key roles in past Israeli-Arab rapprochements should reactivate its efforts to bring Syrian opposition leaders and key Sunni leaders to the table of negotiations with Israeli military officers. As long as Iran and its cronies in Syria and Lebanon keep arming and supporting the Assad regime , the killing of Syrian children will continue unless the Sunni establishments offer the United States security guarantees for Israel, leading to an active American support of the Syrian opposition.
Syria is ground zero for Iran’s hegemonic agenda in the Middle East. It is time for Sunnis to call Syria’s civil for what it is: A Sunni-Shiite face-off. Further more, Sunnis, liberals and conservatives must admit and act on the reality that Israel is the key to a win in Syria.
After loosing Iraq to Iran’s Mullahs, Sunnis can’t afford a defeat in Syria. Losing in Damascus would, eventually, lead to Sunni losses in Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and eventually Kuwait. If Iran manages to keep Assad in power despite Sunni opposition, Shiites in Arab Gulf countries and Lebanon will be further emboldened and hard to contain.
Morocco is in a unique position to design, rationalize and advocate for a Sunni-Israeli memorandum of understanding that would guarantee Israeli security, especially in the occupied Golan. For many Israelis, the Assad clan is the devil they know, while Sunni Islamist armed groups that keep advancing in Syria are unfamiliar and hard to categorize.
The Obama administration has refused, thus far, to arm the Syrian Free Army for fear of boosting military capabilities of Al-Qaeda affiliates operating in Syria. In fact, Washington is waiting on Israel’s “green light” before assisting armed opposition groups in Syria. In turn, Tel Aviv is, for now, uncomfortable with the make-up of the most victorious Syrian armed groups.
Sunnis, namely Saudis and Qataris, should realize that open and honest discussions with Israel over the  Golan heights and the nature of relations between  a post-Assad Syria and the Hebrew state are zero sum games.  The  growing number of Al-Qaeda fighters joining Jabhat al-Nusra on the opposition side and the explicit involvement of Iran’s revolution guards and Hezbollah fighters on  Assad’s side, may complicate efforts  for a quick military resolution to the Syrian bloodshed. Thus, time is of essence at this conjuncture in the conflict.

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0 #1 RE: At Morocco's UN Perch: Advocating For Resolution of Syria's Civil War with Israel's HelpMorcelli 2013-02-18 17:52
You should know by now that Israel does not rely on Arabs be it Sunni or shia to defend itself. Israel can easily wipe the entire middle east with a push of button and they don't need Qatar or Morocco to come to their rescue.

Morocco can one thing and one thing only: defend its Sahara from the butchers next door by aiming all missiles that we acquired from our friends on their refineries and we will starve them to death. We'll hit them where hit the most and they can start exporting sand instead.

Syria is killing Syrians and we have no business being the puppet of the west, We have the butchers and their children are in MB working day and night to defeat Morocco which will never happen.

If we have to starve to death to buy F16 jets and 400 tanks from the US, so be it. We will win as we won in 1963. Sand anyone?

Getting involved in Syria when the butchers of north Africa are planning our downfall is the most irresponsible thing to do. Last thing we want to do is help the great country of Israel that I admire so much. Israel is very capable to stand to anyone who even think to mess with them.
-1 #2 Iran enemy and israel can helpMeknessi 2013-02-18 19:26
To Morcelli_ What Hassan is saying makes sense. Now Iran is more dangerous than Israel.. Saudi fear Iran and need Israel to counter balance.
So Hassan has deep idea that I like and see where he come from.
-1 #3 RE: At Morocco's UN Perch: Advocating For Resolution of Syria's Civil War with Israel's HelpAlgerian 2013-02-18 20:30
Only thing i can say about this article is wwwwwaw, congratulation Mr. Massikey, you have achieved a new low.


