The "moderation" Of Switzerland

swiss, menaret, mosque, alps, muslim, islamDecember-09-   A whopping 57.5 % of Swiss voters approved a referendum to ban the construction of new minarets across Switzerland. The Swiss ban came as a surprise to observers across Europe and the Muslim world. Reactions of astonishments, indignations and condemnations continue to pour from the around the globe. Religious groups, human rights organizations and political personalities rush to explain and contain the outcry over the Swiss decision. However, a direct referendum by the people of Switzerland is a clear demonstration of the feeling of the Swiss people toward their Muslim community. 
The Swiss vote is very significant and, by far, the most explicit expression of rejection, fear and misunderstanding of Muslims in Europe, thus far. The minaret is an integral part of a mosque, and has a religious significance similar to the presence of crosses in a Christian church. In their campaign to pass the referendum, the Swiss People's Party (SVP) used language, slogans and banners that are xenophobe, offensive and misleading. Preying on the fears of the Swiss voters, the SVP portrayed the minaret as a sign of "Islamization" of Switzerland, a rejection by the Swiss Muslim of assimilation, and the beginning of an implementation of the Sharia law in the country. SVP allegations were rejected by Muslim communities across Europe, the Swiss government and several non-Muslim personalities and organization.  And yet, the referendum passed with a sizeable majority, hurting the image of Switzerland.

It is going to be an uphill battle for the Swiss government to continue portraying a “Swiss image” of moderation, openness and non-alignments when more than half of the Swiss population rejects multiculturalism by denying the freedom of worship to a minority. Unlike other anti-immigration laws passed in some European countries, the Swiss decision was a popular vote targeting the human rights of a specific religious group.

 Without a doubt, the images of a peaceful and tolerant Switzerland have been badly damaged. Human rights organization and other worldly Organizations that made Geneva their headquarters because of the “Swiss image” were let down by the Swiss people. It will be hard for Switzerland to continue its role as a mediators and peacemaker, when the country is in the process to deny a religious minority the right to practice its faith religion.  As a result of this vote, Switzerland lost the moral imperative it once had. Now days, the Swiss have no right to lecture Iran, Saudi Arabia or Sudan about the freedom of worship.

As expected, the issue of assimilation of Muslim in European societies was at the core of the debate during the referendum campaign; however, the building of a minaret, or a mosque for that matter, has no connection to social assimilation. An individual can be an Italian Muslim who goes to a mosque that have a minaret, and yet be fully assimilated in the Italian society. The idea is no different than an Italian Christian who worships in a Catholic Church, or a Jewish Italian who frequents a Synagogue. Being a Muslim and a European citizen are not mutual exclusive. There is millions of Muslim s that are proud Europeans.

The Muslim community in Europe is well aware of the Christian character of the continent. Some anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant organizations across Europe have used the specter of a presumed Muslim conspiracy to Islamize Europe to rally support. The fact is: Muslims hope to practice their religion and safeguard their identity without disturbing the core values of the different European societies that have been hosting them.

Switzerland is first and foremost a Christian country. Having few mosques with minarets will not alter the Christian Character of the Swiss society or threaten the way of life of the Swiss people. As an example, Moroccans are not only proud of their mosques and their Muslim character, but also love to showcase the towering cathedrals and historic synagogues that crisscross their Kingdom.

The implications of the Swiss ban will vibrate beyond the borders of this small European country. The “xenophobe” nature of the Swiss vote is difficult to conceal. It is going to be awkward for the thousands of rich Arab sheiks, who spend millions of dollars in Switzerland every year, to continue frequenting Geneva and Lausanne. Similarly, rich Petro-dollar Muslim businessmen and businesswomen may want to put their money in non-Swiss bank. After all, “technically”, during a visit to Switzerland, 5 out of every 10 Swiss a Muslim visitor would encounter, could be “prejudice” toward Islam. Not a pretty picture for the Swiss, but a lesson to the reset of the Europeans including those of the Muslim faith.

