Western Sahara: Where Is The Local Sinn Fein?

Washington  /  Morocco News  Board --The “politically charged” trial of the 25 defendants accused of killing of 11 people, including members of the security forces, in the Western Sahara in 2010 went smoothly and efficiently. Aside from complains by the “usual” left wing European organizations and the Algeria backed Western Saharan groups, most independent observers agreed on the fairness and openness of the Moroccan military court of Rabat judicial proceedings.

The 24 defendants in court are accused of “conspiracy and violence against the security forces” during the 2010 demonstrations in which hundreds of Sahrawis set up tents in the Gdeim Izik camp near the Saharan city of Laayoune to protest unemployment. The military court sentenced eight to life in prison, two were let go for time already served, while the rest of the defendants received prison terms ranging from twenty to thirty years. 

Most of the defendants were involved in violent acts against members of the security forces. The Moroccan state presented in open court irrefutable evidence of the “barbaric acts’ committed by some of the defendants. Videos showing Polisario trained criminals urinating on the corps of a dead police officer and decapitating bodies supported the state case and undermined pro-Algerian accusations of unfair trial. 
The public nature of the trial that was attended by families of the defendants, international human rights organizations, independent observers and pro-Algeria “foreign delegates” underscores the fairness of the judicial proceedings. 
While Amnesty International’s concerns over the use of military tribunal to judge some the Gdeim Izik defendants are valid given that some of them were not directly involved in violence, the open and transparent judicial proceedings during the hearings are hard to dispute. In fact, this trial may be a first step toward giving the domestic pro-independence movement in the Sahara a legal status. The presence, inside and outside the courthouse, of domestic Sahrawis advocating for independence of the Sahara was evident and public. While a Moroccan court was sentencing Algeria backed Polisario agents for of killing members of the security forces, local pro-independence activists were freely expressing their views. The Moroccan authorities are making a conspicuous and consciousness distinction between the” separatists of the interior” and the Polisario sympathizers that service the Algerian agenda.
Morocco could be adopting the United Kingdom‘s play book in Northern Ireland. After years of bloodshed, the UK had to accept the legitimacy of the catholic demands minus the republican assertions. It may be time for some of the Sahrawis to create a Saharan Sinn Fein party. Rabat must give a voice to the young local Sahrawis who are advocating for separatism, as many of their grievances are actually social and economic in nature. Creating a democratic, fair and equitable Saharan local government involving different segments of the local population is a key element in Rabat’s efforts to maintain peace, law and order in the Sahara. 


0 #14 RE: Western Sahara: Where Is The Local Sinn Fein?Algerian 2013-02-26 20:55
agents, drs, leftie agents are you guys insane? O.o
S Hass
+1 #13 Fistfull of DollarsS Hass 2013-02-26 08:37
Well it was only a matter of time before we see the DRS calling on it paid leftie agents to start taken the place of the useless Algerian agents who have brought nothing but shame on Algeria
0 #12 RE: Western Sahara: Where Is The Local Sinn Fein?riffi 2013-02-25 23:56
Man en blanc nailed it nailed it!!!!
I've always said that a couple of Algerians on this board are paid agent of the regime. What's funny is that the regime is not getting its money's worth.!!!!
0 #11 RE: Western Sahara: Where Is The Local Sinn Fein?Morcelli 2013-02-25 21:40
Man en blanc,
That's a funny one i could agree with you more.
man en blanc
0 #10 RE: Western Sahara: Where Is The Local Sinn Fein?man en blanc 2013-02-25 15:55
It was a gruesome crime, and the way that Moroccan authorities handled the situation no doubt showed a valid maturity by our government.
Now, if can only neutralize the puppet masters... then again someone on this board mentioned that the Algerian junta's days are numbered due to its very advanced age.
So,hopefully a new generation of leaders
would realize the errors of the ways of the previous one, and bring the two countries closer.
Morcelli : I've always said that a couple of Algerians on this board are paid agent of the regime. What's funny is that the regime is not getting its money's worth.
0 #9 Danny Boyborsa 2013-02-25 11:53
Danny Boy you say "As a follower of Morocco" really?? I mean you follow Morocco? Is that your job or is it just a hobby of yours? :-) why don't you wipe the water behind your ears and run back to your tree hugging friends. I'm afraid MB doesn't provide nappy changing services.
+1 #8 RE: Western Sahara: Where Is The Local Sinn Fein?haras 2013-02-25 10:35
to Sahrane,