Who's stopping you dear from attacking , marhba bikom:)

As for 63, yes, we as Algerians still remember it, a year after our independence, we did not even have a regular army and most of our fighting men were in Kabyle putting down an insurgency, and Our"Brothers" attacked us, thinking they can grab some of our land:) but by the time The Bamako cease fire was signed our forces were occupying Figig which is in Moroccan territory, and dont take my word for it, take you king's word for it starting @1.20

Dear Morcelli, Even back when we did not have an Army you guys, could not get an inch back from us, so what make you think you can do any better now? With all due respect, You guys just dont have it in you to attack us again, because you would have done so, in the 80's when few Thousands of your POW's were held in Algeria, and what did you do about that.......noth ing. Yes we do support the Sahrawi people struggle and there is not a ...... thing you guys can do about it.
So dear Morcelli, again, all what i can say to you is Merhba:)
0 #4 Algeria only supporter of Killer AssadMeknessi 2013-02-18 21:24
Shame on you Algerian!! Of course you are not going to like this article. You want Assad to keep killing his people. Dzair Generals will kill the entire Algerian population to stay in power, same as Assad.

Hassan is stating what no one wants to admit. It is called Arab hypocracy.

I am tired of discussing with Algerians. Algeria is a hollow country known for terror and oil.
0 #5 RE: At Morocco's UN Perch: Advocating For Resolution of Syria's Civil War with Israel's HelpMorcelli 2013-02-18 23:03
Alkheria is the enemy of morocco and we should keep our eyes on the ball.
Targeting their refineries should be our first course of action. we can't play with safety of Moroccan.
If we starve them, they'll learn their lesson.
Israel helped us build one of the biggest wall in the world and we should not hesitate to ask their help to crash the enemy next door, after all, majority of israelis are Moroccans.
+1 #6 RE: At Morocco's UN Perch: Advocating For Resolution of Syria's Civil War with Israel's Helpharas 2013-02-18 23:15
Algerian, you are funny in the way you try to portray yourself as some free thinker when all you are doing is puking the DRS version of Algerian history...

What happened in 63 was a conflict provoked by Ben Bella (who's parents are Moroccans) to create fear and a sense of emergency in Algeria, this is how managed to operate his power grab move, otherwise, how do you think Boudiaf ended up in Kenitra and Ait Ahmed in France? (you can find details of this in the writing of a famous Algerian Historian and Moukawim... who lived it all...)

Little did Ben Bella know his lieutenant, Boumediane, will do the same thing to him, he overthrew him and was about to execute him if it wasn't for the inter-mediation of Nasser who asked Boumediane to spare Ben Bella's life...

Boumediane put back in office all the DAF (deserteurs de l'armee francaise) generals, his speech to reestablish them was unequivocal, "chkoun had taher ould tahra..." they paid him back by poisoning him... and a decade later, they were not hiding anymore, they put a gun on the head of benjdid, the then president, to force him to resign and create a power vacuum.. after the FIS won the election... since then the DAF generals are running the show...

In 63, you lost hundreds of soldiers that you were never man enough to recognize and the details are available ( the number of Algerian prisoners was 6 times that of Moroccan prisoners... and the next video shows you the detail of your defeat:

But in 63, you lost much more, you lost Algeria, for which you had just sacrificed a million chahid..

Since 63, Algeria is no more the Jazaer Chouhada, since then it became the Jazaer DAF generals, that's maybe why Algerians call general toufik, the DRS boss, your boss, Rab al Jazaer...

It is sad...
+1 #7 RE: At Morocco's UN Perch: Advocating For Resolution of Syria's Civil War with Israel's Helpriffi 2013-02-18 23:30
Agree with morcelli but I will add something, I would like us to push the 2500 km security wall up forward to the north by the city of saidia and let them slaughter each other I mean from algeria to Iran and open Israeli embassy in morocco, you will see then morocco developing with no problem.those countries their moto is "who ever have the big stick win" that's why israel is still there, first they are the biggest democracy in the ME and second any Arab or iranians will put their heads up they will kick their ass,let them be killing each other its their hobby, kill kill kill that's what they live for for centuries.
Oh Darling!
0 #8 God make Algeria a secure placeOh Darling! 2013-02-19 02:58
At last you assume Morocco's submission politics towrads Israel which by the way only induldges in Master/slave relationships, including with the West.

