Italian Govt Neo Fascist Group Northern League European Deputy calls Moroccans " Dirty & Inconsiderate"

Renzo Bossi head of Italian Governemnt Coalition Neo Nazi Group, The Northern League, Gives a Salute to supporters
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As a deepening recession continues to hamper economic recovery in Europe, some nations, namely Italy and Spain, have turned their immigrant communities to scapegoats for their financial downturn. However, the situation in Italy is acutely alarming. In some instances, the anti-immigrant feelings of some corner of the Italian society boiled over into physical attacks by Italians on sub-Saharan and North African immigrants.

The January 2010 riots by immigrant farm workers in the southern Italian town of Rosarno and the attacks that followed  by Italians on sub-Saharan and North Africans immigrants is an indication of more violence to come as regional elections near in Italy. The systematic manner in which the Italian police razed the makeshift insanitary dwellings that the dozens of farm workers called home was inhumane and mean-spirited.  These officially sanctioned actions by the local police looked more like an ethnic cleansing of the city and less of a law and order directive. Italy’s Minister if Interior, Roberto Maroni, who is from the right wing Northern League (NL), blamed the violence on “excessive tolerance of illegal immigration” by past Italian governments, in fact putting the responsibility of the violence on the Africans.
Last week, a small group of Italian neo-fascists led by members of the xenophobic Northern League party held a demonstration in front of Morocco’s consulate In Milan to ask for the removal of the Moroccan diplomatic offices to outside the city limits. The speaker at this racist gathering was no other than Mario Borgizio, a major figure in the Northern League and member of the European parliament. Mr. Borgizio, who called Moroccans “dirty and inconsiderate”, is fast becoming the figure of the neo-fascism in Italy and Europe.
The debate around the impact of immigration from outside Europe on the Italian society has been brewing under the surface for years. Mired in the notoriously rigid politics of the Right and Left in Italy, Italians have been in denials about the deep effects and the drastic changes their society has been undergoing as a result of the arrival of a significant number of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. The traditionally catholic and mono-ethnic Italian society has been turning into a multi-religious and ethnically diverse culture.
As successive Italian governments from the Left and Center Left tolerated an unregulated immigration policy without a clear strategy on how to deal with the social, cultural and legal aspects that comes with the influx of hundreds of thousands of culturally diverse new arrivals, the Right wing government of Berlusconi took a security and law and order approached to address these unprecedented challenges. In short, no Italian political entity has had a comprehensive Immigration strategy leading to an increase in violence against foreigners all across Italy and the growth of the popularity of the xenophobic Northern League.
However, after a relentless media campaign by news outlets close to Italy's prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, who won elections in April 2008 on an anti-crime platform, the Italian parliament legislated “ illegal residency” as a  criminal offence instead of an administrative breach.
The Bossi-Finni law (as the new immigration law  is called) makes it hard for foreigners living in Italy irregularly to find lodging, open a bank account or get married. And yet the most controversial aspect of this draconian law is the provision that forces health care workers to report to Police any illegal immigrant asking for medical assistance. The Bossi-Finni law has been universally decried by the human rights community and by the powerful Italian Catholic Church that came out strongly against this harsh legislation.
While some observers  argue that a number of  immigrants, illegal or legal, are having  difficulties integrating into the Italian society, Italian Human and civil rights organizations consider the problem to be a lack of a clear immigration and social plan by the Italian governments, past and present. Nowadays, immigrants in Italy are an integral part of today’s economy making Italian goods and services competitive around the world. Furthermore, the thousands of legal immigrants keep the near bankrupt social security programs in Italy stay solvent on the face of the natives negative birth rate.
 As far as the illegal farm workers in the south, several Italian  leftist newspapers published reports illustrating the impact of using cheap labor on keeping the prices of agriculture products cheap for the average Italian citizen to enjoy.  Other reports by civil rights organization have uncovered a web of  underground groups of organized crime syndicates, including la cosa nostra, that control and broker deals between sneak heads(criminals who control human trafficking) and farmer owners.
Several critics have accused immigrants of overstaying their welcome, disrespecting Italian laws and habits, and selling drugs and committing crimes. While some migrants are lawbreakers, the vast majority of them are hard working men and women looking for a better life. The NL, a political organization that pretend to defend the Christian character of the Italian society should take its cues from the courage stand of the Italian Catholic Church. Until then, let’s hope the NL will not stay a very central player in Italian politics.

