Following Mali, AQIM to Retreat to Algeria

Washington  /  Morocco News  Board --    Citing a well-informed source within the Sahel Jihadist movement, the Mauritanian news website Sahara Media is confirming the death of al Qaeda commander Abdel Hamid Abu Zeid but denying the killing of Mokhtar Belmokhtar the Qaeda-linked militant who masterminded the deadly attack on Algeria’s In Amenas gas field in January of this year. Both Al-Qaeda leaders evaded capture by Algerian forces for many years.

The passing of Abu Zeid and the pressure on Belmokhtar will force the Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) to disperse its fighters in the region where militants count mounting terror operations to fight back the French and their allies. AQIM’s emir, the Algerian Abdel Malek Droukdel, will relocate his groups’ operations into Algeria and Niger until French and African Military actions subside.

Sahara Media, a website that Jihadists use as a news gateway for their communiqués, reported that Abu Zeid, who was one of the senior leaders of AQIM, died during a French raid and not at the hands of Chadian forces as reported in the international press. According to the same source, Abu Zeid died in Taraghrarit in the Ifoghas Mountains where he was fighting along his forces.

The French air raid that killed the AQIM leader and fifty of his followers, including operational leaders , was a Close Air Support mission during the pitch battle that led to the death of more than thirty Chadian soldiers.

The death of Abu Zied puts the life of French hostages held by his group in grave danger and will incite, without a doubt, revenge attacks against French interests in the Sahel and Algerian Sahara.

On the other hand, the Jihadist source denied the death of Mokhtar Belmokhtar who happens to be in the Gao region and not in areas where French and African forces are engaging militants. Belmokhtar became notorious in the West after his group’s bloody attack against an Algerian gas plant in which more than 60 people were killed including foreign workers.

The death of Abu Zied may disturb terror operations in Northern Mali in the short term. However, AQIM, that is rooted the Islamic insurgency in Algeria, will find “capable young militants” to take over the reign of the organization. In fact, Droukdel, safe in his hide out in the Algerian mountains, will waste no time designating a replacement for Abu Zied.

As changes at the helms of AQIM grow so does the terror’s group strategy. Algeria’s support for the French military operations in Mali and the death of several AQIM fighters in recent days will compel armed groups to move more terror operations into Algerian territory including the capital Algiers where the local security forces have been in high alert since the start of hostilities in Mali.

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0 #1 RE: Following Mali, AQIM to Retreat to AlgeriaMorcelli 2013-03-04 13:07
Let's be clear here, Algeria is the devil ruled by butchers who kill their own people supported by incompetent agents as we see here, BUT, simply inventing stories and say that AQIM will retreat to Algeria until the French actions subside is pure imagination.

AQIM does not have the luxury to pick and chose where they can retreat. They have been chased out of Algeria and that is the reason they are spread in Mali. The Algerian army has done a great job exterminating the terrorists except with few incidents here and there.
We should give them credit for not relenting in chasing the terrorists. We should never lower our standards and change who we are to score points. You kill them with honesty and when they do well, we need to praise them. The killing in Algeria had subsided thanks to their focus on defeating the terrorists and Morocco should be just as firm with the terrorists.

I am not sure that AQIM can or will move to Algeria when in Mali they basically have carte blanche to do as they wish from killing to beheading innocents souls.

As someone who writes all time about events in North Africa, I would suggest that you wait before you let your imagination or hope take over. If you have something factual or tangible, we would be the first to support you.

I hate to always be the first one to disagree with your assessment. But hey that's what we're here for, to agree and to disagree in a way that we stay civil. I am sure that you get something out of our critique as much as we get out of your writing.

As for Morocco, they should stay clear of Mali, Chad, Niger,Mauritani a,...ect. M6 said it better "Morocco first".

Algeria had succeeded in isolating Morocco from the Sahel and that's a good thing, we simply cannot afford to get embroiled in the Sahel mess.

I was looking at the diplomatic missions of the polisario and it hit me how much the butchers have to pay to keep them alive, millions that can be used on the Algerian people.