You have Mr Masiky incredibly improved lately, I thank you for being so frank, perhas this submission relationships is not a taboo anymore in Morocco so it can come to full light, or perhaps, given the illiteracy rate in Morocco, this is a belly-dancing artcile to entice Israel and get *** willingly - excuse my French.

If I may, Israel is not interested in a peace outcome in the crisis in Syria, they would like to see the fighting go on until Syria is completely destroyed. Know it as well, Israel holds the Sunnis for its worst enemies, this is just a war tactic, remember the Allies used USSR to fight Nazzi Germany and as soon as the war was over the Cold war started until the implosion of USSR.

So if Syria is destroyed and so is the Iran, the trun will be Saudia, Egypt, Algeria and so on. I am sure you are an educated man, so all I am writing here you know it already, so if you side Israel you accept the Israeli long term plan which is aimed at the whole Arab-Muslim nation. Israel has a plan: destroy all the Arab, Muslim nations, becuase it believes sincerely they represent a risk and a menace to its own existance. So good Luck to you, knowing what the plan is, you contribute to the success of that plan.

I pray God to protect us from the evil of the ennemies, Oh God make Algeria a secure place, its people true muslims, repectful of all nations, make Algeria a peace-seeking nation, helping the poor, the weak, opposing the strong when the strong crosses the boundaries. God you gave us success against France, you bestowed on us the favour of resistance and liberating our sacred land, God continue to bestow on us the spirit of resistance and endurance.
Oh Darling!
0 #9 What a naive you makeOh Darling! 2013-02-19 06:29
Attack refineries. Oil is strategic not only to Algeria or any other producer but to all big players: USA, EU, China, etc.

This is worst than any other diplomatic failure to beleive that Morocco can cause an energy crisis.

Talk is cheap, Masiky is not the only person on MB who takes his/her dreams for reality.

I suggest a change of mission for this blog: "In addtion to relentlessly bashing Algeria, Moroccoboard pursues the old crazy alchemist purpose of transforming metal into gold. We also advocate, free of charge (no hidden expenses), Israel's promotion as a peace partener surrounded by dangerous arab and muslim terrorists.
-1 #10 RE: At Morocco's UN Perch: Advocating For Resolution of Syria's Civil War with Israel's HelpAlgerian 2013-02-19 08:42

Whats the criteria you used to determine thaat Morocco won?
Prisoners? Well did Morocco achieve any of its goals ( getting back Bechar and Tinduf)
The answer is no.
I USUALLY dont like to get Into Moroccan domestic issues but s8nce you keep pushing your luck, let me ask you a question, you thing its normal for such a great country that has been around for so long ( not being sarcastic here because I have great deal of respect for the true aMoroccans and not the kings s.....) to be 3 months away from not being able to feed its people if it was not for the hands out from the golf
Sta5e? You think its normal for the phosphate proceeds to go to kings pocket? AND if oil is ever discovered who you think is going to benefit from it? The average Moroccan, the answer is no, a sharif office if oil will be created and the proceeds will be added to the kings b8llions sitting in the bank, is Algeria perfect, far from it but the 200 billion is owned by the people of Algeria not a sharif office.

HAVE U HEARD OF s300 its tye latest air defense system that can target your hand me down airplanes 300 km away, or lets take a look at your reco4d, the polisario managed to shoot down th3e third of your airforce and you think you can target our raffineries:)
How do you think Algeria will react to such a th8ng, I will tell you, Morocco will become a republic.

Please do, please build that wall but before that try to ask your Gov. To stoo begging day and n8ght for the reopening of 5he borders, dont you feel humiliated to hear your officials beg, Nd that goes from the king to simple ministers.
+3 #11 RE: At Morocco's UN Perch: Advocating For Resolution of Syria's Civil War with Israel's HelpMorcelli 2013-02-19 12:32
A simple Google earth search shows each and every Algerian refinery right on the open. Basically easy target to hit, 30 broke terrorists were able to take over one Algerian refinery, we won't do that, we'll hit the refineries from our living rooms thanks to the US and Israeli technology that we have been acquiring and financed by our friends in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE.