Morocco's geography comes first, before the king and despite the king... someone like Houcine Ait Idder, who was against the HassanII on everything, was also against him on the Sahara, but for a different reason, he thought he didn't do enough...

to Danielle,
You seem confused, this is a criminal trial, you can argue whether the proof of the culpability is solid or not, but please don't argue the fact that there was a CRIME, if you do I'll just tell you go **** yourself...
As for comparing Morocco to South Africa, I have a hint for you, sahraouis and the rest of Moroccans are the same race, religion, language, history .....
In fact, there are far more sahraouis in the "undisputed territories", in Guelmim, TanTan, assa Zag,Tata, Sidi Ifni and Tarfaya than there is in the sahara... another hint, in 1975 and if we are to trust the Spanish census, the Sahraouis in the Sahara, were around 50,000 so what's all the fuss about????
+1 #7 Danielle, Go Adopt a cat or a dogMeknessi 2013-02-24 15:12
Lefties are biased against Morocco since they never criticize Polisario and Algeria. Moroccans have nothing to lose since the Left in Europe is so irrelevant anyway when it comes to foreign policy. No sands Danielle!!
By compering Morocco to SA, you lost your argument. Go Adopt a cat or a dog or may be a boyfriend, and let the poor Arabs alone, we do not your pity!!
S Hass
+1 #6 fistfull of dollarsS Hass 2013-02-24 12:45
Hey Dannielle, Thank you for enlightening us the North Africans with less education with your great knowledge and fantastic advices!!! i will take it and start watching your news channels!!!! WOW how typical of these paranoid do gooders with no shame of feel superior over others based on inferior sense of prejudice. Like i have said before you lefties are just a bunch of hypocrite puppets with no shame of siding with who ever pays more, your fists are tattooed with the Dollar sign , the days when you used to fool the idiots is long gone now you dealing with people who knows the West better than you. Every human right organisation is corrupt and false so my advice to you is get a life and stop watching the Fox news, Sky news etc .
0 #5 Really!sahrane 2013-02-24 00:52
(We have rules in all regions of Morocco and the Sahara should get the same no more no less.)
Oh really we have rules in morocco,please, gimme a break so what we’re doing abroad? I’m flabbergasted otherwise smart people acting as kindergarten’s bambinos, my father is stronger than country got satellite first nana nana ,you’re playing to the hands , of the octopus king and the crap president. Instead of directing your criticisms toward the culprits and kick their ass to bring about the real change for both countries, and take an advantage of what’s it we unit us instead you’re wasting time hitting on innocent bystanders. You know who already exporting tomatoes from the Sahara you obsessed with is the octopus king? And why the crap president won’t let go? cause he cannot stand a neighbor having more than him.
+2 #4 RE: Western Sahara: Where Is The Local Sinn Fein?Morcelli 2013-02-23 14:03
I always love when a westerner comes in and say " hey, you guys are just bunch of Arab dummies, Let me tell you how things work, I read more press than you do, I am smarter, and god loves me, and you poor souls, Oh how I feel so sorry for you"

Basically what Ms Sommermann is saying, Let me solve your problem for you because i read different news media and you guys only read yours, obviously I am better.
During my teens in Morocco we were brought up that a westerner knows better and we poor Arabs will always be trailing behind and then I was blessed to see how wrong those who were telling us about our "inferiority" and if you happen to disagree with me, check out Fox news for an hour or so.

The other part that I love about westerners, and I hate to generalize, they get bored and they decide to take on a cause, for instance Mr Dannielle is interested in the trial of those killers in Layoone, she never mentioned when they were pissing on corpses and dismembering couple of unarmed security forces.