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0 #23 COMMENT_TITLE_R E The "moderation" Of Switzerlandcraif 2010-01-15 21:30
Go Swiss people! Their own politicians want to disown them, but can't because the people have the power there (unlike America or any other play play democracy). Minarets are rather large imposing objects. It is important to note they banned Minarets, not Mosques. You can still be a Muslim in Switzerland, just not one who wants to build huge symbolic buildings that do not gell with the surrounding Swiss architecture. Can you even carry a small bible in all Islamic countries? I think not. As for those who threaten to boycott Swiss chocolate - so what - China has the money not Islamic countries.
moroccan patriot
0 #22 Other Patriot : Zionist slavemoroccan patriot 2009-12-16 05:30
Since you admit that you enjoy the fact that your country is owned by Israel, there is really nothing more to say. As someone who is happy to be owned by Israel, you clearly must be a cruel sadistic murderer of women and children with serious psychological issues.

Israel is a terrorist sponsering apartheid theocracy. Switzerland is now edging towards becoming an apartheid state.

Your comments about not wanting arabs to own one Spanish town make it clear to everyone that you are a rabid racist. I hate to break it to you... but your kind of attitude is the reason I would never spend one penny in Europe.
0 #21 Where is the freedom of religion in the Muslim worldSam-I-Am 2009-12-16 01:57
And what of the image of the Muslim world - where religious freedoms are largely outlawed? Sometimes it is difficult to look at oneself.
Only a questions:

How many christian churches are allowed to be built in arab countries ???

Moroccan Patriot said: The Swiss are no longer free - Israel owns Switzerland

I say: I prefer that Israel owns the whole of Spain that arabs and small spanish town.

Moroccan with pride here said:

Morocco has more religious freedoms than all the European countries combined..

Dear "Moroccan with pride", this a serious place to insert comments, opinions and similar thinks, but please don't make jokes¡¡¡

0 #19 To VanessaMorcelli 2009-12-13 00:51
The World did not condemn the removal of Saddam, they condemn the occupation of Iraq and the killing of the tens of thousands of innocent people.
0 #18 To MorcelliVanessa 2009-12-12 15:39
I did not know that Muslims think of their leaders in Middle Eastern and North African countries as dictators and wish to remove them from their positions of power.

However, the West was condemned by many people worldwide when it removed the dictator Saddam Hussein from Iraq. So your comments do surprise me.
moroccan with pride here
0 #17 to to australian dude or dudess lol!moroccan with pride here 2009-12-12 01:07
Morocco has more religious freedoms than all the European countries combined, with the exception of England. I am not surprised at the Swiss, i am dismayed!

P.s We can expect fair treatment as guests on foreign soil, if we don't receive half of a fair treatment in our own.
Moroccan Patriot
0 #16 The Swiss are no longer free - Israel owns SwitzerlandMoroccan Patriot 2009-12-11 08:18
I used to look up to the swiss. I really did. I thought well here is the one European country that seems to have their act together. They have Cows on steriods, cool pocket knives and laws which actually required heads of households to be trained in the use of Firearms. I mean, basically, the swiss had me with the firearms law!!! But that was then and this in now. Lets see what switzerland has become:

First they cave to the Patriot act and divulge critical banking information to the US and France. Then an apartheid theocracy like Israel extorts Billions of dollars from them in what amounted to a mugging, calling it reparations for the so called, "holocaust", then they allow their Israeli masters to curtail their freedom of speech by passing Holocaust worship laws. The straw that broke the camels back for me was this whole mineret nonesense... I mean personally, I believe any country or city for that matter should have the right to have a say in how their skyline looks. If they don't like minerets, so be it. Their country, their right... But as I read more and more, I came to realize that this was just an anti Islamic statement. A statement that basically said, "we are afraid of Muslims".