Air defense system?? hahahahWWWAAAAH AHAHAh, why is it that the air defense system have not prevented 30 terrorists with ancient rusted Kalashnikov from taking over your refinery?

Com'on Algerian friends and brothers grow up!

Some naive said that Oil is strategic to the west, weren't they saying the same thing about Iraq and Libya? the west survived without Iraqi and Libyan oil.

What? our friends will tell us to lose the war so they can have oil??

Man I am amazed of the lack of intelligence the Algerian possess! Where do they come up with such brain cracked arguments?

We have nothing to lose, no refineries no gold, nothing, we have many unemployed personnel who would be very happy to join the action and they won't have to travel to Afghanistan or Iraq to sacrifice themselves for the 72 virgins. they would rather do it right here at home south and east of the borders.

So my Algerians friends, Watch your refineries, if we cut you oil, we'll starve you. You rely on 93% of your oil revenues, in Morocco they rely on the rain.

This is just tell you that if we say that we will not give up an inch, we know what we're taking about.

As for Israel, I have no idea why is it that we do not have the Israeli embassy in Rabat, they are our friends and we respect them, As for Algerian we have zero respect for the butchers of North Africa who butcher their own people to stay in power.

Long live the great nation of Israel and may allah bless Shimon Perez and Benjamin Natanyahu and all Israelis on planet earth:

And Please we want more Israeli stamps honoring our kings and queens and princesses.

Now go tell them your friends that i don't have nif.

man en blanc
0 #12 A tall order Mr Massikiman en blanc 2013-02-19 16:14
Hassan, your heart is writing checks that the Moroccan Government cannot cash. The situation is Syria will get even worse, if that's possible, after the inevitable ouster of Assad. The gulf states and Iran will use the Syrian grounds to fight their proxy religious wars. It will be Lebanon 75-85 on steroids.
By removing Saddam Hussein from power, the dangerously clueless Dick Cheney administration unleashed the mad dogs of Iran on the Middle-East.
I am waiting for the perennial paranoid Arab to blame Israel...again!
Morocco should stay on the sidelines and cross its fingers.
After all, we have no dogs in this fight.
Oh Darling!
-1 #13 What a clown !- Many thanks thoughOh Darling! 2013-02-19 16:50
You can kill two birds with one pebble: start attacking the oleoduc relying Algeria to Spain just a few kilos from Morocco (I am not sure if there is another oleoduc via Morocco as well to Spain).

Please Spare one or two refineries otherwise people in Oujda with do a revolution :-)

You will not give an inch of Western Shara? It is possible that you loose it all ( perhas not te worts prospect for Moroccans). But wa say already not ALL WS is occupied by Morocco. Polisario controls about 15% of Wester Sahara.

Without being sarcastic, thank you for posting the picture and submitting to Israel, this the true Moroccan spirit. The King is naked, please repalce you moto to : Israel, the King ad the Nation.

My repect to brothers in deen and faith descendant of Abdelkrim.
0 #14 RE: At Morocco's UN Perch: Advocating For Resolution of Syria's Civil War with Israel's HelpMorcelli 2013-02-19 21:02
Listen little boy, I already told you that copying & pasting news from your media makes you look even more boyish.

So listen kiddo, Go play with kids your age instead of copying articles titled " Clinton presses Algeria on Mali intervention plan". When you address, I feel as if a little puppy is chasing my feet

Let me deal with the other nitwits who keep bringing God to the argument.

I have news for them, I don't believe in Allah, Budha, Jesus, Daoud, Isa or Pinocchio .

My advice to them is drop the religion BS because It's not going to help them much with me.

If your butchers use the religion to brain wash you, it ain't working here.

Let me ask the Algerian blockheads here, If Allah exists ans he's so good, why would he allow the killing of hundred of 1000s of Algerians on the hands of their own butchers and now allowing the killing of Syrian children on the hands of Bashar?