Author: Hassan Masiky is a native of Kenitra, Morocco. He graduated from the University of the District of Columbia with a degree in political science in 1991. Upon graduation,Hassan joined the Washington DC based non government organization the Parliamentary Human Rights Foundation (PHRF) where he worked as a consultant for USAID democracy projects in Mexico, Haiti, Republic of Georgia and the European Parliament. After leaving PHRF, Hassan dedicated his time advising Amnesty International USA on African and Middle Eastern affairs and representing the organization in press conferences. Mr. Masiky was a host on several television shows discussing human rights and democracy. He is currently working for a Federal Agency in the Washington area.

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0 #1 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Italian Govt Neo Fascist Group Northern League European Deputy calls Moroccans " Dirty & Inconsiderate"Morcelli 2010-03-23 06:42
We also should ask ourselves why these people never complain about too many Chinese. It's always the Moroccan, the African, and the Mexican. The Chinese must be doing something right, floating under the radar.

Let's also not forget that Morocco chased Africans from the forests of Northern Morocco to please Spain. Keep in mind that Morocco prevented these Africans from going to Sebta, a Moroccan city colonized by Spain. There were many fatalities without counting the hundreds that died crossing the ocean.

The summer is coming and we will see Africans dieing again trying to get to a " Better world" and Morocco will most likely chased them to please Spain.

Blaming immigrant has always been the case when the economy is bad, this is not something new. That's called Politics.
Randy Hayes
0 #2 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Italian Govt Neo Fascist Group Northern League European Deputy calls Moroccans " Dirty & Inconsiderate"Randy Hayes 2010-03-23 09:44
Italians are the most ignorant and racist people alive. You can see it in the United States as well. Politicians of Italian ancestry try to intimidate blacks and Hispanics. From Tancredo to Arpaio these bitter throwbacks feel like they are entitle to everything that is not theirs.
Rachid a caring Moroccan
0 #3 Why be emotinal ?Rachid a caring Moroccan 2010-03-24 01:50
It is always easy to point fingers and blame others for who we are. The Italians, the Spaniards and others are all racists and we are the victims.Why can't we admit the truth that we played a big role in how the Moroccan immigrants are treated abroad. I have been to Italy, Spain, France...I will admit that I am ashamed of the picture our immigrants are showing in the host countries. We think the law of these land do not apply to us. First, let's observe the communities where the Moroccans live in Europe. They are the filthiest of all and that was by choice as most of it is caused by them. Second, take a trip on train in Italy. I am not exaggerating, in every train station; there are scary Moroccans that looked like homeless...Thir d, I was scared to walk in the public Plazas and gardens because of the number of the immigrants sleeping and drinking around them( large numbers of them are Moroccans). Forth, try to take a bus from Morocco to Europe and you will see the damage and how the Moroccans turn clean area and the bathrooms into dirt. These bus travelers leave behind a lot of trash. Thus, some restaurants and rest areas do not allow them to use their services... We have to remember that we should be embassadors of Morocco abroad. The host countries will treat us acoording to the image we show them!...

Salam, Peace and love.
0 #4 We're partially at faultnabilino 2010-03-24 04:09
I do not tolerate neo fascists and rasists, however we should not give them reason for their nonsense.
Moroccan nationals must be civilised, respectful, and successful in foreign land. Otherwise, we're protraying a bad image of Morocco. It's funny how a single bad experience with and individual could affect the whole image of a people or nation. Certainly works on me so why wouldn't it on somebody else?
0 #5 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Italian Govt Neo Fascist Group Northern League European Deputy calls Moroccans " Dirty & Inconsiderate"Morcelli 2010-03-24 07:12
We cannot take the shortcut blame the immigrant without looking into the root of the problem, while it's true that many of them are messed up, there are many others who are law obeying citizens who contribute to their society with hard work and raised their children to be part of the mainstream.

Immigrants have always been marginalized when they are no longer needed, what do you expect someone with no job, no home, no support to do?

Just because some of us were fortunate to make it in foreign lands, we should not forget that many, luck has not smiled at them.
I believe that any immigrant Moroccan or otherwise, if given a chance at a successful life, he/she can succeed, but when all doors are closed in their face with no support whatsoever, the likelihood of making it is close to zero.
Moroccan especially come from a tribal system where the family supports you no matter what, when they find themselves in a country with no one to turn to, they fall into despair and chose to stay in the host country fearing to be labeled a failure if they go back.
They keep hoping that things might get better with time and eventually they will get out of their misery, in fact, things only get worse for them.