If you add their endeavor to be the leader in the sahel that's more $$$$$ that will bring them ZERO $$$$$$$$$.

Morocco is in the process of forming a free trade agreement with Europe, this is a good thing, we'll do business, they'll do war. Good luck to them.
0 #2 RE: Following Mali, AQIM to Retreat to AlgeriaIsam 2013-03-04 13:36
make dua for us that we can overcome this tribulation my Moroccan brothers, and thank you to Abdelilah Benkirane, a good man, for stating it as it is that the Western Sahara issue is an artificial one that should not hinder the opening of borders, and his ability to work with the Iranians, our allies, you have yourselves one heck of a Prime Minister :)
-4 #3 RE: Following Mali, AQIM to Retreat to AlgeriaAlgerian 2013-03-04 13:52
It looks like Mr. Massikey is turning to be the mouth piece of Alqaida in the Maghreb.

A word of advice, don't let your hatred blindside you, Freedom of speech and terrorism support are two different things in the US OF A.
+2 #4 Massiki Vs APSMorocco101 2013-03-04 14:50
To Algerian: Before you complain about Msssiki's article look at your official news agency's BS- Please go take a hike before giving us a moral story- It looks like poor Hasssan Massiki is fighting on his own against APS-
From APS:
Le conseil consultatif sahraoui a appelé l’ONU, dans une lettre adressée au secrétaire général des Nations unies, Ban Ki-Moon, d’"intervenir en urgence" et à prendre les mesures nécessaires pour la libération de tous les détenus politiques sahraouis qui croupissent dans les geôles marocaines.....
Le conseil demande également à l’ONU d’intervenir pour l’annulation des peines prononcées à l’encontre le groupe de Gdeim Izik, et la libération inconditionnell e de tous les détenus politiques sahraouis et de faire la lumière sur le sort de plus de 651 personnes disparues", a indiqué dimanche l’Agence de presse sahraouie (SPS).

APS and SPS the same BS mouth!!
+3 #5 To Algerian- Hassan told u so!Morocco101 2013-03-04 15:00
Voilent attack by terrorists and Algerian army in Tizi Ouzou where Droukdel is based. You should call USA to help- France can't protect Algeria anymore!!

Un violent accrochage a eu lieu entre des militaires et un groupe terroriste, ce lundi 4 mars à 16 h 30, à Thala Bouanane, à l’entrée sud de la ville de Tizi Ouzou, ont indiqué à TSA des témoins oculaires.
0 #6 RE: Following Mali, AQIM to Retreat to AlgeriaMorcelli 2013-03-04 16:10
The retard agents think that just because I put them where they belong, I would refrain from criticizing Morocco. WRONG!!!

One way Moroccans especially here in the US help their country is by pointing out its flaws and shortsightednes s. We have nothing to hide, we have nothing to sweep under the rug. Will the incompetent agents have the courage, "the nif", to do the same. Don't bet on it?
Bunch of cowards who remind me the rats that Qaddafi used to call them.

Look at their little creep. He got out of his death bed right after Benkirane made a statement to tell us that he wants to help Morocco and the polisario. The same way the rubbish we see here time and again try to butter us up by saying Moroccan brothers. We are no brothers, if Anything we look at you the same way we look at crap.
The lowest of the low, and what cracks me up is when they say they have nif and dignity. Who's fooling who? Don't they have mirrors in Algeria?

Where is your dignity and your pride people? You left it in the DRS headquarter?

The agents should start worrying who going first, you pay is only temporary, I suggest that you get a real job:

0 #7 RE: Following Mali, AQIM to Retreat to Algeriawow 2013-03-04 19:50
Morcelli weren't you the one going off on the algerians for not giving their nations image a good look? Reread your last post and tell me what your definition of class act is, if this is your definition of out doing Algerians on this blog then believe me the drs might as well just pay you
-2 #8 RE: Following Mali, AQIM to Retreat to Algeriawow 2013-03-05 00:23
I read the article but I'm commenting on your post because I couldn't help pointing out your ignorance, and what do you mean agent pest? How am I an agent? Not everyone that calls you out is an agent, I won't get lost because you hate me or because you can't stand being put in your place, your a very horrid person and fyi Algerians are much more respectful than you are and much better people, and I'm not an Algerian I'm saying this because you need to understand that your only making yourself look bad and not anyone else, so please spare me your "agent! agent" charade and check yourself before you reck yourself
0 #9 RE: Following Mali, AQIM to Retreat to AlgeriaMorcelli 2013-03-05 11:59
When you comment on my comment instead of the article itself, it shows that you have nothing to bring to the table except worthless argument. I never said you are agent, but I feel that you are a pest. Anyone who has nothing to say about the Article but plenty to say about my posts is nothing but an annoying pest if you ask me.

Let me be clear: There are 2 agents here and they know who they are and everyone knows who they are.
I have a tip for those who have nothing to say.
Watch Man en blanc, riffi,Tewfik Boulenouar, Aziz el Alami, Haras, Chtaini, Algerian, and Oh darling.

The last two obviously hate Hassan's writing but at least they have things to say. I am not afraid to give them credit even though I think they live in lala land.

As you can see my first post is directed to Mr Hassan who I appreciate, frankly without him, this blog will be boring. Does it mean that I agree with his articles? most of the time it's 50/50.
Still I respect his as a researcher he's the most knowledgeable writer in MB. Many of us don't like that he sounds very pro Morocco. In fact, he's not, he has always been a harsh critique of the Moroccan diplomacy. And the reason he sounds very pro Morocco and Anti Algeria because he never critique the king.

So put up or shut up or go play with kids your age, as I said I don't like annoying pests.
0 #10 RE: Following Mali, AQIM to Retreat to AlgeriaMorcelli 2013-03-05 13:27
Moroccans the symbol of the goodness!
We may not be "Gazy" but we have more than gaz and sand, we have what the Algerians want to destroy.

+5 #11 RE: Following Mali, AQIM to Retreat to AlgeriaWahad 2013-03-05 17:18
Salamualaikum Khawa, I'm an Algerian and I'm here to deliver a simple message. The Islamic World has traditional economic and military powers now a days being Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Egypt, (perhaps one day Iran and Saudi Arabia?) but I say our combined populations (32 Mill, and 38 Mill) as well as Tunisia (10 Mill) in a combined union under a democratic Government would challenge all of these powers and Europe as well. Should we increase the minimum wage to say $6.00/hour and increase prices of goods (end subsidies as well) we could see our economies grow 8-10 times (we are talking $1.2 Trillion at least) and our population a fierce 80,000,000. Our military and economic prowess would with ease retrieve places like Mellila and Ceuta and our Educated class would be much larger than that of Spain and France. We have the means of industry, tourism, education, infrastructure, wealth, and with relative stability a Maghreb Republic or a Republic of North Africa (a la South Africa of the north if you will) can easily bring back the lost empire of the Moors (whom we all relate to I assume). But first we (the people who live in the west) must stop acting as though we still live over seas and start bringing our communities closer, no amount of arguing or debating each other is going to relieve ourselves of "Le pouvoir" or the Makhzen, but Unity in diversity will. I dream of a day where we can all unite under a common flag and a common cause because frankly, it is sad to see our people divided by France and its children. Both Algerians and Moroccans experience poverty and anguish and an inhumane class system, yet both our people's youths are prepared to take the lead and bring our common people's shared prosperity, and someone on another blog put it well saying if France and Germany can be best friends now a days, we have no excuse to hate each other.
+2 #12 RE: Following Mali, AQIM to Retreat to AlgeriaMorcelli 2013-03-05 18:21
Everything you said sounds nice and rosy. The enemy of peace are the ones ruling your country.

Morocco is not seeking power, we are seeking peace first and foremost and in order to achieve peace, your rulers must refer the Sahara issue to the UN, we are not even asking for support, we are simply asking the Algerians to let the UN do its job.