Oh I know, so they can score the 72 virgins?
What about the ladies, what are they going to score?
72 hunks?
0 #15 Houston we have!!!sahrane 2013-02-19 22:48
I’m very disappointed in morcelli,is it Moshe _lly not because of the obvious but of the venomous hate of the neighbour ,I cannot understand am I missing something ?or are you a likoud huger ?nah .ok let’s put it this way is the Moroccan government represent you? I don’t think so .as for and the Algerians too and if It does for you so (Houston we have a problem).
0 #16 Again with the kids talkharas 2013-02-20 09:08
Lamine and Oh Hating

You have to know something about Moroccans, first we don't start a fight, second, even when attacked, we are patient, third, when we react, our rival of the day tends to remember it for a long while...

As far as satellites go, Morocco built its own before Algeria, but if this is how you plan to win a war, no wonder you're up to your knees with a couple of Jihadists...

Oh Hating,
Regarding the 1963 war, as I told you before, it was started and provoked by Ben Bella (you can argue it was started by a Moroccan), and yes he achieved his goals... the proof, we are still fighting about it... but more important, in a previous message I showed you how much it did cost you... but you insist on playing blind, have at it
Oh Darling!
0 #17 Once Upon the Time MoroccoOh Darling! 2013-02-20 09:25
Notice that Abdelkrim Shakes hands with Mohamed V without being humuliated.

Even though....

Change of Heart

And ...

+1 #18 This post is for Moroccans only. Alkherians with Pseudo nif. Stay back!Morcelli 2013-02-20 12:31
Ask yourself the following?
Why do I hate Israel?
What wrong Israel caused to Morocco?
When the Jews lived Morocco, have they ever hurt Morocco?
Have Israel even attacked Morocco on the International Arena?
Have we ever been a target of the Israelis or the jews in general?

Don't be afraid to be truthful to yourself, you have lived outside Morocco for many many years and you are no longer the target of brainwashing from la Radio Television Marocaine (RTM).

Think of yourself as Moroccan first, and as Moroccans, there is no reason whatsoever for us to hate Israel.

If you hate Israel, you are focusing on the wrong target and RTM has succeeded on making a fool out of you.

Don't trust me, trust yourself and honestly answer the the questions above.

Panarabism is long dead, it's been 60 years now. We cannot live in the past when Morocco was 10 million people, we now have a population of 35 million , we need to look ahead in order to provide for them, We cannot be stuck in the past, we are not doing anyone a favor by relying on past propaganda that Israel is the devil.

If the Alkherians made their choice to stick with Bouteflika and the generals, that's their choice and we have no choice but to respect their choice, we however need to change course and start looking for other opportunities. There is no shame or "niflessness" -as the Alkherians call it- in that.
We should not be ashamed of wanting to expand our wings and horizons to better the life of the Moroccan citizen.

I am aware that many of you think that the Israelis are harming the Palestinians and I agree with that but you should also agree that they are not harming Moroccans and nowadays we should think Morocco first, second, and third before we think someone else.

Let me give you a very simple example, when Spain removed the 6 Moroccan gendarmes from the leila island which is couple of hundred feet from Moroccan shores, Alkheria supported Spain to bury Morocco even further in their quest to get piece of the Sahara by proxy.

Good for them. They told the whole world we support Spain, regardless if Morocco is our neighbor, Arab, and Muslim, and that we always address as a brother.

The least you can do is to do just like what Algeria did, forget about religion, Arab culture, neighborliness and think Morocco first, and if you do that, you will not find a problem with establishing FULL diplomatic relations with the democratic country of Israel.

And just like the headline in the magazine below says.
We reached and impossible point that neither Algeria nor Morocco will back up and you Moroccans need to understand that some things are not meant to be and you should live with that and go on with you life to better life.

and just like my American friend like to say : It is what it is "

0 #19 The puppeteersahrane 2013-02-20 19:26
Well .I never ever took my q from any of the dictators mouthpieces, as for Israel what‘s done to morocco .a lot for the regime in determent of the population, Israel has hand for maintaining dictatorships including the octopus king, by training their securities apparatus and offering tools for oppression, starting with the apartheid in south Africa as the daddy of them all. And on and for the panarabisme that was a pressure valve used by the dictators to put the populations to far as I’m concern you’re a democrat ,inside and outside of the country. You cannot pick and choose.
-1 #20 RE: At Morocco's UN Perch: Advocating For Resolution of Syria's Civil War with Israel's Helplamine 2013-02-20 23:01
1: I had recently commented with many links showing Algeria's technological superiority to Morocco in the fields of Economy, Nuclear, Spatial, and Military fields, and its recognition as the regional power in the area