It's true that some Moroccans think that it is all fun and game until reality start settling in, I have seen many, but I have also seen those who came with only their Moroccan passport and made it their goal to succeed and they were very much aware that good fortune does not fall from the sky, Hard work and luck are the only way to reach their goal.
Politicians, it's their business to blame the immigrant, they can never win elections if they sympathize with foreigners, Mr. Sarkozy himself called north African youth scumbags , soon after we saw his numbers in he polls skyrocketing leaving Mme sigolene in the dust.
To make up for his insult he hired Mademoiselle Dati to be his Justice minister who turned out to be a disaster.
It more politics than racism. Let's not forget that Moroccans are also racists, don't they call people drawi, l3antiz, lfakher, lqard,...etc?
I guess you live by the sword and you die by the sword.
0 #6 Racism is well and alive in EuropeMaher 2010-03-24 07:17
In the 60's, when the European in general and the French in particular ,have decided to use "La main d'oeuvre" fron North Africa, they precisely lodged all these people in a certain area. Those ares were called les HLM. They were located in the worst neighboroods. North African Immigrants were treated so badly that the second generation decided to revolt. The immigrants that came later, followed the revolt. those European countries-Franc e, Spain, Italy, Holland etc..- have never created any program to facilitate the assimilation of these immigrants into their societies. It is just ironic that now, they, the European and frankly some of the Moroccans here in this forum blame those immigrants.
How come the North Africans are well adjusted here in the US? Ever think about that?
Land of Honor
0 #7 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Italian Govt Neo Fascist Group Northern League European Deputy calls Moroccans " Dirty & Inconsiderate"Land of Honor 2010-03-24 10:07
Despite of the progress we have made in terms of knowledge,there are still sadly some people who would pick on vulnerable people instead of defending their rights to seek their happiness and this is way I support, as far as I can,the African immigrants in Morocco.
0 #8 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Italian Govt Neo Fascist Group Northern League European Deputy calls Moroccans " Dirty & Inconsiderate"riffi 2010-03-25 04:53
A diplomat in 60's said "italian fascist it is better to have them as ennemies than allied and friend,look what happen to the nazis they lost the war,in other word having military and politically italian fascist as allied you will always loose,in that case i prefer them as ennmies.don't forget the pizza was invented in the USA ,the italian just took the credit(I am serious).
Anna from Milan
0 #9 USA BRAINWASHED BULLYING FALLS ON DEAF EARS - HOORAY!Anna from Milan 2010-03-29 20:30
You just sound like a typical American who has merged the facts into one smear and who inreality has no grasp of the situation at all. You are not in Italy so all you know has been fed to you by your own biased media. You do not even have the resources to write an objective article, though being from the USA the LAST thing anyone from Europe would expoect from you is the usual USA political tripe. YOu sund like a tape recording of what is fast becoming US-nmedia-tool- blurbism.

Get used to it: What suits you does not suit Europe. If you don't like stay home and mind your business for once in your short, unsuccessful life USA, leave us alone. That would suit us even better than have you constantly nagging at Europe and telling it what to do. Euriope has been here for millenia. The SA however is caving in after only 200 years of its own excess and hyposcrasy.

Your main problem Im sure is that no matter how much political, social and economic bullying you subject Europeans to, they still wont listen to the USA. Hooray! Its your myopic disbelief and bewilderment that you are expressing, not facts.
0 #10 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Italian Govt Neo Fascist Group Northern League European Deputy calls Moroccans " Dirty & Inconsiderate"Morcelli 2010-03-30 05:38
Dear Anna,
You said " we have no grasp of the situation at all" . I was hoping that you educate us and tell us something new, something we were oblivious to. All you did is rant at the US, your best bigot Italian including you Berlusconi kissed Bush's ass and now he attended the Arab league summit to kiss some more Arabs ass.
These are facts, if you have some, we will hear you if you just want to express your prejudice, then you need to find yourself an Italian forum.
0 #11 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Italian Govt Neo Fascist Group Northern League European Deputy calls Moroccans " Dirty & Inconsiderate"mrf 2010-04-24 14:03
i agree , oh my god , i went to italy with my girlfriend of 3 years , she's sicilian yankee, and i'm moro italian yankee, the moro side from my grand pa dad side, and how the immigrants lived in italy is pretty sad and bad for them and their kids,but when we took a ferry from spain to morocco last summer, i saw most of them coming home to morocco a guess for vacation, they all driving nice cars and acting like they just come out of the french reviera, it was a shock to us , how immigrants from morocco would rather to live in awfull conditions and slums and yet they still come home for vacation driving a nice cars, that's pretty strange don't you think, aguess it's just the way how poeple are.
0 #12 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Italian Govt Neo Fascist Group Northern League European Deputy calls Moroccans " Dirty & Inconsiderate"mrf 2010-04-24 14:13
i agree with rachid , i didn't go to details, cause,even though i'm a yankee born up state new york, i still have half of my moro italian side in me, it's pretty bad and sad over there, allthough , no body bothered us at all in italy and to tell you the truth, i think the whole southern europe got crouded, that's all.too many poeple , too many problems and its the same every where.

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