I cannot respect cowards and to me the swiss are cowards. They do not seem to believe that their country is strong enough to survive having Muslims around. Well, I have always been one to oblige. I just called my bank in Geneva and closed my account.

Some of the richest people in the world are muslim. The swiss seem to have forgotten this. They do not seem to have taken the lesson of what happened to the US economy when it declared war on Islam.

After the US declared war on Islam, mass divetment by Muslims followed. You can actually thank Muslims for the fact that the Euro trades at 1.5 times higher than the dollar. This was in great part because of the divestment of Muslim Billions from American banks and property markets.

Switzerland currently has one of the highest per capita GNPs in the world. Mark my words, you will see Swiss per capita GNP plummet by at least 5 places by the end of 2010, you will see the swiss economy contract by at least 20% and you can thank a bunch of right wing racists for that. If you do not tolerate muslims in Switzerland, then let us see how you get along without Muslim Petro dollars in your bank accounts. Let us see how you get along without your number one asset, the wealth of others.

Switzerland has a service economy. Much of that service economy is based upon making wealth from moving other peoples money around. Switzerland has miscalculated in waging this war on Islam.

The majority of muslims, just like the majority of Christians and Atheists are uneducated masses with little in the way of assets. It is very true that 2 billion muslims are not organized nor united enough to mobilize an effective economic challenge to Switzerland, however, there are about 8000 very rich, well connected real muslims who used economics very successfully in the past to bring a super power to its knees, now divestment will find its way to the alps of the Swiss. Switzerland has shown itself to be a nation of cowards controlled by the apartheid theocracy of Israel. Economics will certainly bring the swiss to the nadirs of its history, just as it once took it to the apex.
0 #15 resultmoroccan 2009-12-11 04:18
If is referendum was hold in the Arab world, what will be the results.
0 #14 To VanessaMorcelli 2009-12-11 00:48
Vanessa, I could not agree with you more. The keyword there is: assimilation.

I am a Muslim but I do not like a Muslim brother or sister to tell me how i should conduct my life and that I could be an ever better muslim if i grow a beard or marry 4 women in need.
Islam is my therapy, my Zen if you wish but i do not see how someone can consider him/herself more worthy is the eyes of God or Allah if you want than me. It is God the ultimate decider not some dude who is born again muslim.
This is the 21 st century and no one should impose his or her belief, tradition, and culture on anyone. Most of us Muslim living abroad enjoy the freedom and the access given to us by the host country and we should at least be grateful to the host who provided us with means that we can only dream of in our own countries.
As for the bible thing in your bag, that's very possible, you might very well be accused of spreading Christianity and be thrown out, but then again, it will depend on who sees your bible, most would not care but there is always that someone who can render your life hell for carrying a bible.
The crime Autralia and the west are committing is supporting dictators, if the west would put pressure on the dictators, you will not have pissed off mulims all over the world.

The west has only itself to blame, they can't pamper the dictators and expect the regular person on the street to be happy.
The west need to stop playing games with the Muslim world. passing stupid votes will only add fuel the fire. In Switzerland, although i agree with their vote, I think they should have had a resolution to ban their government from supporting the dictators instead of going after minarets.
This minaret thing will be interpreted by the Muslim world as " Switzerland hates muslims"
0 #13 COMMENT_TITLE_R E The "moderation" Of SwitzerlandObserving 2009-12-10 19:29
Moroccan dude, what makes a swiss? is there even a swiss language? And the argument that we shouldn't clamor for something wrong because of its ubiquity is beyond ridiculous. It's one thing to respect a culture but it's another to genuflect to terrorizing xenophobic campaigns. FYI switzerland is a democracy with no official religion, the whole islam vs christianity is a moot point both are supposed to get the same privileges under their constitution, unless...
Muslim wa Iftakhir
0 #12 COMMENT_TITLE_R E The "moderation" Of SwitzerlandMuslim wa Iftakhir 2009-12-10 17:31
What does make me angry is when I raed that an institution in a Muslim country does refuse the women or girls to observe the teaching of Islam e.g wearing hijabs
0 #11 An Australian point of view ...Vanessa 2009-12-10 17:12
"The swiss are clearly against freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion." - Moroccan Patriot

I find this comment amusing. I visited Morocco in May and was advised to not even carry a Christian Bible in my luggage. So if you expect the Swiss to allow freedom of speech and religion, surely it should be reciprocated in Morocco ?!?!