They should know by now that Morocco will never ever relinquish an inch of the Sahara. Algerians are making a big mistake and they need to understand that the Sahara is not a Monarchy issue, it's a Moroccan issue, meaning that ALL Moroccans support that the Sahara is in Morocco and will always stay in Morocco.

Your rulers had beef with Hassan II and now they are taking it on the Moroccan people and that is not a smart thing to do.

Lastly, I am not sure we want to compete with other Muslim countries. How about if we trade and deal with them instead?

Your rulers thought that closing the borders with Morocco will pressure the Moroccans and it did for couple of years or so, but look, 19 years later Moroccans are not dieing because of closed borders.

You are bringing a message of peace as if Morocco of now is at fault. it is not, Hassan II and Lbasri are dead.

I challenged all Algerians that visit this blog including couple of agents that live here to tell us what is Morocco doing NOW to hurt the Algerian people or even their rulers? Of course no has any answer to my simple question.

I do have to say that I do feel much better when people like you and tewfik are different from the majority who visit this blog.

In the meantime here is new television talk show "Jari Ya Jari" aims to promote a united Maghreb by focusing on the shared interests of the region's citizens.

It makes me sick to see how close we are and how far we have drifted away.

Abdul Nasser
-2 #13 Mali and the Arab Maghreb Union?Abdul Nasser 2013-03-05 18:35
On behalf of Wahad's question, I decided add that Mali could be a member of the Arab Maghreb Union. You look at the map and can see the criticisms towards Algeria (in regards to the southern third of Morocco) are overly simplified, and find also that Mali has the largest border with the Sahel. I think the questions of what type of government Mali should have are being fought right now. It is sad to hear that it is a French-Arab conflict ongoing inside Mali, but, it reminds me of what the US Civil War was; a French-English conflict.
-1 #14 RE: Following Mali, AQIM to Retreat to AlgeriaWahad 2013-03-05 21:26
@Morcelli. no khoya I don't mean to say it's a problem with the Moroccan side, that's not what I meant at all, what I was saying is that we should unite instead of divide over political games that our respective elite classes are incompetent to fix (and they are both corrupt so they don't want to handle it in a sound way) but my idea is a United Maghreb under a single government and maybe start off small (have one constitution for instance through a referendum voted by the people) then one judicial supreme court, then one Head of Government and 3 (if Mali included and I like that idea then 4) heads of government, and eventually one congress and one currency. Think about it this way Morcelli, the Algerian oil money used to create large ports along the Moroccan atlantic coastline, we can control both the routes to the west and through the Mediterranean (Spain and its 25% unemployment and falling housing and industry won't have a living chance to stop us) but as for competition, well competition is healthy, and trading is healthier and of course I propose that as well. It's an idea, but I believe its a sound one
+3 #15 Wahad speaks the truthMeknessi 2013-03-05 22:01
Thank you Wahad for your wise words- I agree with you. MB is not pro-Makhzen but rather anti-DRS. Nothing against the country of the million shahid. I you look closely, all the articles here have to do with the Algerian position in the Sahara and with mush respect for the Algerian people-
Down with la-hogra in Morocco and Algerian-
Wa salam-
-2 #16 to wahadharas 2013-03-05 23:02
I couldn't agree more with you, what you detailed is the big picture but some "people" here have a different approach and prefer to engage in some "geopolitical" games rather than taking the easy and clear road, that you favor.

What you said before, and what I say now, is that All countries in the region will benefit from a real Maghreb Union, or at least a co-habitable Maghreb, but a first step in that direction is for everyone to mind their own business.

The people that started the problem in the Sahara had no education, no "national" or "Pan-Arab" interests in mind, as an example, the main instigator, Gaddafi, had no degree in politics or any other discipline for that matter, he caused more trouble in the region than France and England combined, all of it, so that he can get his "King of kings of Africa" title...

What did Libya get from it? what did the people in the Sahara, or Chad or Darfur, gain from it?

Sometimes we keep bickering about some problems and we forget to ask ourselves the simple question, how did we get here? what are the credentials of those people who got us here in the first place? what makes us think that they took us in the right path?