Ms Danielle I invite your to watch those you are defending to watch this video and if I were you I would just shut the F up because no matter what you say will not excuse the rotter killers.

And for the Algerians agents out there and you know who you are, you too are welcome to watch and enjoy the show.

Aren't these people the ones that your leadership support? You people sicken me!
Dannielle Sommermann
-2 #3 A Moroccan Botha is neededDannielle Sommermann 2013-02-23 11:18
Is this really serious???? Where is the "local sinn.." hahha I would say where is the moroccan Botha??? Who in Morocco could see that the "prince is naked".
As a follower of Morocco I understand that you guys think different to the rest of the world because you only read your press and only talk with people of similar opinions but believe me NON IN THE world thinks that the military and politically motivated trial was even close to smooth...IT IS a shame for Morocco and it is going to backfire against its own interests. There was NOT a single proof that any of the defendants DID actually commit any crime..You can consider the UN, Amnesty International and many other fair observers to be just "lefties" but you are only throwing dust in your own ayes.
A brave Moroccan leader (like Botha in apartheid SA) is needed to unblock the situation and move the conflict and the region to a better future.
+1 #2 RE: Western Sahara: Where Is The Local Sinn Fein?riffi 2013-02-23 00:04
You negotiate with civilized nation not with one who slaughtered hundreds of thousands of its own people and it's capable of exterminating the whole nation,speaking of history Morocco is a country of diversity and it's history and monarchy are dating from over 1200 years it is not like some countries that been created 50 years ago in some brasserie in Paris in using rulers and a napkin by giving a country name in adding an IE to a town name. Every country in Africa and arab world who was created by mistake has actually an identity crisis,it means who the he'll we are and where is our history and our past.
+5 #1 RE: Western Sahara: Where Is The Local Sinn Fein?Morcelli 2013-02-22 21:52
The Sahara issue is a fabrication of the devil next door and we should in no way, shape, or form negotiate any freebies and goodies with the separatists. We have rules in all regions of Morocco and the Sahara should get the same no more no less.

The butchers can support their puppets to eternity and we should not budge Mr. Hassan. Budging is sign of weakness and the butchers will take advantage of any sign of fatigue on our part. We went 40 years with giving up or giving out and if it takes another 400 years, so be it.

The territorial integrity of Morocco should not and will not be for sale. Period.

We have a proposal in place, if hey are serious and I have no doubt in my mind that the Sahraoui will take it in a heartbeat if not for the killers who massacred a quarter of a million of their own.

Your suggestion might have some meat if the Sahara problem is between us and some independent entity. We are not, our war is between us and the generals. As I stated in my previous comment on Chtaini article, the Algerian citizen has no clue why their leadership is doing what it is doing. The Algerians are being led by people who in their Map, instead of Morocco they have " ils nous detestent".
Even the agents that frequent MB best asset is copying and pasting, you never hear them saying something that comes from their brain or their heart. Robotic sounding losers.

What Moroccans here and everywhere need to understand is that we are dealing a mentality that is so extreme and so outdated and they call it a nif.

All of us know that in Morocco we are good hearted flexible people, We fight today and the next day we are sisters and brothers again. When we are wrong to our friends, we feel bad and we apologize. It's out nature. it's in our blood.

Algerians don't see it the way we do.
Here is a comment from someone on the other article
"As long as there is a monarchy in Morocco and that the constant criticism of Algeria and Algerians continues, good fences will make good neighbors and that the borders should remain closed."

His reasoning is the monarchy, not the the BS that his leadership gives us " international legality"

His beef is with the monarchy and hell with the 35 millions Moroccans.

The other knucklehead said " If its an Algerian Moroccan conflict, how come you guys signed a cease fire with Polisario?"

He is saying that Algeria has nothing to do with the Sahara. They complain about me "insulting" them but they do not see when they take us for being dumb.

As for Sinn Fein, those rug heads can't even come close to him. Let them keep that Marrakchi thief. It's better for them.

Ok I am done, I am going to go watch some " National Geographic" for my sanity.

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