I live in Sydney, Australia and it is predominantly a Christian country. We gladly accept all religions and races. However, we object when we see our own Australian culture being diminished in order to accept so-called multi-culturali sm. I dislike the word multi-culturali sm. Surely you should try to assimilate to the culture of the country in which you live and not try to change the basic foundations of that country. Come to Australia, but please try to assimilate into the Australian way of life, whilst maintaining your own religion and cultural practices.
Moroccan Patriot
0 #10 Correction needs to be madeMoroccan Patriot 2009-12-10 14:15
I did not get the part where the minerets are what are not allowed. That changes the dynamic of the conversation dramatically. I thought Mosque building is what was prohibitted. I do not have a problem with Minerets not being built, so long as mosques can continue to be built.

As for boycotting the Swiss, well that remains on the back burner, as I do believe that if someone flips you the bird, you should not exactly want to purchase services from them nor should you want to buy their products.

I would never suggest keeping your money in a Moroccan Bank. Moroccan Banks, for the most part are criminal in how they handle money and once money is converted into Moroccan money, it is actually illegal to change it back. Morocco is not a good option if you want a country for your banking needs. Then again, I would never Bank in Switzerland either. Switzerland is no longer the secure anonymous place to bank. There are much better banking options in the Caribean and certain Islands in the Pacific. These places pay higher interest rates and actually give you complete anonymotiy. These places also do not care about your religious affiliation, or race, they just care about the amount of money you have... which for me is what all countries should do.

Now back to boycotting swiss products, People who live in much of North Africa and the middle east have little in the way of Freedom. They also have NO say in the legal and political processes of their countries. They are living much the way most of South America was living about a decade or two ago.

When it comes to Political freedoms and Freedom of expression, The Middle east is the worst in the world, bar none. However, you should not blame the civilians. The blame is to be shared with the industrialized world. If there were not dictators in the Arab world that continue to provide fossil fuels to the developed world, the people would rise up and stop it.

The industrialized world is not stupid, they want to maintain control of the fossil fuels, they know that controlling a few predictable greedy psychopaths is alot easier than allowing real Democracy to take root in the middle east. Democracies, at least in theory tend to act in the interests of their people. Allowing the people of North Africa and the Middle east in general to act in their own self interests is very clearly AGAINST the interests of Europe and the rest of the developed world.

I will repeat that just in case anyone did not get it:

The Industrialized nations of the world have found that it is within their interests to prevent democratic reform in the Middle East and North Africa. The industrialized nations of the world know that terrorism does not exist. They propogate the myth of terrorism to keep the world fractured and maintain their position as 1st world nations.

I will repeat that again too:

Terrorism, as most people understand it, does not exist. It is another myth that is propogated by industrialized nations who want to threaten and control their populations and by Despotic rulers in the middle east intent on justifying even the cruelest of actions committed upon their own people in the name of the "war on Terror".

If you are worried about seeing planes crashing into buildings, you need to be worried about Israel. You need to be worried about a media that is clearly controlled by a very select few and has lied and manipulated the general population of the world into going along with the racist actions of the minority that seem to be pulling everyones strings.

If you truly believe that some guy in a cave had anything to do with buildings flying into the WTC, then you are either very stupid or very naiive. The most obvious answer is usually the right one, when you have a crime, you look for the people with motive, and opportunity, then you look at circumstancial evidence and examine the crime scene. Following these well known Police protocols, The guy who overinsured the towers is one of the few people in the world who should actually be in Guantanimo.