2: Morcelli, after insulting on previous posts on the use of an Algerian news paper for proof of Algeria's superiority
(even though it was not an Algerian newspaper) uses only Moroccan ones it seems to make his point

3: Censorship of the other sides ideas on a supposed free-thinking website proves very well how far ahead its occupiers and admin are

4: I will re post the links I had posted earlier, now please engage me in a proper discussion, not once did I directly insult Morocco and I expect you to show similar courtesy

5: As for Morocco developing a satellite before Algeria, give me the proof, as far as my knowledge goes Morocco does not have a space program and Algeria develops new Space technology every year.
+1 #21 RE: At Morocco's UN Perch: Advocating For Resolution of Syria's Civil War with Israel's HelpMorcelli 2013-02-21 12:51

Allow me to explain to you where we come from but I am going to speak for myself only.

I am not very concerned about who is more advanced between out 2 countries, because the whole world know that we still consumers that we will always rely on others to survive, In Morocco we rely on tourists and Moroccan living abroad to name a few and in Algeria you rely oil revenues and subsidies to survive.

None of us is fairing better than the other, Morocco and Algeria standard of living is very identical. We can't say that life in Morocco or Algeria is better especially for the majority of both populations.

We don't have to copy and paste stuff from some obscure sources to prove each other wrong. We know how you live and you know how we live, still, our way of living is very similar.

With that being said, Morocco is not the culprit, those running Morocco see their interest in a Maghreb Union, Algeria does not see it that way, Algerian leadership see that at this time, they will not benefit from any union and that is where we have a problem.

Algeria's leadership see that a Maghreb Union will put more pressure on them to be neutral in regard to the Moroccan Sahara. After all, we cannot have a union and still go after each other, right?

In Morocco, they see that a Maghreb Union is a must in order to stop Algeria's aggression on Morocco in all international arena.

Let me go back to Israel, one of the main reason Morocco is very close to Israel is very simple, to counter Algeria. Morocco being close to Israel, means it brings them closer to the US and being closer to the US is a defense mechanism that Morocco uses to secure its territorial integrity. for instance Acquiring sophisticated weapons, getting help in the UN, in the US congress, etc.

Who is paying the price in all this? obviously the Moroccan and the Algerian citizen.

Whatever Algeria or Morocco do is usually to get the apprehend on the other. The cold war has ended in all part of the world except in North Africa and that is sad.

Your compatriots do not have the courage to see things as they are, they are blinded by hate and sens of vengeance.

I personally really reaaaaally do not care if Algeria has more technology or Morocco has more watermelons, at the end of the day, we are both a toy of the west, they thrive on our disagreement, the more we are divided, the more business deals they score for their own people and our people is sitting and waiting for the day to jump the Mediterranean sea to swim to Europe.

Let me ask you a question and hopeful I get an honest answer from you.

How do you feel about your leadership trying everything possible to support the polisario against Morocco?

I have an idea but I am curious to hear what is Algerian feeling about the issue.
+3 #22 Dear lamine,haras 2013-02-21 13:57
.... as for technological superiority, you don’t even know what it means, for Nuclear and Spatial, you make me laugh, and for the military part, what’s the point if it didn’t bring you peace and stability? And when compared to Morocco, any expert will tell you that none of the two armies happens to have a clear superiority… so it will all depend on who will be able to get more support and fast… but we don’t have to worry, 10 years in ”peace” after the red decade, and you are still in trouble with your own (DRS) schemes …

Algerian newspaper is crap, and so is skyscraper links, the other sources, even when neutral, especially when neutral, need to be explained to you, and I don’t even know what you want to discuss and with whom, and why you want to convince us, go back to your powerful country and discuss with the powerful people from the powerful land…

Here is the bottom line, you (Lamine) don’t seem to get it unless it is plainly explained to you, Algeria (as ran today and for the last half century) is evil, so is it better if it is a powerful evil or is it worse?