Gaddafi had no credentials, but he had oil, and knew that he could buy people, because they're cheap, and he did, but, at the end of the day, he was just wasting money that is not his, to create more problems when he could have done so much for his country and for others...

The resources in the Maghreb are abundant and the people are warm, happy and hopeful despite all the miseries, and over all, they are ready to work, and excel if given the opportunity... we could have our word to say in the region, but also in our own countries...

Anyway, I'll leave it here, I hope the "geopolitics" lovers will leave you alone...
+1 #17 RE: Following Mali, AQIM to Retreat to AlgeriaMorcelli 2013-03-05 23:29
I like your idea of a Unified Maghreb and that should be the ultimate goal for every Maghreban. But let's start with first thing first.
The issue between Morocco and Algeria is the Sahara.
Morocco will never give up an inch of the Sahara and Algeria will never stop supporting their creation: The polisario.

I like to ask the Algerians this: So how do we break the stalemate?

Algeria is not interested in any negotiations with Morocco and they clearly stated that Morocco has to deal with the polisario and come up with a solution that will allow the independence of the Sahara before any negotiation takes place.

Should Morocco bend over to Algerian rulers?

As you can see, there will never be peace unless Algeria defers the Sahara issue to the UN.

This is not very hard to understand. If Morocco is doing something to defeat and destroy Algeria, We like to know.

I am begging the Algerians to tell us what Morocco is doing to screw up Algerian. Why is it that No Algerian or even Moroccan has an answer.
-1 #18 RE: Following Mali, AQIM to Retreat to AlgeriaWahad 2013-03-05 23:32
@Meknessi, jazakAllahukhei ran, I understand that the DRS is probably the single most notorious and evil and corrupt association in Africa, and if you think it's bad for our neighbors think about how it is for us who have to live under them! They steal our wealth pillage and plunder the land, and they make fasad while their children spend our money (not even just oil even taxes!!) on their shopping sprees in Brussels and Paris and London (thankfully we don't see them in the U.S as they would get thrown directly in prison for money-launderin g if they tried to step a foot in this country) so believe me it feels bad, and please don't mind my fellow countrymen, understand that they are just nationalistic is all, but like I said, evil and corruption are rampant and that's why I hate socialism so much, it causes this type of greed and corruption because the government owns everything and therefor it becomes a corporation instead of a people's government, but anywho thanks for listening, and iA make dua (it is very important) that all of our nations experience a peaceful democratic transition and eventually unite and lets tell France and Spain right now good luck because you are really really really going to need it
+1 #19 RE: Following Mali, AQIM to Retreat to AlgeriaMorcelli 2013-03-06 11:58
I am not sure that we should unit just to go after Spain and France. I don't like the vendetta politics, that's what got us here in the first place.
If we ever unit, it should be to advance our people not go after Spain, France or Macedonia.

Right now, if we only can take baby steps, that would be a plus. As of today and for as long as the military or the remaining crumbs from the Algerian military are still in power, it is impossi ble to see any Maghreb Union.

It's nice to pray god and all that but the reality is that it is up to the Algerian people to take charge. It is extremely repugnant to see a very young population being led like herds by folks with 1920's mentality.

Bouteflika for instance when he makes a decision, he does not look at it in today's world, he thinks of it 1960 style and when such people have a vendetta to settle, there is no way that you will ever see peace or a Union in the region.

I am a realist, I don't let dreams and prayers blind me from seeing facts.

I might be missing something Morocco is doing to destroy Algeria and again I want to hear what is Morocco doing to sabotage Algeria.

I know that I sound as if Algeria is the only wrong doer here, but if you think that Morocco is just as bad towards Algeria, please let us know. I really want someone to shut me up and tell me all the ills that morocco is inflicting TODAY to Algeria.

So when anyone comes over here and tell me that Morocco is also the culprit, I want this person to be specific.
0 #20 Hassan Massiky Got it RightMoroccanGurl 2013-03-12 16:51
Morcelli and others, it seems Hassan Massiky indeed predicted terrorist movements correctly. Algeria dismantled a Mali Cell in its territory

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