Are the swiss really that bad? Not really. Am I going to buy their Cheese or Chocolate? No way. My money, and the money of my family and how we use it is the best way for us to affect positive change. Money talks. In fact, although my wife wants us to go to Europe for a vacation, I refuse. There is no way I will go someplace that is racist towards me because of my skin color or religious affiliation. I will continue to use economics as my means of protest, nothing works better.
Holy Crusader
0 #9 Muslims need to be kept Uneducated and UnskilledHoly Crusader 2009-12-10 14:04
The Muslims in Europe are like Mexicans in America - someone needs to clean the shit in the toilet and pick up the trash off the floor.

The rich, white Americans do not want to talk to or accept the Mexicans - they just like cheap labor.

Rich, white Europeans do not like or talk to Muslims - the Swiss just like cheap slaves.

This "Minaret Ban" is not about anything but HATRED and trying to DEGRADE Muslims into thinking they are worthless, violent animals.

If Muslims were smart, they would create a Economic Boycott List. There are 2 billion Muslims - out of 7 billion humans on Earth.

Money equals Power. No products of Denmark. No products of Israel. No products of Switzerland. No products of India. No products of France. No products of Britain.

The Swiss are RACISTS.
A moroccan Dude
0 #8 Give it a restA moroccan Dude 2009-12-10 11:30
A piece of advice to all Muslims in the world in general and Europe in particular, Stop bitching like little school girls and respect the Swiss will. Immigrants (Muslims in particular) should not forget that they are guests in Europe and therefore should abide by the local laws and not try to impose their way of life. How can we (Muslims) deny Christians the right to worship in our country yet demand that we be accommodated. That's the highest point of selfishness. If the Swiss do not want us there, which is what this vote is all about and not the minarets then we should man up to it, accept it and move on. How can we expect people to respect us if we do not respect ourselves.
0 #7 COMMENT_TITLE_R E The "moderation" Of SwitzerlandMorcelli 2009-12-10 06:37
I for one would not be the one to boycott Swiss Gruyere cheese or Tobleron, this chocolate can be very useful during time of stress. Why would I deprive myself from something so delicious.

I can do without the Swiss army watch but please don't ask me to forgo the cheese, I am not big on American cheddar cheese. That's not cheese, that *))#*@*# cheese.

There is some truth to what Mr reply2 is saying about people being afraid of anything that is not swisss, but the swiss when they went to vote, there were more thinking about the world trade center getting bombed with planes.

This image will never be erased from the western mind no matter how good the Muslims behave.

Besides, it;s their country, they are free to ban minarets.
0 #6 COMMENT_TITLE_R E The "moderation" Of Switzerlandnabilino 2009-12-10 05:34
first of all!!!man that cow has its ribs shown...Swiss cows I know are like elephants :-)

Anyhow, The Swiss messed up this time. I call for us to boycott them to show a reaction. Boycott their watches, cheese, tools and their country.

Every action must have a reaction.Peacef ul one I should add!!!

0 #5 EDITReply2 2009-12-10 05:22
A thing I forgot to mention is that what I said can be applied to the American south's rejection of blacks or any other race other than white American. The reason? Those people have never been exposed to multiculturalis m, and they are afraid of losing "the American way of life".

0 #4 The banning of mosques?Reply2 2009-12-10 05:17
The construction of mosques has not been banned in Switzerland, only that of Minarets. Another thing I want to talk about is the European conflict with the Islam world, from the perspective of a European.

Europeans do not hate or have nothing against Islam. We like to visit Islamic countries and I for one have a lot of friends that worship Islam. The fundamental "fear" that is created within people (not just Christians, but people as a whole) is the fear of becoming alienated in their own country.