The problem with Algeria, is that it is a bad leader, to help you understand that, you need to ask yourself, how did it benefit to other countries, like Mali, or Niger, or maybe Morocco, that Algeria is powerful?

Your midget president says, I am almost quoting, “we don’t need open borders as much as the Moroccans, so we’ll keep them closed”, and you wonder why people don’t think of your country as a leader, because it has been ran by bad seed, like your ungrateful president , who was born and grew up in OUJDA, yet, no mention of it on his own personal page…

See, that’s one link, from your most POWERFUL website, that exposes your lack of leadership…

Now, and with regard to the closed borders, why are you all day long on a Moroccan website
+1 #23 RE: At Morocco's UN Perch: Advocating For Resolution of Syria's Civil War with Israel's HelpMorcelli 2013-02-21 14:30
There are actually Algerians especially the one that love to hang out in MB do not see anything wrong with their leadership erecting obstacles for Morocco to solve the Sahara problem.

To me and to most most Moroccans, it is non comprehensible that Algerians support such the non stop aggression on the part of the Algerians.

Moroccans will never accept that their leadership go after a neighbor country especially if we have no claim.

Algeria has no claim on the Sahara, always claimed that they were never interested in the Sahara and their main issue is " international legality". The problem is that I don't see them fighting tooth and nail for "international legality" for others.

And Algerians are not dumb to realize that their leadership is continuously provoking Morocco, or are they?

After Christopher Ross mentioned that he has no intention to get involved in the human rights part, the Algerians today and fighting that Minurso includes them, Basically wanting to change the mission to fit and feed their agenda.

Last year Spain got involved in Morocco and we had a million man march in Casablanca and in no time Spain backed off realizing that it is not in their benefit to mess with the Moroccan people, Moroccans never did that to the Algerians, they oddly consider them brothers and sisters.

It's mind boggling the hate that comes from the neighbors, My question is:
How are we supposed to hug them, kiss them, and love them?
S Hass
0 #24 Tzair & TzairiaS Hass 2013-02-23 16:06
I for one do salute that French ex interior minister for what he did with his right arm to show his gratitude & respect to the Tzairia !!!! he did use the only language they understand very well
0 #25 RE: At Morocco's UN Perch: Advocating For Resolution of Syria's Civil War with Israel's Helpborsa 2013-02-25 12:11
Algerian Mafia Generals learned the techniques of butchery after sending their generals to Syria to see how the Butcher Hafez al Assad managed to squash the uprising in Hama in 1982 by butchering at least 10 thousand civilians.

Well the Algerian Mafia Generals really out did themselves, they ended up murdering over 200 hundred thousand during the Algerian civil war.

Many Algerians struggle to confront the truth which is their "revolution" came to naught. The very people they fought for liberation have effectively been running Algeria for over half a decade.
0 #26 What?Marwane 2013-03-22 06:22
Advocate for Peace men please. Make love grow between people and do not diffuse the seeds of hate. I believe this is a universal principle.
Do not you know that "Those who love (to see) scandal published broadcast among the Believers, will have a grievous Penalty in this life and in the Hereafter: Allah knows, and ye know not. [Quran 24/19]?
Believers means not only muslims (Shiaa and Sunna) but also cristians and jews.
You already called for alliance against Kaddafi two years ago, do you know now what's the situation in Libya today? You use your pen/keyboard to write on huge issues for humanity so please follow the results of what you are advocating for.
Moroccan politicians and diplomats should care about Moroccan development first. The latest UNDP Human Development report ranks Morocco at the 130s position at the human development scale. Libya was 65 at the time of Kaddafi. Syria is 116 and Iran is 76. Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt are ranked respectively 93, 94 and 112. Let democracy aside... and for the first commentator, why should we bomb Algeria? We should instead look for peace with our neighbours otherwise it's going to be just undless unrest for all. Sorry for my English and thanks for reading.

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