People are afraid that one day they may become foreigners in their own country. It may sound stupid or racist, but it is a natural feeling inside everybody that is not from a multicultural state. The Swiss might have reacted the same way if a huge amount of Polish or British people moved in. Not because they are racist, but because the huge influx of British people could be a signal that they might not assimilate. This then causes segregation of the people and tensions are built.

The people do not hate muslims, but people are afraid of change.

Just tried to clear all that up in a friendly manner :-), sorry if
I may have offended anybody. I tried to be as truthful and upfront as
0 #3 COMMENT_TITLE_R E The "moderation" Of SwitzerlandMorcelli 2009-12-10 04:41
Some people are pretty funny, you could not have Algeria and Morocco to unite on anything other than trying to screw each other up anyhow they could for the last 35 years, and you are are asking 2 billions people not to eat swiss chocolate or pull their kids out of swiss schools? Yeah they are many Bangladeshi folks who are sending their kids to Swiss schools by the dozens.
YES, Take the security of your funds from Swiss banks and move them to Morocco where they will never see the lights again.
In Morocco anything that come in, never comes out. The first thing they ask you in the airport is " How much money you got " And the reason for this is because the Swiss people exercise their right to vote for something they do not wish to have ?????

Is it Swiss is against freedom of speech? or Morocco who send journalist and loggers to jails every month?

Frankly comments like these are nothing short of bizarre.

0 #2 COMMENT_TITLE_R E The "moderation" Of SwitzerlandMorcelli 2009-12-10 04:11
well, what do you expect? Most Muslim/Arab countries are run by authoritarian dictators.
It is against the law to preach Christianity or any other religion in Morocco but in Switzerland you can preach voodooism if you wish.
The Muslims want it all, they want to impose their religion in Europe and elsewhere but if you try to preach Jesus in Morocco for instance, you end up in jail if you are Moroccan or thrown out of the country if you are not Moroccan.

Moroccans never had a chance to vote for this stupid measure. As a matter of fact Moroccans never got the chance to vote on anything, Every "bill" in the Moroccan constitution was placed by ONE man.

We have the ISESCO condemning the Swiss vote, What a kaboosh!
Isesco is in no place to condemn anyone but the dictators that formed it and who are still suffocating the Muslim/Arab populations.

Until the Muslims throw their authoritarian leaders out and democratize their system, they should never complain.

Remember the Judicial system reform that M6 talked about? Have your heard anything since?
Moroccan Patriot
0 #1 Remember this the next time you want to send your kids to be educated in EuropeMoroccan Patriot 2009-12-10 03:30
The swiss are clearly against freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. Europe in general hates muslims. There is an environment of intolerance in Europe that should not be accepted by muslims.

First there was the passing of the Holocaust laws which made free though illegal. Now there is a prohibition on the building of mosques. If you want to build churchs to worship the devil or synogogues, no problem, but mosques are out of the question.

Did you know that Morocco still trades with switzerland? Did you know that if the muslim world would pull all of its money out of switzerland it would have a destablizing affect upon the swiss economy?

It is time for muslims to act. I do not mean that muslims should go out and demonstrate. I am not suggesting burning effigies of the swiss prime minister and the swiss flag. I am suggesting something far more effective. I am talking about ECONOMICS.

To my rich Muslim brothers and sisters I say pull all of your money out of swiss bank accounts. You can have the same anonymity in offshore accounts in the Caribean and Pacific. If you were to do this, it would bring switzerland to its knees. To my Muslim brothers and sisters who have average incomes, I say to you that you should not send your children to be educated in Switzerland and you should not visit switzerland and spend your hard earned money as a tourist there. To everyone else, boycott all Swiss products. Do not buy swiss chocolate, do not buy anything made in switzerland or anything sold by switzerland.

Finally to my fellow bloggers. Call a spade a spade. Switzerland is not a free society. It is not a tolerant society and it should be written about and shouted everywhere. If we do all of these things, we acting in unison can affect positive change

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